Merry Gourmet Christmas and a Happy Delicious Year


The holiday season is upon us. This is a time for celebration, regardless of culture or costumes, and it is always the perfect time to gather family and friends and spend some special time with our beloved ones. This season brings out the best in us: the kindness, the love and it makes us more caring. Of course, the centre of every reunion is a nice, warm Christmas meal. The children look forward to eating it all year long and the grown ups enjoy planning what is going to be part of the menu each December, or what goodies they are going to bring with them to that party they have been invited to. Society magazine knows the perfect place to get all the treats that are going to make your Christmas celebrations memorable.

Kobe and Delicias de la Huerta are the places to go when you are looking for a prime quality gourmet experience. These two shops work together and combine forces to offer everything you need to prepare the perfect meal. They are a foodies’ paradise year round and a visit becomes a MUST, especially during the Christmas season. Both locations are widely known in the Marbella area, mainly due to their wonderful selection of products and their exceptional customer service, and each store has its own personality and purpose. Whilst Delicias de la Huerta is the perfect pantry full of healthy, bio veggies, fruits and gluten free products, Kobe presents the most exquisite and luxurious selection of gourmet goods such as Beluga caviar, truffles and fine meats. Let’s be honest, the 24th and 25th of Decembers are days in which everyone goes “all out” culinarily speaking, and in Kobe and Delicias de la Huerta we can find the “all”.

The moment a customer walks through Kobe’s doors they are welcomed by a finely curated selection of goods. The bottles of wines and champagnes are what catch the attention at first sight. And, whilst running the eyes along the names of the spirits you are transported to a quiet evening holding a glass of wine and caching up with a friend over an already empty table and your bellies are already full. Perhaps, if you see a bottle of Don Perignon Vintage your thought will be, of course, about toasting the New Year.

It is also inevitable that the outstanding selection of Spanish hams and charcuterie will catch your eye. This is, after all, Christmas in Spain and even if the locals try to enjoy these prime quality products throughout the whole year, during the holiday season they really become an irreplaceable part of every table.

But, Kobe offers not just the best of Spanish gastronomy; it also supplies its clients with a wide selection of international gourmet goods. These include traditional English homemade roast beef, Russian caviar and vodka, sea products such as traditional smoked salmon or some very appetising crab legs, delicate foie gras to be served as the perfect appetiser, or the best quality white truffle.

Still, what gives the shop its name, and the product they might be most proud of, is the Kobe meat. It is imported from Japan and it is easy to understand at a glance why this meat is produced with such care and tenderness. The stock is raised in ideal conditions, listening to classical music and drinking beer: yes, cows drinking beer. But, that is the key to the fine piece of steak that Kobe offers their most discerning clients.

Delicias de la Huerta on the other hand is like your basic grocery shop; the place you go to fill your pantry on a daily basis, or to get that extra special ingredient that that recipe needs and you cannot find anywhere else. Also, they offer organic and gluten free foods, something that is really appreciated by clients that want to eat yummy but healthy food.  It is also very festive. There are a lot of enticing goodies for those with a sweet tooth, such as traditional Spanish turrón, Belgian chocolates and Italian panettone. Plus, it has a fantastic selection of cakes for clients with a sweet tooth following a gluten-free diet.

These very special shops are the best option for organising your dream Christmas meal regardless of your origins or culinary tastes. Now that the countdown for the festivities has started, hurry over to the gourmet universe at Kobe and Delicias de la Huerta. All the lovely staff will be ready to welcome you and help you find everything you need and more. There are no excuses now not to enjoy the best food. We have told you where to find it, now just go and get it. Merry Christmas and have a happy table everyone!

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