Eat, Drink, Party All Year Round


MOSH Fun Kitchen is Marbella’s restaurant scene ‘big hit’ of 2016 and 2017 is going to be even tastier for the leader in ‘Cool Culinaria’.

MOSH gave Marbella a launch party this year that rocked the socks off the social scene, so a return visit to review this imaginative venue was filled with the kind of anticipation usually reserved for a night at a rock venue. Our focus was of course the food, but we also looked forward to sharing the space with the beautiful, interesting clientele that MOSH attracts.

If you haven’t yet heard of MOSH, let me tell you a bit about its décor and ambience before I get the menu. With its stripped-down walls, wooden floors and comfy, upholstered chairs, it exudes the kind of ‘capital city chic’ one expects to find in Barcelona, Madrid, London or New York. It’s a vibe that is on the one hand youthful, and on the other it is ageless. At night, the subdued lighting that picks out specific areas with spots, makes diners feel cocooned in a world of their choice, and one where even strangers feel familiar. It has also put on some fabulously theatrical events such as its Hallowmosh, which was billed as, “the scariest party in Marbella,” and its Crazy Brunch that lasted “’til the cats go home” were both sell-out successes.

But, let’s get to the heart of MOSH: its menu and its signature cocktails. On arrival we each chose a different cocktail to whet our appetites. It was difficult to make a choice and there was a lot of changing of minds that went on until we finally selected an Espresso Martini that has vanilla infused vodka as its base with espresso coffee, kahlua and hazelnut to add flavour. The Moshito is perfect for mojito lovers and the Moscow Mule and Classic Cosmo both left us wanting more. MOSH-designed shots and non-alcoholic cocktails are also available.

By now we were ready to study the menu. We are all fans of sushi and dishes with an Asian influence, so it goes without saying that the Edamame, and the MOSH Factory Duck Bun, which is a steam bun filed with Peking duck, hoisin sauce, leek and cucumber were instant orders from the Small Bites menu, and we couldn’t leave out the Sashimi or the Niguiri either. MOSH offers a choice of salmon, red tuna or butterfish for both of these and we selected the combo plate to make sure we got a taste of everything. The sushi was super fresh, just as you’d want it to be, and the delicacy of the flavouring used in the other dishes was perfection. We also shared a Jarasho, which is a Russian meat-filled pasta dish in miniature that got the thumbs up from all of us.

Although, we could easily have ordered more from the Japanese menu and the other starters, we decided that it would be advisable to move on to the main dishes quickly. Again, the menu presented us with an enviable range of dishes and the Marinated Salmon with kale and baby veggies was just divine. Thanks to those of us who watch cookery shows and know that venison is very on trend, we also ordered the drilled venison filet ‘Deer to my heart’, which was served with sweet potato purée and shiitake mushrooms. Heaven on a plate! The lamb burger with French fries, teriyaki mayo and lambs lettuce was just delicious and the Black Angus T-bone steak with French fries and baby vegetables was sensationally succulent.

Luckily, we managed to keep some hidden corner of our stomachs free for dessert. One person’s reaction was “Just give me them all!” which was an appropriate reaction to a menu that starts with a Dark Kiss and ends with Dracula: Curiosity Killed the Cat.  This was vanilla cream, coca-cola sorbet, peta zetas and berries foam. If you’re wondering what ‘peta zetas’ is, it is popping candy. There is also a cold white chocolate soup with rosemary, lime ice cream and berries that we all agreed was glorious. And, if you’re worried about having had your ‘five a day’ there is also a pineapple confit with coconut purée and a ginger biscuit foam that will make you feel more righteous.

MOSH Fun Kitchen, it’s chic, it’s fun, the staff are warm and welcoming, and most importantly, the menu reflects its philosophy of cool. Book a table soon!

Avenida del Prado , Aloha
29660, Nueva Andalucía
Marbella, Spain

Reservations: +34 952 81 38 59

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