Cirumed Clinic


Dr Aslani, the founder and director of the Cirumed Clinic believes that the secret of success is specialisation. Over the past decade, Dr Aslani (also Head of the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Quirón Málaga and Marbella Hospitals) has become internationally recognized for two popular cosmetic procedures; the Brazilian Butt Lift and the Total Bikini Package. As the name suggests, the former provides a lift and curve to the buttocks and hips, whilst the second treatment is the ultimate in getting the body beach-ready for summer anywhere in the world. It includes a breast lift and butt lift as well as various augmentations using silicone and natural fat fillers, for a more authentic look. Liposuction and body contouring are used in those stubborn areas that won’t respond to diet or exercise.

It is the success of these procedures that inspired Dr Aslani’s wife Jeannine Aslani, a surgical nurse to take over the building next door and open a 1,300m2 surgical unit, with two operating theatres, five patient suites, two recovery suites and the Cirumed Lounge. This is a space where patients’ families can relax at the espresso bar or enjoy a mani/pedi while waiting for their loved ones to come out of recovery. This new unit will enable Dr Aslani to streamline his Bikini Package procedures, of which he performs “three or four daily,” and the husband and wife team credit this to the quality of the equipment they have purchased, including two Laminar Flow Systems that are the cutting-edge in contamination control.

Another feature of the new centre are its special operating tables that allow the surgeon to rotate the patient’s body into a range of positions during surgery. This is vital, considering that the Total Bikini Package involves work on the breasts, abdomen, hips and buttocks, plus other areas. These tables are particularly suited to water jet assisted liposuction, a technique that the clinic has used for seven years. As Dr Aslani says: “ This is a more gentle and less invasive form of liposuction. It is quicker because the surgeon is able to irrigate and suction loosened fat cells from the body, simultaneously. This means that there is less bruising or swelling, which makes for a shorter recovery period.”

Dr Aslani is something of a pioneer of the Total Bikini Package and he recalls how curious his peers were about it when he first started it. Now many other surgeons are performing this procedure, but they are some years behind him and it is his experience that brings patients from all over Europe and even the United States. He said: “The idea that people come to Marbella for the beach and sun while they are having surgery is a thing of the past. We are attracting discerning patients because of our reputation for specialisation in this type of surgery. They come to Marbella to have the kind of surgery here that they cannot get at home – at least not the way we do it.”

The new unit is adjacent to the main Cirumed Clinic, which is already renowned for a variety of treatments including CoolSculpting. This is an alternative to conventional liposuction that eliminates stubborn fat without the need for a surgical procedure. Two of the clinics other sought after treatments are Fraxel and Fractora Laser, for facial rejuvenation, pigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, and other skin issues.

Cirumed Clinic’s excellent reputation is also due to its team of highly trained doctors and nurses who specialise in Body, Breast and Facial surgery. Meanwhile, Dr Aslani, the “Butt and Bikini King”, continues to pursue his specialist talent for enhancing the shape of the human body with implants and fat transfer. If you don’t like the body that Nature has given you; Dr Aslani will you a body to love.


Edif. Panorama, Planta baja, Local 2. CN340, km 184, Marbella. Tel: 952 775 346. 

Lash Crowd


Marbellís take great pride in their appearance and when a new beauty salon opens, it is always arouses considerable interest. Society was fortunate enough to visit Lash Crowd, which opened during summer 2017, and talk to its owner Michelle Trezise and salon director Kirsty Penrose about the business and its fabulous lashes.

What sets you apart from other salons?

Our journey began in 2016 when a Lash Artist and her customer found each other and became friends. They shared a passion to bring something very special to Marbella’s beauty scene and in July 2017 Lash Crowd was born.

Lash Crowd is the first specialist lash, brow and beauty bar situated in Puerto Banús, Marbella. We are different to other beauty salons in Marbella who offer lash extensions and brow treatments as a secondary service, outsourcing them to third parties. We employ our own specialist artists and technicians who adopt the latest techniques and utilise the best products to ensure our customers stand out from the crowd! Furthermore, our staff are vigorously and continuously trained to ensure our customers always receive market leading treatments and service. We know no that two customers' features are the same so we adopt a consultation approach and recommend the treatments we think are the most appropriate for you.

