48 Hours in the Coast's Best Kept Secret


I can scarcely believe I am about to do this but, here goes - I am about to share the best kept secret on the Coast. When asking the question about which location would be ideal for a romantic getaway that doesn't involve air travel and is less than two hours from Marbella, the name Vejer de la Frontera kept popping up.

Therefore I decided to visit and investigate what all the fuss is about. When you approach the town it is perfectly manicured and downright gorgeous. Located in  Cádiz province, Vejer de la Frontera is one of the area's most spectacular sites, thanks to its geographical location, not to mention its history.

Visiting this special place is like taking a trip back to the past of southern Spanish society. The historic centre consists of characterful cobblestone streets and is virtually free of cars, with the sole exception of the local residents who will sometimes be seen driving their vehicles through the streets in a slightly erratic manner, so beware.

I would recommend that you park your car as you arrive in the town or you might end up in a narrow cul-de-sac from which it can be difficult to extract yourself. We managed to find a suitable space and wheeled our luggage through the winding cobbled streets to Hotel V, which is small luxury boutique hotel that has been beautifully restored from a 17th century manor house and is located in the town centre. As soon as you enter you can sense a rich history, teamed with some modern twists.

Keen to see more of the town we left our luggage and started exploring.

Our first stop was Las Delicias, a refurbished theatre with the funkiest of vibes. Upcycled crates used as décor, vertical plant walls and hanging light bulbs, cool background music playing. Why had we not visited before? After a glass of wine and a starter we decided to try another place that was recommended by the hotel.

Vina Y Mar was tiny and quaint, with one of the smallest kitchens I have ever seen, but with the biggest wine and sherry selection from the region. Ramón, who served us enthusiastically and knowledgeably, described the daily specials and recommended the local sherries with a particular passion. This place is definitely worth a visit if if you are into interesting menus with a twist. Beetroot bread anyone? Exhausted from the drive we decided to have an early night as we had a full day of exploration ahead.

Our morning started with a 9am yoga session conducted by the lovely Jana Doss and, as it was so windy, this was held in the reservoir, 20 meters below ground. On arriving back at our room, breakfast was served and consisted of tasty local produce and a well deserved cup of tea.

As we began to explore the town, I couldn't help but notice all the amazing, tiny speciality shops. Ajonjoli sold olive oils, authentic home baked breads, Spanish cookies and some very interesting selected products.

Eclectica Deco was a small décor shop with cool home accessories, including pink flamingoes, cactuses, ceramics and more. This turned out to be heaven for a foodie and props addict like me! Kombucheria sold artisanal, local and organic products, including kombucha. What was all of this doing here? And why, in my 10 years of living in Spain, had I never been? It was as is these places had ripped a page out of the style magazine, Wallpaper and decided to create the most amazing little spaces that ooze cool and are usually found only in big cities.

I received an insider tip that a restaurant had opened only two weeks previously, and was run by two sisters who had spent a lot of time in Mexico. As major lover of Mexican food this place had to be put to the test. Again, the décor was cool, the menu small but perfectly formed and everything that we ate was out of this world. I will be day dreaming about the Patatas Bravas for years to come, as they were the best I have ever tasted.

After a full day of walking we headed back to the hotel, where an ayurvedic massage was awaiting. Pacci was fantastic and I must say it is the first time I have had my whole face massaged - plus places on my body I scarcely knew existed! All in all, just what the doctor ordered after a long day.

Invigorated and rested, it was time for dinner and we decided to try out Jardin de Califa - a Moroccan inspired restaurant that has been included in the Michelin Guide for a number of years running. Priding itself on local produce, seasonality and choosing organic products whenever possible, this place did not disappoint. It also had many vegetarian and vegan options, even gluten free bread.

One common denominator stood out over the weekend and that was how proud every single vendor was of their produce and their method for sourcing it whether it be a 30 year-old sherry, a specific dish or even the colourful tiles that covered the floors of most places we visited.

