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Costa Cuisine- No Moors (by Padre Peter)

NicoleISSUE FINAL_ISSUU-518Dark Ages were lit up by Muslim Spain” – so avers Andrew Marr in his ‘History of the World’. Not that the indigenous inhabitants of the peninsula were always welcoming to the invaders. Indeed, to this day, to say “the coast is clear!” in Spanish, one says “¡no hay moros en la costa!” (“There are no Moors on the coast!”) Having arrived, there can be no doubt but that the Moors developed a civilisation which far out- stripped that of their northern neighbours.

Costa Cuisine- What Sauce (by Padre Peter)

Acountry’s cuisine is itslandscape in a cookingpot”. So said the Catalan writer Josep Pla (1897-1981). If one goes by the average menu in the average venta in Spain, the landscape is rather average. Flattened chicken breasts or pork fillets, meatballs, oxtail… I suspect that the reader will be able to complete the menu. This is particularly true when it comes to postre; ‘flan’, ‘arroz con leche’, ‘natillas’ - wonderful sounding names for crème caramel, rice pudding, or custard.

Costa Cuisine - The essence of Japan


Costa Cuisine- On Susi (By Heather Sadtler)

NicoleISSUE FINAL_ISSUU-508Originally part of the gym Dynamic Marbella, Ôn Sushi has now opened as an independent restaurant and is more than capable of standing on its own two feet.

The owners of Dynamic were originally attracted to sushi because of its high protein low fat properties, and felt it was the perfect way to complement the healthy active lifestyle that the centre promotes.

Costa Cuisine: El major Rincon de San Pedro

Costa Cuisine El Mejor Rincon de San Pedro (Same La Sala vibe with an added twist of Spanish tradition and flavours)

el-major-rincon-de-san-padro-teamThe Costa del Sol has a new venue. Like its big sister in Puerto Banus, el Rincón de la Sala is destined for serious success. Small but perfectly formed, this San Pedro site offers dining, drinks, light bites for the after-work brigade, breakfasts and a family-friendly lounge. It has been full every day since its launch in early October and it’s easy to see why; brilliant Continental design, valet parking and friendly staff, El Rincón has an electrifying vibe that is hard not to pick up on.

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