What services/treatments do you offer?

We offer a wide range of treatments for lashes, brows and beauty:


Our lash extension range is extensive and includes individual, Russian and Hyper Russian. We have also designed our own range of striplashes and have 24 different styles in stock.


We offer traditional treatments such as brow threading, tinting and waxing but specialise in the following specialist brow shaping and design techniques:

High Definition Brows is a specialist seven-stage eyebrow shaping and design technique. Our experienced artists will recommend a tailored treatment specifically for your eyebrows. The treatment stages include tinting, waxing and threading eyebrows to perfection, using specialist HD Brow products. 

Beverly Hills Definition is another specialist treatment we offer that provides a more prominent definition and uses premium makeup from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Microblading is the latest semi-permanent treatment for perfect eyebrows. Our in-house specialist microblading artist consults with customers to agree an individual look by drawing the desired shape with removable pencil. Once satisfied, we will use a specialist microblading pen to semi-permanently draw on individual strokes one by one.

We also offer an array of beauty treatments:

Laser Hair Removal

We have invested in the latest safest, effective and pain free laser machines from the US. We offer permanent hair reduction (including ingrown hairs) and all skin tones are suitable for the process. You will see results after a single treatment, but 6 to 8 treatments are normally recommended.

Laser Rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation is a spectacular ant-ageing treatment, which stimulates the skin cells and promotes collagen production. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and tightened. You will see an immediate improvement after a single treatment but we recommend monthly maintenance sessions.


Dermaplaning is the new way to exfoliate your face. It involves an experienced technician using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. You will see an instant improvement in your skin texture and tone, with the long term effects being increased cell turnover, reduced wrinkles, acne scarring reduction and the removal of fine facial hair, also known as vellus hair or peach fuzz.


We offer an array of nail treatments including nail repair, file & tidy, manicure, pedicure, shellac manicure, gelish manicure and gel extensions.


We offer makeup application by our MUA team and customers can choose from an array of natural and party looks.

Is there a particular range of products that you use?

The majority of our lash extensions have been designed specifically for us in Germany, so we have our own brand. We also stock a range of premium products including Revitalash, Revitabrow, Chrissanthie, High Definition, Anastasia Beverly Hills and the Tropic vegan-friendly natural beauty range.

Why have lash extensions and brow shaping become so popular?

We live in a world where beauty and fashion are heavily promoted by the media and the Internet. Celebrities promote the latest beauty trends to millions of people all over the world and women just love keeping up with what these famous names are doing. The lash and brow market has grown considerably in recent years and we forecast it will continue for quite some time to come.

What are the lashes made of and is there a particular brand you prefer to use?

We have our own silk lash extension brand, which has been designed exclusively for us. We also have our own range of striplashes in both silk and mink, and 12 different styles of each.

Is there a trend in lash styles?

The latest trend in lash extensions is Russian Volume with 75% of our customers opting for this look. More and more customers are having two tone Ombre lashes fitted. We currently offer these in blue/black, purple/black and red/black.

What is different about the Russian lashes you offer?

We have a huge selection of thickness, length, colour and curls. We utilise a special glue which works exceptionally well with Marbella’s humidity levels. Also, applying Russian Volume lashes is an art and we have the best Lash Artists in Marbella to ensure we exceed customer expectations.

What is the average cost of lash extensions and how often do they need to be replaced?

A full set of Individual lashes is €80 and Russian Volume lashes are €120. Both require maintenance appointments every two to three weeks, which costs €40 (Individual) and €50 (Russian Volume). Some clients prefer to come to us weekly for a tidy up which costs €20 (Individual) and €25 (Russian Volume).

Thank you Michelle and Kirsty for explaining the amazing world of lash extensions. Well, there you have it Marbella – the ultimate place to go for lashes, brow shaping and much more is Lash Crowd.

Get Back to School Right Now


Those lazy mornings lolling around in pyjamas are over; yes, it's that time of year again. Getting the kids ready to go back to school is never easy but with Jonathan's 'stay on top of your game’ strategy, he is going to ensure your child gets to school each day without looking like something the cat dragged in.

