Costa Cuisine - Masala on the Mile

AmandaISSUE ISSUUUFinal59Enjoying a privileged location in the heart of the Golden Mile, Masala is the Coast’s latest addition to its ever-growing repertoire of high-quality Indian eateries. Just like its excellent sister restaurant in Estepona, Marbella Masala maintains a superior quality of food throughout its extensive menu and is well served by its extremely courteous and helpful staff.

Class Act

The innovative French cuisine at the renowned Albert y Simon restaurant in San Pedro is a unique, culinary experience which fuses flavourful, nutritious foods with beautiful presentation. Creating French food to this standard is an art form that takes a lifetime to master, yet requires that time stand still to appreciate its splendour.



Ideally situated on a bustling corner in San Pedro, everything about this restaurant clearly endorses the fact that it is family owned and managed. Award winning chef Albert Benisty works his magic in the kitchen while his brother, Simon, manages the front-ofhouse team.

Costa Cuisine - The essence of Japan


Culinary Capers

Culinary-capers-IIIHaving been engaged in the catering trade for many years, both as a practitioner and a teacher, I have had the privilege of meeting a vast number of very talented people, and also some who are proof that evolution can go in reverse.

At times the intense pressure of the kitchen during a busy service can give rise to incidents which at the time are hair raising but which, when recollected in tranquillity, are the stuff of which comedies are made.

Costa Cuisine - Get it On


Costa Cuisine- No Moors (by Padre Peter)

NicoleISSUE FINAL_ISSUU-518Dark Ages were lit up by Muslim Spain” – so avers Andrew Marr in his ‘History of the World’. Not that the indigenous inhabitants of the peninsula were always welcoming to the invaders. Indeed, to this day, to say “the coast is clear!” in Spanish, one says “¡no hay moros en la costa!” (“There are no Moors on the coast!”) Having arrived, there can be no doubt but that the Moors developed a civilisation which far out- stripped that of their northern neighbours.

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