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2016-09SiskoThis month, THE STYLISH SISTERS GIVE YOU AN INSIGHT INTO metal couture - pieces made as art for fashion photography or high-end CATWALK couture. more like art than a standard item of jewellery, You CAN TAKE THIS TREND FROM HIGH FASHION TO STREET STYLE IF YOU FOLLOW THESE DAZZLING TIPS!

Metal couture first featured in fashion shows in the early 2000s, in both mainstream and high-end couture catwalks, films, and nowadays even in music videos featuring the likes of Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Designers who create metal couture generally come from a jewellery background, or in some cases may have skills in some other form of sheet metal work, for example creating and decorating historical armour.

In the 1960s people in every field made innovative use of new technologies, abandoning traditional techniques and materials to experiment with the results of the remarkable achievements created by space engineering and other advanced sciences. An early Metal Couturier was Paco Rabanne, who used metal in clothing for his designs for film and major fashion labels. The Spaniard, who was a jewellery designer before he turned his hand to fashion, overturned the common understanding that clothes had to use thread and fabric, and started using other new materials including metals and non-woven fabric. These were clothes ideal for intergalactic warriors and social butterflies: Barbarella wore Rabanne’s metal mesh, while Audrey Hepburn in Two for the Road preferred his trademark discs.

Today, this trend has been translated to street wear, not only for the night-time, but also to be boldly worn during the day. Shimmering fabrics and shiny metallic accessories are all the rage this season, as have been seen in the Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 shows.

Sisko Akt’s Dazzling Metallic Guide


When it comes to choosing precious metal jewellery for yourself, a great guide is actually your skin tone. People with dark skin and yellow undertones tend to look great with gold, while cooler complexions with rose undertones look gorgeous with silver. Just remember that the trick is not to overwhelm your skin tone with too much of a good thing!


Whether you’re a brunette or have blonde hair and light skin, different shades of gold can play up any skin tone beautifully. Lighter gold shades work best on fair beauties and darker bronze plays up a deeper skin tone. Our favourite backdrop for wearing gold? Without a doubt against a gorgeous saturated beach sunset.


Silver has been a go-to look for evening wear for decades. Maybe it’s because it has the ability to make diamonds and crystals glimmer like no other metal. For this reason, you will always find dramatic shoulder-grazing earrings and sleek cuffs after dark at an elegant restaurant or club. However, we love silver jewellery as it can be dressed down just as easily as dressed up for the night time, imitating the beauty of dazzling moonbeams.


Chokers and collar necklaces are a huge trend, and will remain a priority through the Autumn, as shown by couturiers such as Alexander Wang or Dolce & Gabanna, who dressed their runway models in them. Alexander Wang’s tough girls also had chain necklaces, as did Alexander McQueen’s ladies, who were dripping in them. Finally, look to Valentino’s delicate pendant necklaces against sweaters, and uniting collars with long chains. Layering is one of our season’s staples!


Let’s be honest, shimmery fashion can be hard to pull off, but when gorgeous slip dresses and neat pleated skirts came down the runways rendered in sophisticated metallics, we had the urge to incorporate shine into our everyday dressing. The key to making such head-turning pieces feel chic? Let them do the talking by keeping the rest of your look simple!

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