If you are looking for an authentic culinary experience combined with history and a sprinkle of funk, with an über cool vibe, then Fronter de La Vejer is the place to go. It's perfect for a romantic getaway, but equally suitable as a family friendly destination.

The Grand Ole Smokehouse!


There are occasions when American cuisine is just what the taste buds ordered and where better to experience the full on hickory smoked, barbecued style of cooking than at Jacks Smokehouse, which in case you haven’t heard is where Jacks American Brasserie used to be on Puerto Banús’s prestigious frontline. Jacks has been a favourite eatery in the Port for many, many years, and has always enjoyed a great reputation for its food and service, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to sample and savour the delights of its new incarnation as Jacks Smokehouse.

As you can imagine, the newly renovated Jacks Smokehouse is a big favourite with the younger, international Marbella set who crave a good burger and a rack of ribs, and judging by the crowd of diners happily tucking into the meaty elements of the menu, it continues to attract a clientele with hearty appetites. Of course, another of Jacks’ attractions is that it feels authentically American. The interior décor takes you from Marbella to the southern states of the USA with a touch of Nashville glamour in moments. Plus, the outside terrace on a sunny day is the perfect place to perch and watch the supercars slide by and the yachts bob on the marina’s gentle waters. There is nothing you can’t learn about life and the people in Puerto Banús when you sit outside Jacks Smokehouse day or night.

We reckoned that any visit to Jacks would require a good appetite and an empty stomach, so we starved ourselves in preparation for our visit. Of course, the downside of starvation is that when you arrive at a restaurant your eyes tend to be bigger than your stomach and we were overwhelmed by the variety of dishes on offer in the revamped menu. So much so that several of us just couldn’t decide what to choose at first. However, after the initial cries of “Oh, I’ve got to have the ribs,” we all gradually calmed down and chose items that we could share, thus giving everyone ‘a bite of the burger’ so to speak.

Burgers, burgers!

So, let’s start with the burgers on offer. You can have your burger straight or with cheese. You can also have a New York deli burger made from Angus beef, a Smokehouse burger or a Wagyu beef burger. Not keen on beef? Then the Jerk Chicken burger brings you a touch of Jamaica, there’s a Southern Fried chicken burger (move over Colonel Sanders) and for the non-meat eaters there is a five bean burger. Then there are the Combo Sliders with pulled pork, which top chef Gordon Ramsey has been encouraging every burger house in the USA to make in his show “Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.” Of course, there are no kitchen nightmares at Jacks; the service and the quality of the food is perfection. And, if you’re a hot dog fan, then you’ll be able to order a proper American one here. We selected the Smokehouse burger and the Jerk Chicken, both of which were delicious and the dressings were spot on. Please also note that all burgers can be served gluten free.

Are you ribbing me?

At least one of our party is a serious rib fan and you can usually predict that if they are on a menu, he’s going to order them. Imagine the smile on his face when he saw the Main course menu and saw the Slow Braised Beef Short Rib served with sweet potato mash and smoked shallot gravy. Or, should he have a half/full rack of 12-Hour Smoked BBQ Ribs served with coleslaw, shoestring fries and either Creole dry rub or Smokehouse BBQ sauce? It was a tough choice but in the end, the Smoked BBQ Ribs won the day. It is fair to say that not every establishment can cook ribs so that they remain succulent and fall off the bone, but we can truthfully report that Jacks really does know how it should be done. We also sampled the Sizzling Fajitas and the Smoked Chicken with charred corn on the cob, mash and gravy. We felt as if we were close to dining with Frank Underwood in “House of Cards” when he goes to Freddy’s BBQ Joint for some real southern cooking.

On the grill

There is also a Grill menu. How about a Longhorn 28-Day Dry-Aged New York Strip Loin, or a Prime Irish Fillet Steak or Argentinian Rib Eye? Or, a Jacks 40-Day Dry-Aged Galician Tomahawk Steak for Two? Well, we had to try the latter. The combination of Galician and Tomahawk in the same phrase had our imaginations running amok. What a revelation it was and if you’re out on a date, or just out with a mate and you want to share a dish, then this is the perfect choice.

