Gold Medal Gastronomy (Paco jimenez)

October-Issue-gastronomy-mealTucked away in a private house over an art gallery in the Marbella's beautiful Old Town, this little gem of a restaurant is a really exciting discovery. Located on the first floor above the Van Gastel gallery, and offering only twenty covers, this exclusive space offers creative Mediterranean cuisine as its best.

El Rincon de la Sala

October-Issue-el-rinconThis month SOCIETY MARBELLA is proud to introduce El Rincón de La Sala, the latest addition to the coast's runaway success story that is Sala Group. Following the group's amazing achievements over the past three years with La Sala Restaurant, Sala Beach and super nightclub, Aqwa Mist; this thriving group decided it was time to introduce an additional dining experience for its customers slightly further along the coast in San Pedro de Alcántara.

Grovy Baby

grovybabyIt In 1872 an archaeologist named Hans Dressel dug into a 50 metre high rubbish tip on the banks of the Tiber, and unearthed approximately 40 million earthenware vessels. Each was carefully labelled according to year, producer and quality. Many came from Baetica; modern day Andalusia. All had contained olive oil. Even now, Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in Europe. Olive trees have been cultivated around the Mediterranean since the 17th century before Christ, and when Noah’s ark finally came to rest on Mount Ararat tradition tells us that the first plant he saw was an olive tree.

Room with a view (Garum)

October-Issue-garumOne of the best words you can use to describe a restaurant, particularly on the Costa del Sol, is consistent. At Garum, consistency encapsulates everything about this small but perfectly formed beachfront restaurant. Located in the heart of Marbella's paseo, it is the perfect location to watch the world pass by while enjoying a first class menu.

Lunch at Johnnys



Beef Tagliata

4X160g filet steaks

Sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper


Slow Roasted Tomatoes

12 Plum Tomatoes 2 handfulls of Rosemary and Thyme stalks

Generous sprinkling rock Salt Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling

Tomato,Aubergine & Basil Compote

30ml extra virgin olive oil

80ml vegtable oil

300g aubergine, cut into batons of any shape or size

1 clove of garlic

13g cherry tomatoes,cut in half

10 basil leaves Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Johnny Parker has been living in Spain over ten years a home cook and food blogger, author of his first cookbook Lunch at Johnnys coming out next year:

Living in Marbella it is very easy to feel inspired by the ingredients around us, we are truly spoilt for choice. We were throwing a lunch party for some dear friends over from London for the first time, there is so much for us all to catch up on so I wanted a dish that would be relatively pain free, hands off and delicious. Fun is key, taste is hugely important.

I wanted a dish that would reflect the best of the Mediterranean...Filet of Beef Tagliata, with a compote of tomatoes and aubergine, perfect. I can prepare the compote before hand then the only cooking required is to char grill the steaks when the guests arrive.

Somehow the whole combination comes together to make so much more than the sum total of its parts.

With any meats to a large extent you are at the mercy of your butcher. I went to The English Butcher in Duquesa and bought a beautifully matured Argentinian Filet, returned home and set about making the compote. In a large frying pan heat olive oil and vegetable oil together until the pan is so hot the oil is smoking, add the slices of aubergine and cook both sides until they are golden brown, should take about 3 minutes, drain on kitchen towel and add to a bowl.

Clean out the pan, add Virgin Olive oil and a bruised clove of garlic, just give it a bash. The oils and aromas will come out of the garlic into the oil, then discard the garlic turn the heat up to full blast and get the oil smoking hot, then add the cherry tomato halves, they take not much more than a minute to cook, add the tomato and garlic oil to the bowl with the aubergine, season well then tear basil leaves over the top. I added some slow roasted tomatoes i had made overnight. Simply cut tomatoes in half put them in a roasting tray with lots of rock salt thyme and rosemary stalks,big glug of virgin olive oil, put them in the oven at its lowest setting for 10 hours.

Cover the bowl with cling film and leave to infuse in a warm place for 15 minutes.

This compote can be served warm or cold and is the perfect accompaniment to most grilled meats.

Before you want to cook the steaks take them out of the fridge about half an hour beforehand and drizzle with a little olive oil but don’t season.

When the guests arrive, get your griddle pan scorchingly hot, full heat for at least 15 minutes, then sear your steaks on both sides for 2 to 3 minutes for rare, 4 to 5 minutes for medium rare, allow to rest for 5 minutes and pour yourself a well earned glass of rioja.

To serve, simply place the aubergine and tomato compote mixture in the centre of each plate, slice the beef thinly and arrange on top, drizzle the beef juices from the frying pan around the plate and season with sea salt, now sit down and enjoy lunch.

Polynesian Paradise

polynesian4Polynesian Paradise

When considering how best to rate restaurants on the Costa del Sol, I often grade them in terms of where I would take visiting friends and family. Tikitano is a sure winner in this category on many different levels. There simply is no better restaurant on the Coast in terms of location. Its elevated position on its own private beach nestled between San

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