Every type of Delicious at Delicias


The Delicias Gourmet Group in Nueva Andalucia and Marbella does what it says on the tin – it specialises in gourmet products. But it goes much further than just selling tasty food.

The Delicias Gourmet Group is the parent company of a number of brands. Its goal is to source and offer the best products to their customers and in doing so provide them with a unique experience. But they don’t stop at that: the group is also renowned for it outstanding catering services, personalised ‘chef at home’ and its home delivery service that delivers in under two hours. Furthermore, its retail establishments can easily be identified by their detailed attention to the interior design and aesthetics, as well as the attentive and professional staff.

Currently it has three distinctive outlets for its gourmet products, each one providing the highest quality products in the Marbella area.


Delicias de la Huerta is a charming shop that has been recently refurbished and offers a fantastic selection of Spanish-grown and imported fruit an d vegetables from selected suppliers. There is no doubt that freshness and quality are the trademarks of their products. But fruit and vegetables are not the only products they sell. There is fresh-baked bread, gourmet teas, and there is also a magnificent wine cellar, with many of the wines exclusive to the shop. Plus, it is an excellent place to buy gifts for birthdays and other special occasions.

Address: Av. de los Girasoles,
Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Spain.
Phone nº: 952 81 67 96


Casa Kobe World Meats is the best establishment for top quality national and imported meat on the Costa del Sol. It is worth visiting just to view the counter and discover its unique variety of products, all indicating the place of origin. As one might imagine, given its name, it is the place to go for Kobe beef. But you can also buy ready-to-cook dishes such as Tandoori and Balti chicken. It also stands out for its personalised cutting service, and if you think the meat is exquisite, don’t overlook the products available at its Gourmet Cheese Factory counter, and its specially selected wine cellar. 

Address: Plaza de las Orquídeas,
Marbella, Spain.
Phone nº: 951 39 86 18


This is one of the most charming establishments in Marbella’s Old Town, and a mandatory stop for tourists and residents due to its attractive façade. The interior offers a large display of exclusive gourmet and delicatessen products. It is easy to lose track of time in between its shelves and the attentive staff always has some new product prepared for customers to taste, such as the exquisite Italian cheese with truffles. Like at other Delicias emporiums, there is also a fantastic array of international wines available at this shop and staff are on hand to help you choose the right one for the occasion. It is also renowned for its famous sweet cones that will satisfy anyone with a ‘gourmet’ craving for sugar.

Address: Calle Caridad 8
Marbella, Spain
Phone nº: 951 39 86 18

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