Fish lovers do not despair. From the grill you have a choice of freshly Grilled Tuna Steak with black sesame crust, 5-spice Asian vegetables, soy, honey and ginger. Or, why not push the boat out and have the Whole Grilled Lobster with garlic butter. Yum!! 

And, before we forget, there is an excellent pizza menu and a Kids menu with mini versions of the adult offering.

Sweet endings

We were more or less fully satiated by now, but it would have been rude to leave without sampling the dessert menu. Society has more than one Brownie lover, but when we saw that there was also Key Lime Pie and an Oreo and Peanut Cheesecake, a Knickerbocker Glory and Cherry Pie we went a bit sweet crazy.

We may have walked in with empty stomachs but we certainly left Jacks Smokehouse with well-filled ones. This restaurant has a great location, a menu that suits just about everyone’s tastes and a welcoming atmosphere. There’s everything to like about Jacks – make sure you pay it a visit!

NOTO A Real Taste of Italy


Italian food is often associated with comfort, coziness and friendship. That’s because the Italians approach their meals with a zeal and ideology unmatched by any other region in the world. They don’t see food merely as a necessary survival mechanism, but relish the experience as a bridge between people and cultures, an opportunity to share stories and warmth over nonna’s home-cooked pasta and a rich red table wine. This is exactly the type of atmosphere and cultural heritage NOTO Food and People has been able to capture.

Tucked away in the cozy streets of Nueva Andalucia, NOTO is a recent renovation of the legendary neighborhood staple, Regina. Under new management, NOTO offers its customers a spacious, naturally-lit interior and a chic, modern atmosphere. During the day, there are great lunch specials and a relaxed vibe. At night, however, it turns into a busy, clamorous environment, true to the Italian way, filled with laughter, clinking of wine glasses, and communal enjoyment of great Italian food. On weekends, there is often entertainment in the form of a live guitarist or singer who perform for the guests’ enjoyment. These shows have had many great reviews and are definitely worth checking out, but make sure to call in advance because reservations fill up pretty quickly.

One thing that hasn’t changed through the renovations though, is the main chef, Luciano. He has stayed with the restaurant throughout. He has seen it as Regina and as NOTO and the menu has stayed as authentically Italian as ever. He has decided to keep the menu fairly simple and traditional, throwing in an unexpected but always innovative special dish here and there, depending on season and whim. Luckily we got to try some of these delicious dishes and were transported to the beauty of Italy with every bite.

We started with one of the most popular dishes, the fresh Tuna Tartar, a perfect mix of equally proportioned ingredients coming together in zesty scintillating harmony. The tuna’s flavour was perfectly captured with just enough citrus and complemented with fresh avocado, cucumber and wasabi. The tartar was fresh and the wasabi gave it just enough bite to tease the palate, followed by the tart qualities of the lemon.

Our friendly waiter recommended this dish to us and we were happy we chose it. Another option was the Degustation Platter, which is a great choice for any newcomer because you can choose a couple of different options and get a real sense of many of the flavours that Luciano has come up with for his menu. It’s also a great way to start the evening with your friends, accompanied by a nice bottle of Italian wine (because we all know that sharing is caring)!

Another appetizer we tried from the dinner menu were the NOTO Mussels. This dish was inspired by Luciano’s visit to Paris, when he discovered the magical taste of French mussels. He decided to give the recipe his own twist and added lemongrass into the mix. The results were divine! Cooked in a creamy shallot, chive and lemongrass sauce, these mussels are perfectly balanced in their citrus to cream ratio. They are wonderfully refreshing and tender, but not overly filling as can often happen with mussels. Make sure to pre-order some extra bread, because you’ll definitely want to soak up every last bite of this dish.

