To Gluten or Not to Gluten?


This is the question on everyone’s mind. Is it just the latest health trend? Or is there actual substance to the claims that gluten is just no good. For many people, avoiding gluten has become a cultural choice, as well as a dietary one. So, lets get to the bottom of this.

What is gluten?

One of the most heavily consumed proteins on earth is created when two molecules, glutenin and gliadin come into contact and form a bond. When bakers knead dough, that bond creates an elastic membrane, which is what gives bread its chewy texture and permits chefs to toss, twirl and shape their dough. Gluten also traps carbon dioxide, which, as it ferments, adds volume to baked goods.

What is celiac decease?

Celiac disease is an immune disorder in which people cannot tolerate gluten because it damages the inner lining of their small intestine and prevents it from absorbing nutrients. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley and occasionally in some products such as soy, dressings, vinegar and more.The immune system is the body's natural defence system and normally protects the body from infection. But when a person has celiac disease, gluten causes the immune system to react in a way that can cause intestinal inflammation irritation or swelling and long-lasting damage.

What is gluten intolerance?

Identifying gluten intolerance may be more challenging if you don't have celiac disease because you may not have the characteristic digestive ailments. Instead, those with less serious gluten intolerance are more likely to feel non-digestive symptoms of celiac disease. Examples include headaches, fogginess and pain or numbness. Furthermore, the effects of gluten on the body in non-celiac gluten intolerance take longer to appear.

What has Happened?

The most obvious question is also the most difficult to answer: How could gluten, present in a staple food that has sustained humanity for thousands of years, have suddenly become so threatening? There are many theories but no clear answer. Some researchers argue that wheat genes have become toxic. Researcher, Davis, has said that bread today is nothing like the bread found on tables just fifty years ago: “What’s changed is that wheat’s adverse effects on human health have been amplified many-fold. The version of ‘wheat’ we consume today is a product of genetic research. You and I cannot, to any degree, obtain the forms of wheat that were grown fifty years ago, let alone one hundred, one thousand, or ten thousand years ago. We have to restrict other carbohydrates beyond wheat, but wheat still stands apart as the worst of the worst.’’ “As many as forty percent of us can’t properly process gluten, and the remaining sixty percent could be in harm’s way.” - New York Times

Nobody can say for sure why the rise in celiac disease has been so rapid. The modern diet may be to blame, or stress levels and lifestyle. There is also growing evidence, in animal studies and in humans, that our micro biome, the many bacterial species inhabiting our gut, can have a significant impact on a range of diseases.

Regardless to whether you are giving up wheat as a lifestyle choice, dietary requirement, or maybe just following a trend, there is plenty of choice. In most places there is at least an awareness compared to even just a few years ago! Sales of gluten-free products are estimated to exceed fifteen billion dollars by 2016, twice the amount of five years earlier. So, for people like me that have a gluten intolerance, there is hope that I will still be able to have a pizza or pasta occasionally!

Festive Part perfect by Jess Miles

Festive PartyMakeupWinter party season has arrived! This really is my favourite time of the year as you can really go for it with glitz and glam when doing your make-up. Nothing screams Christmas or New Year’s Eve party quite like some sparkly eye shadow and a glamorous hair do.

To achieve this hairstyle:

 This look is very simple but effective and it looks fabulous on long hair and short hair alike.

 This is how I created it...

 First, brush the hair through and apply some heat protecting serum, I like to use this one (L’Oréal Studio Line Hot & Smooth Hot Curl Spray). This look normally works better on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed as it will hold the style better and won’t drop out as quickly. Once you have applied the serum, divide the hair in sections about an inch wide. Now, using a curling wand, - depending on how tight you want the curls, I find using a thinner wand for longer hair and a wider wand for shorter hair works best for this look- start to curl the hair from just below the root in both directions, I normally do one to the left and one to the right and carry on with this pattern. When you have finished curling all of the hair apply a generous amount of hairspray while the curls are still untouched; this will help them to stay in longer.

Let the curls set for about 5-10mins and then tip your head upside down and start to run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up; do this from the root so as to add some volume. Flip your hair back the right way up and backcomb the roots a little if needed. Apply a little more hairspray and any accessories you want and there you have an easy, sexy, party-ready hair do!

To achieve this makeup:

 When I think of gold season I automatically think gold, warm toned browns and luscious lashes, so that is exactly what I did for this eyeshadow look; it’s timeless and sexy and something you can recreate for yourself.