Honestly, I cannot wait for it. In fact I will take them all back myself. Whose idea was it for this two to three month holiday during the hottest part of the year anyway? I can tell you the parents don’t want it. Show me someone who loves having their children off school during the summer and I will introduce you to their nanny.

I would like to suggest that we pace the return to school, instead of all the little darlings going back on the same damn day.  The salon basically turns into a playground in the days leading up to the start of the school term and I just can’t cope with it. Parents PLEASE book your offspring in at least 10 days before, allowing us plenty of time to cut the green ends out of their hair. Yes that's right - green! I have already had one Kermit child in this month and I know it won't be the last.

Going green

What do you do if your little cherub's hair now resembles lime jelly? Yes ketchup works up to a point to remove the green, but if your child has spent every waking moment in the pool for three months straight, particularly ones with high chlorine levels, ketchup is going to do sod all.  So don’t be horrified if I end up telling you that I have to bleach the ends back (and, please God, do not try this at home). It’s either that or we shave it all off.  Thankfully, we haven't lost any children's hair due to bleach up to this point (correct at the time of print).

Now what you SHOULD have been doing since the start of summer is using the Paul Mitchell Three Clarifying Shampoo €14,63 which removes chlorine and salt without compromising texture or shine. My good friend (AKA ‘The Death Star’) has been using it religiously on her son all summer and he still has perfectly white hair. She will admit that his hair has been slightly drier due to certain components in the shampoo, however she has compensated for this by using a richer conditioner and his hair has never looked better.

I am dreading it

Do NOT rock up to this salon with your child looking like a part-time Rastafarian and tell me you have been looking after their hair all summer. Because there is nothing I love more than standing for hours on end with a tail comb, trying to unpick a knot so big it could have its own postcode. The only way to deal with those type of horrendous dehydrated knots is to go in with scissors and open them up and, yes, this will result in hair loss. The amount of loss depends totally on the size of the knot. You have been warned.

This takes me back to an incident which happened a few years ago when one particular child with beautiful silky, shiny, waist length hair was dropped off at the salon by her nanny. She was booked in for a 45 minute, under-12s hair cut, so I was totally unprepared for what I found when I parted her hair. Basically the underneath of this poor little sod's hair - from the top of her ear to the nape of her neck - resembled a bird's nest, the likes of which you should only find in a bloody oak tree somewhere. This knot had clearly started off much smaller and there is no way the supervising adults would not have noticed it. They had simply been brushing the remaining hair over the top of the knot. I suspect the lack of hair care started around the third week of June judging the size of it. I mean the kid had her very own, built-in bun ring.

The 45 minute hair cut became a three hour Crystal Maze extravaganza. Just ask Lottie. For it was she that spent those three hours using pure coconut oil and a tail comb to disentangle the matted knot from this child's scalp. The nanny, by the way, returned after 45 minutes and was annoyed to find her charge still at the wash basin. At first she acted shocked upon being shown the monstrous knot, but eventually admitted she might have known about a ‘small’ knot. Oh, and then she had the audacity to tell us we were not allowed to cut any of the little darling's hair off. I didn’t know whether to slap her repeatedly or throw her out. In my opinion that knot was paramount to child abuse. Needless to say there will be NO MORE of those in the salon.

All tangled up

You know my motto that prevention is better than cure. All it would have taken to stop any knots forming were a few key products.  Again Paul Mitchell is a life saver in this department. The Paul Mitchell Dentangler €16,50 works to condition and unknot medium to coarse hair while the Paul Mitchell Conditioner €16,50 can be left in the hair, which at least stops the brats crying because you are ‘riving’ their hair out.

Do we hear rehab calling?

A note to the parents: prepare yourselves! You haven't set an alarm for nearly three months and have probably consumed your fair share of vodka during this time, (totally understandable when having to deal with the kids' summer holidays). On the first day of school you are going to feel like the world has ended.  You will be left with a hangover from hell and basically not know what has hit you. I recommend you start by swapping the fags for smoothies and try to wean yourself off the 10am G&Ts as soon as possible.