Next, as is traditional, we moved on to the pasta course. The Seafood Spaghetti was everything you could ask for from a beachtown restaurant. Bought fresh daily from the local seafood market, Luciano makes sure to get the best and the freshest ingredients for his dishes. Clams, mussels, king prawns, squid and octopus came together for an exquisite culinary delight. One wouldn’t expect spaghetti to have such a degustatory effect, but its perfect simplicity and the freshest of ingredients truly blew us away.

We also made sure to try the Squid Ink Fettuccine, a personal favourite. Luciano later told us that he worked long and hard to perfect a sauce that could accompany such an intense taste as squid ink. Its saltiness can be a difficult element to master, but we think he pulled it off marvellously. All of the ingredients seemed to fit right in with each other and the dish had an elegantly balanced palate.

Lastly, from the pasta and risotto part of the menu, we decided to try the Scallop Risotto and weren’t disappointed with this choice. The dish consists of tender buttered scallops, velvety saffron and delicate lemon over a fluffy bed of risotto. What better choices? The saffron gave the dish a subtle floral flavour which complemented the scallops very well. Luciano told us that he was inspired to create this dish when he visited Sorrento, a town overlooking the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy, where the scent of the salt water and the lemon trees permeates the warm air. The dish fits this imagery perfectly.

After pasta and seafood, we proceeded to the main dishes. If you are a meat-lover make sure to order the NOTO Fillete Steak. It is a wonderful mixture of tradition and modernity, just like NOTO Food and People. Prepared in an Amarone wine reduction and smoked with delicious herbs, this steak is tender, juicy and lean. It pairs very well with a robust red wine.

If you decide to stick with seafood for the main entrée, try the Marinated Seabass and you won’t be disappointed. Marinated with a zesty mixture of coriander, lime, red chili and daikon, this seabass melts in your mouth and reveals an extraordinary combination of flavours. Luciano loves to bring out the natural flavours of his ingredients and uses his marinades and sauces to accentuate the main dish, rather than conceal it. This strategy guarantees that every dish is light and only bears the essentials necessary to excite the palate and provide for an unforgettable culinary experience. It also allows you to move from one dish to another without being overwhelmed with flavour, but rather to taste the various ingredients that come together in magical combinations.

Lastly, we had to try the pizza. Pizza is notoriously Italian and any good restaurant can be judged by the quality of their pizza. We ordered the NOTO Pizza and received a perfectly oven-baked, thin-crust pie topped with arugula, black truffle oil, cream and mushrooms. What wonderful rustic ingredients! We felt we had been transported to Luciano’s home town in Italy and got the full experience of sharing simple delicious food made by a family member. It was absolutely delicious and it passed the 'Pizza Test' with flying colours - NOTO is a quintessentially authentic Italian spot.

Finally, after such a rich culinary indulgence, we decided to have one last degustatory experience to balance out our night. We couldn’t leave without tasting something from the dessert menu and, with the help of our waiter, we settled on the Profiteroles. Made from scratch, these profiteroles are heaven itself. They are generously filled with chantilly cream, covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with toasted almonds. This dessert will end any date night perfectly, coupled with a cup of coffee or a subtle sweet wine.

After this gourmand experience we just relaxed a little in the restaurant. The setting is perfect for this and the lighting is intimate and makes you want to enjoy your final cup of coffee or wine at your own leisure. The staff was very accommodating and let us have our space to contemplate the evening and all the wonderful flavours to which we had been exposed. We had tasted so many rich and subtle spices, herbs and sauces and we were finally fully satisfied.

Whether you live in the neighbourhood or are just passing by, make sure to stop at NOTO Food and People. Here you will be reminded what it means to be fully present and engaged with your meal. It is a great atmosphere to enjoy company and share stories as well, so make sure to invite some friends. In the fast-paced world we live in it is often easy to get caught up in the rush. However, the manner in which we eat inadvertently defines how we approach life. It is important to enjoy the little things and take time to appreciate the food we eat and the people we share it with. This is something Italians have known for quite some time and have thankfully shared with the rest of us. In particular, NOTO Food and People captured this spirit very well.