It may seem a little strange at first but for this look it’s best to do the eyes first, as it contains a lot of heavy pigmented colours and it’s inevitable that they are going to drop down onto the cheeks. By starting with the eyes it allows you to clean up underneath and get a flawless finish when it comes to applying your foundation.

 I started off by applying a pearlescent white shadow as a base; by using white first it makes the colours you layer over the top stand out a little more. On top of the white, I applied the KIKO water eye shadow in the shade ‘yellow’, this is a really bright gold and is perfect for this time of the year.

Once I had applied this colour all over the lid, I started to apply a medium brown colour very gently in the crease of the eye and taking it out in the shape of a triangle. With this look it’s good to use something as a guideline, like a piece of tissue or a piece of body tape, it looks best when its super neat. Once the brown is applied and blended in to the gold, I started to apply the two darkest shades from the KIKO colour fever eye shadow palette in the shade ‘coral burgundy’ which is a very warm burgundy pink, again into the crease and out to the outer corner.

This colour over the top of the gold and the brown gives a lovely subtle warmth to the whole look and complements the colours wonderfully. I also applied a little of this colour with an angled brush along the bottom lash line, this outlines the eye and joins the top and the bottom together. Finish this off by adding a black liner inside the lower waterline. When this is all applied and blended so there are no harsh lines, apply a black liquid eyeliner along the top lash line; how you decide to apply this is totally up to personal preference. Some people like it really thick whereas some people like it very thin. Once you have tried out a few different styles it is easy to decide how you prefer to wear yours. To complete the eyes, apply a thick coat of mascara or some false eyelashes, my favourites are the Eylure Volume No.70 lashes, they add volume and length without looking fake.

When the eyes are complete, apply your face makeup as you normally would, taking care not to go over the eye make-up and to finish the look, apply your favourite lipstick. This particular eye make-up goes just as well with a nude lip as it does with a deep plum, so it is purely down to personal preference. You can also make adjustments in colours so this look can carry you straight through to the New Year.


  -Our resident beauty girl-abouttown Jess Miles brings us the hottest beauty tips this festive season to have you dazzling and sparkling even more than the star on the top of your Christmas tree!-






I’m dreaming of a Light Christmas - Luke Hill Miss Fit

luke and_garyI’m dreaming of a Light Christmas


 We don’t ever recall there being a great story that started with “Do you remember that Christmas when we were eating the celery sticks and…” (That would be crackers!)

 Let’s all be honest – Christmas is a time to enjoy and be merry! It is a time to relax from the stresses of the year just passed and for many of us we find this through food and drink!

 However, it has become a norm to accept that it is justified to put on weight and that it is not physically possible to stay trim over the Christmas period.

 “I wish I didn’t put on those festive pounds, but it was Christmas…” or “I will start to diet again in January!” Sound familiar?! We thought so!

 Well, I am not here to lecture you about living the cleanest, healthiest Christmas (we too will be indulging in the Christmas festivities) but we are here to give you some tips on how to keep that waistline looking good this Christmas! (And it will be equally as delicious!)

 So, we’ll outline just a few small changes you can make to your traditional Christmas Day to make it that little bit healthier and will provide some nutritional education and dismiss some myths about the foods we eat!

  •  OILS (FATS)

Oil on roasted veg, goose fat potatoes, Turkey basted in oil…. (We really do like to cook with oil).

Fats can be broken down into three categories; Saturated, Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated. In layman’s terms, saturated fats (the bad fat sibling), which is often found in meats and dairy are harder for our body to break down and often get stored as fat in our bodies.

 Polyunsaturated fats (often a source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 found in sunflower oils, leafy greens and fish) and monounsaturated fats (found in special cooking oils; such as Olive, Canola, Hemp and Sesame) have both been found to help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol. (The good fat siblings!)

  • COCONUT OIL (Christmas tip)

 This God among healthy foods is actually a saturated fat (uh oh!), but what makes it so fantastic is its incredibly high tolerance to high cooking temperatures. Therefore, it does not oxidize and break down into toxic particles like other oils such as vegetable oil. In addition, it is a ´thermogenic´, which means it is metabolised immediately (by our liver) and turned into energy. It can therefore help us burn more calories!

 However if you insist on using other oils or fats this Christmas, feel free to use Goose fat because in terms of an animal fat it is one of the healthiest options we can use – it is high in monounsaturated fats!