The boy done good.

As much as Gerry gets on my nerves, I will give praise where it's due. Katie Kane is a long time client of mine and has become sick and tired of using clip-ins in her hair. After going on and on at me, I finally gave in and agreed to hair extensions (mostly just to get a bit of peace and quiet really!) I did her usual colour and then picked out two matching shades of Great Length Extensions which I passed over to Gerry. He flawlessly applied 125, 50cm extensions to give Mrs. Kane a mermaid worthy mane. Gerry finished off by beautifully blending the extensions with Katie's own hair and styling with his new best friend, the In-Styler. The results speak for themselves.

Ocean Clinic turns the tide for intimate surgery

201711OCEANCLINICDr Kai Kaye and his team at the Ocean Clinic Marbella are highly respected for the work they do in bringing the most advanced surgical techniques to the Costa del Sol. They have recently added a new surgeon to the team, Dr. Sonja Kästner from Germany, who is expert in two of the newest trends – penis enhancement and labial reconstruction. Society had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Kästner about her work, her training and what she loves about working in Marbella.

What made you choose plastic surgery as your specialism?

SK: During my training in Cologne I naturally followed the rotation through all kinds of medical disciplines including emergency medicine and general surgery. However, when I completed my doctoral thesis on experimental pharmacology in 2012, I ended up taking a residency at the renowned Cologne-Merheim clinic that is a leader in plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery. It is also the country’s second largest centre for treating burns. While I was at this clinic, I gained profound knowledge of reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, hand and body traumatology, and of burns. I didn’t start my career with the idea of becoming a plastic surgeon; you could say that plastic surgery found me.

What attracted you to working at Ocean Clinic?

SK: I started at Ocean Clinic in 2016 as part of finishing my residency training. I had met Dr. Kaye five years earlier at a conference and I really admired his approach to this surgical discipline and his enthusiasm for cutting-edge procedures and keeping a leading position in this community of surgeons worldwide. So, I was very happy to come back here and work for two weeks out of every month in Marbella. I then go back to Cologne for the rest of the month, where I work with the Dr. Timo Spanholtz at the Praxisklinik am Rosengarten. It is thanks to his work there that I am able to bring some new procedures to Ocean Clinic.

Do you see trends in plastic and reconstructive surgery?

SK: Yes, for sure. I mean recently we have had the butt lift trend. One of my areas of expertise is liposuction and its associated procedures, but the new trend that is coming is for penis enhancement and labial reconstruction. Both are in areas that people are reluctant to talk about, but I’m seeing much more open-mindedness about them, especially in my home country.

What is the demand for these procedures in Marbella?

SK: Well, it looks like it is going to be a big trend here. We are performing two or three penis enhancement procedures weekly and Ocean Clinic is the only facility in Marbella that offers this operation. I am hoping to develop the same demand for labial reconstruction for women. There are so many women who suffer emotionally and physically from irregular or hypertrophied labia, sometimes caused by sports such as horse riding and cycling, or by childbirth, and it is a problem that can be quite simply corrected with surgery.

I’m passionate about helping women to feel happy and confident in their bodies. Some, people think that cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is just vanity, but for a woman, or man, who struggles with any aspect of their physical form, it can have a very negative effect on their quality of life, especially their emotional state.

Could you tell us a bit about the penis enhancement procedure?

SK: There are different techniques, and I prefer to use the one that is a combination of a penis enlargement to increase the length and a fat transfer to augment the thickness. The penis enlargement is done by cutting the ligament that pins the penis to the pelvic bone. The erectile tissue is attached to the pelvic bone through that ligament and, due to this, between one to four centimetres are hidden inside the body. If you cut this ligament you can pull the penis out and gain length. Of course, we don’t know how many centimetres a man will gain until we perform the procedure. Men can be confident that they won’t lose any erectile function. We also take fat from another part of the body and inject between 20 to 50 millilitres directly under the skin of the penis, around the shaft and this gives about one to two extra centimetres of girth.

What is your advice to anyone who is nervous about having this procedure or any other reconstructive surgery?