Olivia's: Paradise By the Sea


One thing you cannot help noticing when living on the Coast - or even merely holidaying - is that there are some venues that just have to be visited during the summer months. Olivia's is one such place that is excellent all year round but really comes into its own at this time of year.

During one particularly warm day recently we considered all our favourite places to visit on such a beautifully sunny day and thoughts of Olivia's terrace sprang to mind. So off we went to La Cala to experience one of the finest examples of beach dining on the Costa del Sol.

Famously the brain child of TOWIE star Elliott Wright and named after his daughter, this seaside venue could quite easily have opened its doors and waited for fans of the reality show to arrive but, since its 2015 launch, Elliott has shown that he is very serious about running an establishment that is as famous for its food and service as it is for its proprietor.

On the day that we visited the place was already buzzing by the time we arrived at two o'clock, but we managed to find a table on the terrace with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean. We agreed that, living on the Coast, we don't spend enough time enjoying all of its benefits and this is a great excuse to kick back and enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

Olivia's prides itself on its superior customer service and this was evident from the moment we arrived. Staff members have perfected the art of being attentive without overwhelming you with unwanted attention and are very patient – as they need to be when waiting for customers to choose from such an extensive menu. Elliott and his kitchen team have cleverly succeeded in assembling a tempting array of dishes that represent the best of Spanish cuisine (we were very tempted by the Conejo en Salsa de Tomate con Ajo in the Flavour of Málaga section) along with some favourites from around the world, from Italy's Pappardelle Bolognese to Australian Kingfish Carpaccio. We have some excellent restaurants on this Coast, but you would be hard pressed to find one with a more proudly international menu.

Not wanting to ruin our appetite for our main courses we ordered some starters to share: the Smokey Baba Ghanoush with Za'tar Flatbread was delicious, as were the Spicy Endame Beans. We also decided to add a local touch with the Boquerones en Vinagre, a true taste of summer.

Elliott has helpfully indicated his favourite dishes on the menu, so we decided to try the Crispy Thai Beef Salad with Wild Mesclun Leaves, Soya Beans, Coriander and Fried Vermicelli and had to agree. Authentic flavours coupled with the finest beef made this a salad worth remembering. The other members of the party decided to stay in the Far East and opted for a Mixed Sushi Platter For Three, which we were all delighted to 'help' her eat. As expected, the fish was fresh and all of the components were absolutely delicious. If you're a keen carnivore then you must sample the Wagyu Mini Burgers: served with melted Cheddar Cheese, Pickled Gherkin, Tomato, Lettuce, Tamarind Relish, Homemade Chips and Onion Rings, this was the tastiest burger we have ever been served. Although purists might think it sacrilegious to mince Wagyu beef, we are so pleased that the Olivia's team did!

Asked whether we wanted to see the dessert menu we only intended to look, but in the end were tempted by what was on offer and ordered a Mon Chèri, which was described as White Chocolate Mousse, Cherry Gelee, Coconut Dacqouise with Maraschino and Chilli Sorbet and was one of the most striking desserts we have ever encountered. We also ordered a Belle Hélène, a French classic that consisted of Pâte à Choux, Pear and Marzipan Mousse, Rum Infused Pear and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream and also couldn't resist trying the Banoffee Delight, a combination of Peanut-Feuilletine, Flamed Banana Cream, Salty Caramel-Coated Peanuts and Butterscotch Sauce. We were especially impressed by the care and attention paid to producing a range of desserts that really are something out of the ordinary; even the Pear Belle Hélène, which is a famously old school dish, had been given a contemporary twist.

