Costa Cuisine- Zest for Life

zest-for-lifeOften, as far as the eye can see,the landscape of Spain is covered by the drab green of row upon row of olive trees; vital to the country’s tottering economy. In some areas, however, the monotony is broken by vineyards, whilst in others the cheerful orange and lemon groves make a welcome appearance.

Coffee Time

coffee-timeThe Prophet did not approve of wine, but the prohibition of wine was not in his programme from the beginning. In the Qur’an (sura xvi. 69) we find it initially praised “And of the fruit of palm-trees, and of grapes, ye obtain an inebriating liquor, and also good nourishment”. But the consequences of drunkenness moved Mohammed to change his attitude.

Costa Cuisine - Mother's Kitchen, Chowka

advert-chowkaTaking an extremely well known restaurant site, and injecting new life and colour into it is never going to be an easy task. Chowka, however, lives up to its predecessor the Polo House and then some. The formerly lavish interior has now been re-vamped to produce a slick and fresh Indian and Andalucian combination that reflects the menu and ideology behind this fantastic new restaurant.

Head Chef Ravi Deulkar has done something special here, fusing local Spanish traditions of tapas and light bites with beautifully traditional Indian cooking. Chowka means “mother´s kitchen” and the menu steers away from such obvious choices as chicken tikki masala, and concentrates instead on local seasonal ingredients and Coastal seafood, to create a social dining experience.

Costa Cuisine- Buon Appetito!

buonappetito-1La Fiorentina Ristorante Italiano has been gaining a sterling reputation for years. Its prime location, in front of Hotel Crowne Plaza Estepona, must be a factor as is the genius of the Pigani family, who own it and the personal touch provided by manager, Brigitte Pigani. The addition of live music every day means that it is quite an experience to dine at this friendly yet gracious restaurant. 

Costa Cuisine- A night at the Theatre

a-night-at-the-theatreThe 17th century tradition of Kabuki is Japan’s most famous artistic form and is, rightly, celebrated and revered. Just as Shakespeare draws the crowds in the UK, so visitors to this fascinatingly ancient, yet über-modern country are still seduced by these unique dance-dramas. Kabuki Raw, located in the splendid surroundings of Finca Cortesín, offers as much colour and drama as any kabuki production. This extraordinary celebration of all that is best about Japanese cuisine is part of the renowned Kabuki Group, which maintains five restaurants internationally and holds a total of three Michelin stars.

Costa Cuisine - Sense Sensations

TaylorISSUE Final_ISSUUU82At Umami, San Pedro’s latest trendy eatery, everyday ingredients are spruced up and transformed into spectacular, imaginative dishes. Factor in relaxed, clued-up staff, it’s no wonder Umami is such a local hit.

Located in the heart of town, this Scandinavian take on Nobu offers an eclectic range of Asian-influenced dishes, unexpected fusions of classic French and Japanese cuisine and a selection of Mediterranean inspired delights. This pick-and-mix style could easily go horribly wrong, but the cooking is brilliantly executed and the clever combinations really work.

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