Tamara’s Treasures

2016-09tamara-comolliJewellery designer Tamara Comolli sells through upmarket boutiques worldwide and now her work is glittering at the Marbella Club Hotel

Tamara Comolli was born in Germany but raised in France, Gibraltar and Spain. Since she founded her Fine Jewellery Collection in 1992, she has gathered a number of major awards for her work, including a De Beers Award for Design. The fact that her first flagship store appeared in The Hamptons, where America’s wealthy, as well as the international jet set, spend their summers points to a brand that exudes style and taste. Now her line is available at the Marbella Club hotel, a fitting venue for a designer who is considered to be amongst the worlds finest.

Brand philosophy

Tamara’s brand philosophy is based on creating pieces that resonate with the customer’s unique personality and she endeavours to bring freshness and individuality to her collections. She avoids drawing on others’ design work and focuses on timelessness rather than trends. A Tamara Comolli piece is never just for summer, the beach or eveningwear, it is for any time, anywhere. She designs exclusively for women and endeavours to bring a sense of fun to her jewellery, although it is never the kind of kitsch humour found in other jewellery brands; the typical Tamara Comolli woman likes her jewels to be playful but understated, and casual but still elegant.

When she started her line, Tamara wanted to create a brand that stood for ‘unusual’ as well as redefining the idea of ‘fine jewellery’. Her aim was to get away from the type of over dressy jewellery that got its status simply because it was expensive, or it was produced by a major fashion brand. She felt this style of jewellery was soulless, whereas her collections are always injected with spirit and individuality. As she says: “My creations are timeless and it’s easy for my clients to grow their collection. They can still wear pieces they bought years ago and combine them with my new creations to produce a totally fresh look.”

Worlds of colour

Tamara loves gemstones and they are a key feature of her jewellery. She calls this element of her collections, ‘Colour Stories’ and she has inspirational names for all of them: “Candy, Caribbean, Indian Summer, Rainforest, Cashmere, Mandarin or Cinnamon have become famous interpretations for my combinations of gems over the years. Within those worlds, my clients

choose their favorite designs, be it in rose, yellow or white gold.”

The 2016 Collections

Her current collection includes the PAX bracelet (Latin for peace), which is both her message to the world and, she hopes, a small contribution to making the world a better place. It is a leather loop with a peace sign pendant attached. Given the colourful gems that Tamara uses, it is no surprise that India is a source of inspiration for her. Her Paisley Chandelier drop earrings from the Candy Collection, are based on the Indian paisley pattern and her new India Leaf pendants, made from Mother-of-Pearl symbolise “the incomparable love of a mother’s heart,” and are based on a traditional Indian design. Ten percent of the sales of the India Leaf collection goes to the charity SOS Children’s Villages, which has been providing loving family homes to orphaned or abandoned children in 125 countries since 1949.

There are so many stunningly beautiful designs in the Tamara Comolli collection that its vital you visit her boutique at the Marbella Club to really appreciate the quality and range of the jewellery she clearly puts her heart and soul into. The entire collection provides such versatile combination possibilities, making it a true pleasure to mix and match. You may soon find that you have become a collector rather than merely a customer when you discover Tamara’s treasures. 

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