All in all it's not difficult to define Oiivia's appeal. It's reasonable to assume that some punters will be lured in by the possibility of catching a glimpse of Elliott Wright but, once there, will find plenty to enjoy with a fabulous location and the attention of a team that places customer service at the top of its agenda. Most importantly, the sheer range of the menu and the excellence of the food will ensure that most visitors to Olivia's become repeat customers.  

This is one experience that you must do your best to enjoy this summer.

Merry Gourmet Christmas and a Happy Delicious Year


The holiday season is upon us. This is a time for celebration, regardless of culture or costumes, and it is always the perfect time to gather family and friends and spend some special time with our beloved ones. This season brings out the best in us: the kindness, the love and it makes us more caring. Of course, the centre of every reunion is a nice, warm Christmas meal. The children look forward to eating it all year long and the grown ups enjoy planning what is going to be part of the menu each December, or what goodies they are going to bring with them to that party they have been invited to. Society magazine knows the perfect place to get all the treats that are going to make your Christmas celebrations memorable.

Kobe and Delicias de la Huerta are the places to go when you are looking for a prime quality gourmet experience. These two shops work together and combine forces to offer everything you need to prepare the perfect meal. They are a foodies’ paradise year round and a visit becomes a MUST, especially during the Christmas season. Both locations are widely known in the Marbella area, mainly due to their wonderful selection of products and their exceptional customer service, and each store has its own personality and purpose. Whilst Delicias de la Huerta is the perfect pantry full of healthy, bio veggies, fruits and gluten free products, Kobe presents the most exquisite and luxurious selection of gourmet goods such as Beluga caviar, truffles and fine meats. Let’s be honest, the 24th and 25th of Decembers are days in which everyone goes “all out” culinarily speaking, and in Kobe and Delicias de la Huerta we can find the “all”.

The moment a customer walks through Kobe’s doors they are welcomed by a finely curated selection of goods. The bottles of wines and champagnes are what catch the attention at first sight. And, whilst running the eyes along the names of the spirits you are transported to a quiet evening holding a glass of wine and caching up with a friend over an already empty table and your bellies are already full. Perhaps, if you see a bottle of Don Perignon Vintage your thought will be, of course, about toasting the New Year.

It is also inevitable that the outstanding selection of Spanish hams and charcuterie will catch your eye. This is, after all, Christmas in Spain and even if the locals try to enjoy these prime quality products throughout the whole year, during the holiday season they really become an irreplaceable part of every table.

But, Kobe offers not just the best of Spanish gastronomy; it also supplies its clients with a wide selection of international gourmet goods. These include traditional English homemade roast beef, Russian caviar and vodka, sea products such as traditional smoked salmon or some very appetising crab legs, delicate foie gras to be served as the perfect appetiser, or the best quality white truffle.

Still, what gives the shop its name, and the product they might be most proud of, is the Kobe meat. It is imported from Japan and it is easy to understand at a glance why this meat is produced with such care and tenderness. The stock is raised in ideal conditions, listening to classical music and drinking beer: yes, cows drinking beer. But, that is the key to the fine piece of steak that Kobe offers their most discerning clients.

Delicias de la Huerta on the other hand is like your basic grocery shop; the place you go to fill your pantry on a daily basis, or to get that extra special ingredient that that recipe needs and you cannot find anywhere else. Also, they offer organic and gluten free foods, something that is really appreciated by clients that want to eat yummy but healthy food.  It is also very festive. There are a lot of enticing goodies for those with a sweet tooth, such as traditional Spanish turrón, Belgian chocolates and Italian panettone. Plus, it has a fantastic selection of cakes for clients with a sweet tooth following a gluten-free diet.

These very special shops are the best option for organising your dream Christmas meal regardless of your origins or culinary tastes. Now that the countdown for the festivities has started, hurry over to the gourmet universe at Kobe and Delicias de la Huerta. All the lovely staff will be ready to welcome you and help you find everything you need and more. There are no excuses now not to enjoy the best food. We have told you where to find it, now just go and get it. Merry Christmas and have a happy table everyone!

