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SiskoToday we live on a globalised and inclusive planet. What is fashion if not a reflection of culture, style and individuality? Let's embrace the beauty of difference by admiring other cultures and adopting a multicultural lifestyle that pays tribute to the beauty of the world. This production by Sisko Akt celebrates multiculturalism and cultural appreciation through fashion.

The richness of landscapes and nature in our world inspired the concept behind this shoot, where the contrasts of hot and cold, colourful and neutral, tropical greens and rocky whites make an impact by merging opposites, resulting in a stellar culture-shock combination. The growing fascination with other cultures and our willingness to embrace styles from other regions shows our acceptance and respect for other backgrounds, and our ability to have fun while honouring each other's differences.

In our case, multiculturalism was present in our lives since we first opened our eyes. Our parents came from opposite sides of the world - Finland, where the icy whites and peaceful blues of the Scandinavian Winter dominate the colour palette, and Chile, where the South American climate produces extrovert and bright coloured ensembles. This unusual mix of opposite cultures and customs has manifested in our lives as a love of contrasts, combining the unexpected and expressing them in the form of art.

What truly defines this unity of ethnic backgrounds is very present in the world of fashion. The fact that designers have incorporated cultures outside their own into their own designs has resulted in beautiful outfits that have a traditional aesthetic with a twist that doesn't eliminate its origins entirely. Whether it’s European, South American, Asian or African, fashion will inspire you to look for ideas outside of your own culture...

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