SK: I always advise people to come to the clinic first. It really helps to take a tour of the facilities, because then you can see how high our standards of hygiene are, how friendly and relaxed the atmosphere is and they can also ask the staff all the questions they have. It’s also important of course to meet the surgeon who will be performing the operation. Trust is very important with any surgery and plastic surgery is no different.

What are your plans for the future?

SK: To keep working at Ocean Clinic and in Cologne and to continue developing my professional expertise and skills by attending conferences, which is where surgeons learn about the latest and most dynamic techniques.

Thank you Dr. Sonja Kästner for taking the time to talk to us. Your enthusiasm for your profession and your surgical discipline is inspiring.

If you are interested in discussing the procedures offered by Dr. Kästner, or any of the others offered at Ocean Clinic, please contact them at:

Av. Ramón y Cajal, 7, 29601 Marbella, Málaga

Tel. +34 951 77 58

The Times They Are A-Changin’


As the summer comes to an end, many changes are taking place in Reflections which Jonathan has decided to address in this month’s column. It is time to say goodbye to some of the salon’s superstars and open the doors to welcome new, fresh, talented members to the team.

Much ado...

I am going to start the column off on a happy note and share with you one of my favourite events of the summer – the Carada’s wedding. A few years ago, I was asked to do the hair for Kara Carada’s wedding and a friendship was quickly born from a mutual admiration of backcombing and volume. It was a match made in heaven, one that will stand the test of time.

I was, of course, delighted to be included in the wedding of Kara’s sister Penny this summer. I have always been made to feel part of the family and it was an honour just to be with them while they got ready for the big day, never mind look after their hair.  It was honestly one of the best Saturday mornings I can remember, we spent the whole time laughing; it was simply lovely.

Penny’s look was ‘fairytale princess’. From the word go it was all about elegance, so she wanted a timeless classic up-do. Though do not be fooled into thinking this was a simple look; the fact that this said up-do took a couple of hours to achieve the desired Grecian inspired look might give you a little more insight into the complexity of this hairstyle. When I say “complex” I refer to intricate use of one of two pieces of false hair. In the interest of my safety, I am not allowed to divulge what exactly when into the ‘do’, suffice to say that if she had gone near a magnet or a naked flame her wedding day would have turned out rather differently!

It would be a lie to say I wasn’t worried about the weight of her hair, and wouldn’t have been surprised if it caused her head to fall off while she attempted to do the Irish jig. She was under strict instructions not to bend down at any point, as there was no way she would be getting up again.

The bridesmaids (her sisters) were guided by Penny with variations on the theme of a side ponytail, each look being tailored to suit their unique personalities. The bride’s mum, who is always effortlessly understated wanted, in her own words, to feel “normal” on her daughter’s special day, so I softly wanded her hair to achieve a boho look.

Again, I am not going to divulge anything that went on that day while creating the Caradas family’s hair do’s, but let’s just say there was more than one bag of hair floating around that afternoon. I escaped a clip-on ponytail by the skin of my teeth. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

On a final note, I can testify to the durability of my work, evidence being available in the form of a video showing me hurling Kara around the dance floor to Little Richard. There wasn’t a hair out of place.

Time to say goodbye

It is with great sadness that all must good things must come to an end. After eight years my Lottie has decided to spread her wings and move on to ventures new. As regular readers will be aware, she has, for some time, been suffering with an incurable addiction to her phone. Having taken professional advice it was suggested the only way to proceed was to remove her from the environment in which she couldn't keep her sticky little fingers off her phone. If Steve Jobs was still around he would have received a stern email from me by now, requesting compensation for loss of man hours.

Lottie needed a new challenge, something upon which  to focus her brilliant mind and this was presented in the shape of Lash Crowd, the new salon which specialises in all things brows and, as the name suggests, lashes. She can now be found adorning their sumptuous reception. I have sent her on her way with a big kiss, lots of love and the very best wishes for whatever the future may bring. However, this hasn't stopped me from telling people I sacked her for fiddling. Same days I just can’t help myself. All jokes aside, love you Lottie.