Eat, Drink, Party All Year Round


MOSH Fun Kitchen is Marbella’s restaurant scene ‘big hit’ of 2016 and 2017 is going to be even tastier for the leader in ‘Cool Culinaria’.

MOSH gave Marbella a launch party this year that rocked the socks off the social scene, so a return visit to review this imaginative venue was filled with the kind of anticipation usually reserved for a night at a rock venue. Our focus was of course the food, but we also looked forward to sharing the space with the beautiful, interesting clientele that MOSH attracts.

If you haven’t yet heard of MOSH, let me tell you a bit about its décor and ambience before I get the menu. With its stripped-down walls, wooden floors and comfy, upholstered chairs, it exudes the kind of ‘capital city chic’ one expects to find in Barcelona, Madrid, London or New York. It’s a vibe that is on the one hand youthful, and on the other it is ageless. At night, the subdued lighting that picks out specific areas with spots, makes diners feel cocooned in a world of their choice, and one where even strangers feel familiar. It has also put on some fabulously theatrical events such as its Hallowmosh, which was billed as, “the scariest party in Marbella,” and its Crazy Brunch that lasted “’til the cats go home” were both sell-out successes.

But, let’s get to the heart of MOSH: its menu and its signature cocktails. On arrival we each chose a different cocktail to whet our appetites. It was difficult to make a choice and there was a lot of changing of minds that went on until we finally selected an Espresso Martini that has vanilla infused vodka as its base with espresso coffee, kahlua and hazelnut to add flavour. The Moshito is perfect for mojito lovers and the Moscow Mule and Classic Cosmo both left us wanting more. MOSH-designed shots and non-alcoholic cocktails are also available.

By now we were ready to study the menu. We are all fans of sushi and dishes with an Asian influence, so it goes without saying that the Edamame, and the MOSH Factory Duck Bun, which is a steam bun filed with Peking duck, hoisin sauce, leek and cucumber were instant orders from the Small Bites menu, and we couldn’t leave out the Sashimi or the Niguiri either. MOSH offers a choice of salmon, red tuna or butterfish for both of these and we selected the combo plate to make sure we got a taste of everything. The sushi was super fresh, just as you’d want it to be, and the delicacy of the flavouring used in the other dishes was perfection. We also shared a Jarasho, which is a Russian meat-filled pasta dish in miniature that got the thumbs up from all of us.

Although, we could easily have ordered more from the Japanese menu and the other starters, we decided that it would be advisable to move on to the main dishes quickly. Again, the menu presented us with an enviable range of dishes and the Marinated Salmon with kale and baby veggies was just divine. Thanks to those of us who watch cookery shows and know that venison is very on trend, we also ordered the drilled venison filet ‘Deer to my heart’, which was served with sweet potato purée and shiitake mushrooms. Heaven on a plate! The lamb burger with French fries, teriyaki mayo and lambs lettuce was just delicious and the Black Angus T-bone steak with French fries and baby vegetables was sensationally succulent.

Luckily, we managed to keep some hidden corner of our stomachs free for dessert. One person’s reaction was “Just give me them all!” which was an appropriate reaction to a menu that starts with a Dark Kiss and ends with Dracula: Curiosity Killed the Cat.  This was vanilla cream, coca-cola sorbet, peta zetas and berries foam. If you’re wondering what ‘peta zetas’ is, it is popping candy. There is also a cold white chocolate soup with rosemary, lime ice cream and berries that we all agreed was glorious. And, if you’re worried about having had your ‘five a day’ there is also a pineapple confit with coconut purée and a ginger biscuit foam that will make you feel more righteous.

MOSH Fun Kitchen, it’s chic, it’s fun, the staff are warm and welcoming, and most importantly, the menu reflects its philosophy of cool. Book a table soon!

Avenida del Prado , Aloha
29660, Nueva Andalucía
Marbella, Spain

Reservations: +34 952 81 38 59

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