Chic Happens – A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Amira


Feature & Content: Fatima Maria Al-Ani / Amira Boutique This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , amiraboutiquechain Photography: Talia Giraudo, Kevin Horn Make up & Hair styling: NK Health – Beauty Styling, Clothing & Accessories: Amira Boutique Laguna Village INDEPENDENT DESIGNER BRANDS Items available in all sizes.

IMG 8035-4Dress - Danuta Al-Ani Collection - 199€
Cuffs - Cango & Rinaldi with
Swarovski details - from 129€















Dress - Danuta Al-Ani Collection - 199€
Clutch bag - De La Garza - 249€
Cuffs - Cango & Rinaldni with
Swarovski details - from 129€






























Dress - Danuta Al-Ani Collection - 299€
Cuffs - Cango & Rinaldi with
Swarovski details - from 129€
































Dress - Danuta Al-Ani Collection - 169€
Clutch Bag - 49€
Boots - 89€
Cuffs - Cango & Rinaldi with
Swarovski details - from 129€






























Top - Danuta Al-Ani Collection - 169€
Trousers - 59€
Cuffs - Cango & Rinaldi with
Swarovski details - from 129€






























Chic Happens - Nowhere Land by Elle Morgan

Feminine, Fluid Silhouettes form the Sexy Siren Look that Shipwrecks unsuspecting Sailors on deserted Shores


TomTom Ibiza maxi dress - 185€


Seafolly swimsuit - 129€, Ashiana fringe necklace - 99€

Luli Fama jumpsuit - 199€, Metal cuff - 29€, Scarf - 29€

Fine knit sweater - 59€, Necklace - 19€, Bracelets from 19€

Luli Fama maxi dress - 179€, Damai fringe necklace - 25€ each

Isla Ibiza frill shirt - 99€, White crochet bikini - 29€, Leather belt - 49€ ,Leather cuff - 39€

Silky maxi skirt - 49€

All garments & accessories: International Mix of affordable Labels and up and coming Brands

Elle Morgan Boutique, Unit 31 Laguna Village Elle Morgan Pop Up Boutique, Unit 7, Laguna Village Open Every Day 11.00-22.00 T: 647 869 831 Elle Morganboutique

Photography: Irene Sekulic Make up & Hair Style: Jorge Fortes Gutierrez Production: Irene Sekulic

Assistant: Nerea Urdampilleta Model: Cristina Gonzáles Pita @ Target Models International

Chic Happens - Summer Dreams by Elle Morgan

02 copy






































by Hector Riccione & Karma of Charme


All garments & accessories:

Elle Morgan Boutique, Unit 31 Laguna Village / Elle Morgan Pop Up Boutique, Unit 7, Laguna Village Open Every Day 11.00 - 20.00 T: 647 869 831 Elle Morganboutique


Define Your Design

style-1Defining your design style is the key to creating a room that really reflects it. This may sound daunting but you can easily identify the look you crave. Have fun taking FOC’s design defining quiz and be one step closer to knowing what style you would like in your home.

That said, FOC Design believes that your design preference should not confine you, since we find that many people reflect a mixture of influences. This quiz is just to steer you in the right direction and to start you thinking about with what style you really want to surround yourself. If your points total indicates that your tastes are borderline, do not fret - this merely highlights the fact that you prefer more than one genre and what is wrong with that? After all, eclecticism is the spice of life!

1. You win a holiday and have to pick the package; which one do you choose?

  1. An all expenses paid holiday to a five star hotel, with casino, spa and Michelin star restaurant
    +1 point

  2. Long days on the slopes followed by a warm log cabin and open wood fire
    +3 points

  3. Clear skies and blues seas on a luxury holiday in the Caribbean on a yacht
    +4 points

  4. A big city getaway where you can explore the markets and shops, wonder the streets and enjoy the sights and sounds of the destination
    +2 points