New beginnings

As the summer draws to a close, our usual exodus of summer staff has begun. As anyone with a business in Marbella knows, it is either feast or famine. We are desperately on the hunt for new staff.  It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to our fabulous beauty therapist, Cristina Camacho Herrera who has left to focus on her own business. As the saying goes, she would be welcomed back with open arms whenever she chose. This, of course, means we now have an opening for a full-time, experienced beauty technician.

As many of you may know our hairstylist Rachel Leamy has been leaving since March and, after weeks and weeks of false starts, she’s wending her way back to the Emerald Isle and I wish her all the best. (I am actually a bit bored with all this ‘best wishes’ malarkey and am getting on my own nerves now!)

It’s all kicked off

If any talented hairstylist who excels in all areas of hairdressing fancies working in one of the most established salons on the Coast please send your CV to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Don’t be put off by the rumours - I am actually very easy to work with and don’t bite. Well, only sometimes!

For anyone who wants a laugh then please get onto Facebook and look out for Gerry’s six seconds of fame with his Taekwondo promo video. The jury is still out to which celebrity he most resembles, my favourite being Grandpa from The Munsters. It has provided me with hours of entertainment and the video has had numerous hits on YouTube and Facebook although, having said that, I am probably responsible for about 1000 of them. I am still astounded by how high he can get his leg for a man of a certain age. That foot has skimmed my ear on more than one occasion!


Love Jonathan

Do you really know the importance of a gynecological checkup?


Prevention in time; this is the goal of the gynecological health campaign launched by HC Marbella, 'I have an appointment'. To remind all women with an active or non-active sex life, in any situation or stage of life, of the importance of detecting pathologies in time, in order to save lives.

"Every woman should be aware that a periodic gynecological check can prevent diseases and detect others that do not present initial symptoms, but that can lead to problems over time," warn HC Marbella medical specialists.

Our medical team from the Gynecology Unit of HC Marbella International Hospital answers the most common questions regarding a gynecological examination.

Are you among the women who skip their check-ups because going to the gynaecologist is an unpleasant experience?

At HC Marbella, we suggest that you let go of this myth because regular gynaecology check-ups are very important for one’s health and they can even be lifesaving. A timely check-up can prevent long gynaecologic illnesses such as cancer, as well the complications they imply. The good news is that regular check-ups do precisely that: they detect possible changes in the reproductive system and prevent potential diseases from developing. Therefore, you are better off facing your fear, since a gynaecologist is, in the end, just another specialised doctor.

How often should check-ups take place?

There is no fixed answer, as it depends on each woman: her age, her risk factors, and her family medical history. At HC Marbella we will suggest what is most appropriate for your specific case, but to be safe and avoid risks, the ideal would be to visit a gynaecologist once every year.

What does a gynaecology exam consist of?

The first step is to get to know you. During the appointment, we will ask you a series of questions to check your personal and family medical history. Afterwards, we will proceed to the physical examination and additional tests which include:

Physical examination of the breasts, vulva, vagina, and uterine cervix.
Cervical screening to detect pre-malignant changes in the cells of the cervix, which can eventually lead to cancer.
Transvaginal pelvic ultrasound scan to examine the internal genital organs: the uterus and the ovaries.

Afterwards, our gynaecologists will explain what they found. Therefore, they will tell you the next steps to follow, which can involve a new appointment to pick up the results.

Further diagnostic tests, depending on the discoveries made during the physical examination and the ultrasound, such as:

 Mammogram/breast ultrasound: If you do not have a history of breast cancer, you should start undergoing mammograms between the ages of 40 and 45. If on the other hand, you have a family history of breast cancer, you should start them at the age of 35.

For your convenience, we can take all the necessary tests the same day at HC Marbella and therefore avoid having to make any unnecessary trips.

What you need to know:

Regular check-up examinations don’t hurt, don’t take long, and can protect you from much worse situations.

If you notice any change in menstruation or vaginal discharge, any irregularities in the genitals or a lump in the breast, go and see your gynaecologist right away, without waiting for the next check-up.

• The best time for a gynaecological exam is in the days following the menstrual period. The exam cannot take place during menstruation since samples cannot be collected.

HC Marbella International Hospital

Gynaecology Unit

Book your appointment NOW!

Tlf 952 908 628

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