A dog is a man’s best friend and chocolate (or diamonds) are a women’s! But chocolate doesn’t have to be that naughty treat, if we eat the right chocolate! Cocoa, from which chocolate is made, has many health properties but we need to remember the higher the percentage of cocoa, the more abundant these properties are. It’s the additives that makes low percentage cocoa chocolate bad for us!

  •  DARK CHOCOLATE  (Christmas tip) 

It should be at least 70% cocoa, but the higher the better (and preferably organic).

Firstly, high percent dark chocolate has been found to have more antioxidants than blueberries and acai (the so called super fruits!). Antioxidants help prevent disease (heart attacks and cancer to name a few) and help prevent cell damage.

Secondly, research shows that it can help reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol, which may reduce the risks of heart attacks. Yes, that does mean we’re telling you to go straight for the chocolate section, but remember a few cubes a day keeps the doctor away! Don´t overindulge.


 Gary and Luke Hill, Owners and Coaches of Miss Fit Marbella, “The women only boot camp and fitness provider

 And on the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

12 Ferrero Rocher,

11 Types of cheese,

10 Vol-au-vents,

9 Candy canes,

8 Bucks Fizz,

7 Chocolate gift boxes,

 6 Pigs in blankets… 5 Golden Roasties, 4 Espresso Martinis, 3 Servings of trifle, 2 Bottles of wine (no brussel sprouts) and a Christmas cake covered in Brandy!


 Alcohol is always more in demand over the Christmas period. Whether it be, wine, beer, cocktails or spirits; what drinks should we be drinking to ensure we don’t pack on the pounds? Well, all alcohol carries calories (empty ones – as in there is no nutritional benefit to drinking, only social) but some alcoholic drinks contain less calories than others! Per measure, this is how our favourites stack up:

 Red or White Wine

 120-150 calories per glass


150-180 calories per pint


90-100 calories per measure (without mixer)


 120-220 per glass (depending on the cocktail)


Vermouth is like the Arnie of the drinks world; it’s the healthiest with a mere 50 calories per measure! Light beers can provide a better calorie intake for you beer lovers with approximately 80 calories per bottle. Straight spirits can also keep the calories under the 100 mark.

Our recommendation is to drink a glass of water in between each drink. It should halve your calorie intake and ensure you are not dehydrated. You will thank me for this on Boxing Day!

Whatever you do this Christmas, remember that moderation is the key and that maintaining weight is simple….if we consume more calories than we burn, we will put on weight and vice versa.

 So if you do let yourself eat a few naughty things this Christmas, make sure you do some exercise…and, if not, we know a fantastic women only boot camp that will help you out!

Your Ultimate Guide Holiday Hair

Your Ultimate Guide to Holiday Hair

 Seriously, A-list level glamour is a MUST as we bounce from party to party this season. Christmas dos are one hundred per cent worth pulling out the stops for on the tress front. This issue, Daniel is going to show you how to get serious hair envy from your family and friends.



First stop is to make sure your hair is looking its best and this means investing in a salon treatment - and not just any salon treatment. Just a quick warning, I am about to change your life. You can thank me later with anything from the latest Dolce & Gabbana collection. Please let me introduce you to Olaplex. The brainchild of scientists (NOT beauty insiders), this ‘Holy Grail’ of hair treatments can transform brittle and broken hair. It’s how Kim K went platinum and back without ruining her locks. Yes it is that good and I have fallen head over heels in love...AGAIN

 Olaplex, developed in the US, was launched to great acclaim there at the end of last year - everyone from top hairdressers to the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be fans. It has now hit Europe and we at Reflections are one of the first salons on the Coast to be offering this state-of-the-art treatment.

 There are tons of products that claim to repair hair, from proteins that make it feel stronger to keratin which smooths the cuticle. Those treatments work on a superficial level, making your hair appear healthier without actually healing it. Olaplex, though, works on a cellular level. It actually repairs the bonds of hair like little workers coming in and soldering chain links together. It doesn’t just make your hair look better, it reconnects the broken chain links in the hair’s cells.

 Olaplex means you can go further with bleaching and, as long as you treat the hair with it, you can bleach over and over again without turning hair to candy floss. Total freedom of colour and elimination of damage – see why I am so impressed? It’s a total game changer for the hair industry.

My advice - book in for the full Olaplex 30 minute treatment, €49, at Reflections, before the party season starts. This will make sure that you outshine everyone and I think it’s worth every penny. 