2. You have to choose a theme for a party. Which is it?

  1. The Oscars – red carpet affair with champagne, canapés and gorgeous gowns
    +4 points

  2. A black and white mardi gras, simplicity and style at its best
    +1 point

  3. A barn dance with a full live band and hog-roast for dinner
    +2 points

3. What is your favourite tipple?

  1. Bourbon on the rocks (with or without mixer)
    +2 points

  2. Can’t beat a cold, cool beer
    +3 points

  3. Champagne - Dom Perignon or Cristal preferably
    +4 points

  4. Mojito or similar cocktail
    +1 point

4. You are allowed to own the car of your dreams; which would it be?

  1. The classic VW Samba bus (21 windows)
    +3 points

  2. Rolls Royce Phantom
    +4 points

  3. Bentley Continental
    +1 point

  4. A Fastback Shelby Mustang
    +2 points

5. You are going to a red carpet premiere - what is your outfit of choice?

For her

  1. A high neck, lace dress or dolly dress with lots of frills
    +3 points

  2. A backless, full-length cocktail dress with a pair of diamond studded heels
    +4 points

  3. A two-piece suit with silk lining. Skirt or trouser suit, something fitted
    +2 points

  4. The latest in catwalk fashion
    +1 point

For him

  1. Simple black tie
    +1 point

  2. Something to make me stand out, perhaps a smoking jacket or a cravat 
    +3 points

  3. Anything that has a name so when I am asked, “Who you’re wearing?” I can state it
    +4 points

  4. A second hand suit - corduroy or something with a patterned silk lining
    +2 points

6. You are asked to make a dessert for a get together; what do you make?

  1. Dessert shooters, something for everyone
    +1 point

  2. A classic fondant or soufflé
    +2 points

  3. A Jimmy Choo inspired selection of desserts - perhaps I will buy them in rather than make them!
    +4 points

  4. Pavlova with fresh wild berries and double whipped cream
    +3 points

7. The perfect bed for you is….

  1. Fully upholstered bed and base with an inset mattress with lovely soft sheets but not too many decorative cushions to throw on the floor when I want to sleep!
    +1 point

  2. Super-king bed with topper with at least two pillows per side - one firm, one you totally sink into, Egyptian cotton sheets adorned with scatter cushions of all textures and trims
    +4 points

  3. A four-poster complete with soft voile and a stunning mix of cushions that you have picked up on your travels
    +3 points

  4. A soft leather headboard with studding detail and a very comfy mattress!
    +2 points

8. Your ideal home is something along the lines of....

  1. A boutique country home with its own dock overlooking the lake in Switzerland
    +3 points

  2. A lavish penthouse in Dubai with all the high-tech gadgets your heart desires!
    +4 points

  3. An open plan apartment in New York city with lots of light and clean lines
    +1 points

  4. An industrial look, converted loft space in Amsterdam
    +2 points

9.  If you could play an instrument it would be...

  1. My I-phone has all the instruments I need
    +1 points

  2. I wouldn’t, I prefer to be serenaded
    +4 points

  3. The saxophone because of its earthy jazz roots
    +2 points

  4. The violin because it is both classical and soulful
    +3 points

10.  Which of these sentences sums you up your thoughts on your home best...

  1. My home is an important way for me to express myself
    +3 points

  2. It’s all about the ‘wow’ factor - maybe its not too practical but it looks amazing
    +4 points

  3. My house is a collection of my travels and experiences
    +2 points

  4. Nothing too cluttered, functionality is essential
    +1 point

Lavish and Luxurious (31-40)

There is no shame in enjoying the finer things in life. You can spot quality a mile off and appreciate the work and detail involved in making such items. Bespoke and unique pieces are a must in creating your perfect ambience and you enjoy the feel and textures of luxury fabrics. Stunning silks, crushed velvets and a mixture of sheens and textures dress your home and there is an elegance and flow to the house that speaks volumes about the quality you require and expect. Feature lighting and chandeliers, whether modern or classics, appeal to you and table and side lamps are where bigger is definitely better.

Shabby Chic (21-30)

The shabby chic look is all about creating a bohemian, laid-back environment. Forget about twee and fussy, this look is relaxed and comforting. A style that is both warm and charming, full of worn, pre-loved objects and furniture, the key here is imperfection - it is that which makes this style of comfort work. Commonly mixed with an interesting ensemble of interiors, it combines the raw and pretty rough surfaces with clean, flat surfaces.

Retro (11-20)

Your choice of style is varied and collectable. You make the past modern with your nostalgic eye for design. Look out for old industrial looking objects that are made from steel, metal or wood, preferably worn down, salvaged or recycled! Retro home decor is based on classic design principles, which still look stylish today.

Contemporary (1-10)

You’re all about light, space and function. Your décor must be straight lines or beautifully curved. A clean and simple design, which reflects the latest trends, is perfect for you. In your clutter free design, everything serves its purpose and we could all learn a lot from your ‘less is more’ way of thinking. Therefore you should avoid having lots of furniture or objects or at least be able to hide them in good, well thought out storage. The main concept behind your choice of décor is based largely on the space being honest, that’s why big open spaces work well for you. Lucky for you your contemporary style works with most, if not all, interior styles!

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