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2016-08SiskoThe world is finally opening up to Cuba as the one-time pariah has been embraced by its former foes and everyone is in love with the sights and sounds of Havana. Now, the many layers of Cuba’s unique and captivating history, where the sounds of rumba and salsa complement the vividly-coloured murals, are a source of inspiration for the world’s leading fashion designers.


Valentino looked to Cuba when searching for a cultural theme to inspire the label’s Resort 2017 collection, as did Chanel when its models walked down the open-air catwalk on the Prado promenade in Havana, which provided one of the most extreme demonstrations to date of Cuba’s hot new status on the international art and cultural scene since the declaration of detente with the United States. Birds of paradise, vibrant colour palettes of bright green, turquoise and coral orange, printed skirts and tropical motifs, such as hibiscus flowers, are featured in the Cuba-inspired collections, as well as parrots and butterflies - species closely associated with both Valentino and Cuba.


For years, with its cabarets and casinos frequented by US film stars and gangsters, Cuba had a thriving fashion scene influenced by the pre-revolutionary Art Deco elegance that translated into sequined statement pieces, refined Panama hats and premium hand-made cigars.

However, the Communist principles that ruled in Cuba after Fidel Castro won power in the 1959 revolution insisted on equality, even in clothing. Foreign brands were not available and Cubans had to wear imported second-hand clothes from State-run stores. The authorities called it "recycled clothing", but ordinary Cubans referred to their trips to these official outlets as "rag-shopping".

Cuba entered a crisis after the Soviet Union fell in 1991, as it had financially supported Cuba’s Communist government, and the end of the Soviet era encouraged a rebirth in Cuban fashion. Such an historic change, ocurring in a country which had been officially dedicated to social equality and the rejection of material wealth, has become the inspiring factor in the 2017 collections by Chanel, Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, and important magazine editorials.

“The cultural richness and the opening up of Cuba to the world have turned it into a source of inspiration.” - Chanel


Cuba's luxurious abundance is found in its flora and wildlife's richness, in its bright colours, the cheerful rythms of salsa and the musicality of its dances, the expressive artwork and its people's energy. Cubans are characterised as being very creative individuals, always ready to give a helping hand or a warm smile. The fact that they have lived apart from the rest of the world for so long has allowed them to mantain their authenticity and uniqueness. Therefore, Cuba is fast becoming one of the world's most fashionable destinations, as tourists and the style elite seek to savour faded glamour and Caribbean flair before it changes too much.

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The Evolution of the Swimsuit

072016SISKOThe history of swimwear began long before the modern day bikini. In the 19th century, swimming suits consisted of up to six pieces of clothing, including stockings, which were used by both men and women. These bathing suits could weigh more than five kilograms when wet - even more in the case of women, as they included small pieces of lead to weigh down their skirts when entering the sea, a feature which caused more than a few drownings. Cotton, silk, wool, everything was a possibility, as long as it was black, navy or red - colours that water didn’t render transparent.

In 1907 the first great swimwear trend began when the Australian swimmer, Annette Kellerman jumped into the sea sporting a one-piece swimsuit. She was arrested for this public scandal, but managed to draw the world’s attention towards the need for lighter clothing.

At this time the growing popularity of railroads led to seaside resorts becoming increasingly accessible to the general public. Into this new world came a new, fashionable sensibility in the resorts of San Sebastian, Bournemouth and Deauville, where a young Coco Chanel opened a boutique to sell fresh linen dresses and nautical style shirts. This enterprising woman would become the inventor of nautical spirit.

In the 1920s, men and women no longer wore stockings on the beach and men increasingly dispensed with the top part of their swimsuits while also revealing more than half of their legs; women’s bathing suits became tighter and shorter. Two decades later came the emphasis of curves, with cups, V-necks, and lots of leg, thanks to the first ever presentation of the bikini in Paris by Louis Reard, which caused both scandal and surprise. However, in 1962, the whole world fell silent and admired Ursula Andress in Dr. No, emerging from the sea in an incredible two-piece designed by Tessa Prendergast, which effectively heralded the era of two-piece dominance.


Whether you surf, dive, swim, play beach volleyball, or do any kind of watersport, owning a bikini that stays put is a necessity. A comfortably fitting swimsuit allowing ease of movement and plenty of coverage is essential. Therefore, look for a swimming top that offers support and is fixed - avoid sliding triangle tops. The bottom needs to have either double side ties, thick and secure elastic sides, or a drawstring which allows you to you tighten the bathing suit so that it doesn’t ride up or slide down. Don’t forget a hat to protect your head and a pair of matching sunglasses to protect your eyes and complete your gorgeous look!

Sisko Akt Present Across the World

SiskoToday we live on a globalised and inclusive planet. What is fashion if not a reflection of culture, style and individuality? Let's embrace the beauty of difference by admiring other cultures and adopting a multicultural lifestyle that pays tribute to the beauty of the world. This production by Sisko Akt celebrates multiculturalism and cultural appreciation through fashion.

The richness of landscapes and nature in our world inspired the concept behind this shoot, where the contrasts of hot and cold, colourful and neutral, tropical greens and rocky whites make an impact by merging opposites, resulting in a stellar culture-shock combination. The growing fascination with other cultures and our willingness to embrace styles from other regions shows our acceptance and respect for other backgrounds, and our ability to have fun while honouring each other's differences.

In our case, multiculturalism was present in our lives since we first opened our eyes. Our parents came from opposite sides of the world - Finland, where the icy whites and peaceful blues of the Scandinavian Winter dominate the colour palette, and Chile, where the South American climate produces extrovert and bright coloured ensembles. This unusual mix of opposite cultures and customs has manifested in our lives as a love of contrasts, combining the unexpected and expressing them in the form of art.

What truly defines this unity of ethnic backgrounds is very present in the world of fashion. The fact that designers have incorporated cultures outside their own into their own designs has resulted in beautiful outfits that have a traditional aesthetic with a twist that doesn't eliminate its origins entirely. Whether it’s European, South American, Asian or African, fashion will inspire you to look for ideas outside of your own culture...

Ocean Colours




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Jade Skye Strappy Cami - 36€

Jade Skye Wrap Over Skirt - 79€

Isla Ibiza Maxi Dress - 145€

Ashiana Necklace - 99€

Bracelets - from 29€  

Jade Skye Vest Maxi - 75€

Bracelets - from 29€ 

Jade Skye Double Cami - 55€

Jade Skye Fold Over Skirt - 75€ 

Isla Ibiza Maxi Dress - 110€ 

Isla Ibiza Cami - 45€

Jade Skye Fold Over Skirt - 75€

Isla Ibiza Scarf - 35€

Ashiana Necklace - 45€

Bracelets - from 29€ 


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