Middle part? Check. Sleek strands? Midi bob? Got it! If you are wanting to take your look up a notch then take notes from Kendall Jenner’s red carpet appearance for your next after-work event. Keep the cut neat and blunt as possible. Oh, and the secret to getting straight hair that doesn’t look limp is the product. Use a pea-sized amount of shine serum such as Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil, €37,20 once hair is completely done as a gloss. A


Around the holiday season people tend to go red. Why, people? I wouldn’t personally be that drastic just for Christmas. For me it’s more about freshening up the tone, shaking a healthy mane on the work do dance floor and just being a more polished version of yourself. You don’t want to lose yourself in the festivities.

 If you still don’t want to listen to me, then colour wise, I have said it before and I am saying it again - this time with an added eye roll - it’s still all about ash blonde tones and pure white is totally rocking it. Candy Crush colours are still going strong, pastel pinks, greens and blues. If you fancy being part of the rainbow hair revolution, make sure you talk to your stylist first as it takes a lot of upkeep.


We often turn to vintage beauty styles for inspiration during the holidays. Side-swept Hollywood waves is my Number One pick for family dinners, particularly if you are meeting the parents for the first time. Take inspiration from my muse (I wish!) Blake Lively, by wrapping hair around a oneinch curling iron and brushing the curls into yummy S-shaped waves.

If you are heading straight from work to your office Xmas party and a salon visit is out of the question, then the sleek pony is about to become your best friend. One of the key looks from fashion week, it will totally transform your look in under ten minutes. If your dress has an interesting detail in the back, a high ponytail will show off every minute element and, no matter your age, a satin ribbon is basically instant holiday cheer.

How fab-u-licious is this full-bodied up-do, beautifully demoed by Emma Watson? They key here is getting heaps of texture into your hair before working on the messy bun. Tong your hair all over first, and use some dry shampoo such as Redken Pillow Proof €16,88 for a matte texture.

 If you want to keep it simple then you can always book in from a blow-dry, but STAY AWAY from the big bouncy blow-dries they are soooo yesterday’s news. My clients are now asking for a look that is more about movement and less about curls.


This year all my friends and family will be getting the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Shampoo and Serum SET €48,50. One, because I can use my staff discount (oh come on - like you wouldn’t do the same!) and two, because they provide ultimate shine, softness and nourishment for all hair types. So basically I am giving them fabulous hair in a bottle. I know, I know, I am just too generous sometimes.

Christmas Gifts


 The Germaine de Capuccini GLAM gift packs start from € 45.30 and you receive a complimentary eye cream and travel size makeup remover.


 Germaine de Capuccini Mens Hydrate Cream plus complimentary Energy eye roll on €35.15 Germaine de Capuccini Age Resist serum plus complimentary Energy eye roll on € 43.35 * both come with a luxury wash bag.

All that’s left to say now is a big, fat, Merry Christmas from me and the rest of the team at Reflections. See you in 2016, BABY! All products and treatments are available from: Reflections Hair Nails & Skincare Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella + 34 902 325 324 / + 34 952 906 524

Love Life - Bettinas Kitchen




Love Life

Small Changes that make the worlf of difference

Recently I have been asked a few questions about what I eat, what makes me happy, what do I recommend… The list goes on. To be honest, happiness and wellbeing is such a personal thing. What makes me jump for joy may not be someone else’s cup of tea and vice versa.

 I have bad days and am far from perfect but have learnt some things along the way that make me look at life a little bit differently. All I can do is speak from my own experience and tell you what has made me feel better and makes me tick on a daily basis.

1.  Listen to your body: This might be an old saying but what I am trying to say is that you REALLY need to listen to your body. If you are suffering from fatigue, indigestion, mood swings… Listen up! Your body is trying to tell you that you need to make a change. Whatever your current habits are, they ain’t working!


 2. Eat less meat: Yep, I’m afraid this one can’t be avoided. Even the government of the United states, WHO and Unicef are all now saying we need to cut down our meat consumption for the sake of the environment and our current health status. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to cut it out completely - just make better choices! Go for quality versus quantity and make sure you know where your products come from and how they made it onto your dinner table. I can agree that being vegan or vegetarian isn’t for everyone but what ends up on your plate and how it get there is still within your power


 3. Pause technology: Try and have tech-free moments when you are bored. This might sound easy but try not to reach for your phone when waiting for the tube, when you are in a queue or in any moment of deliberate boredom. Don’t switch on the television just for the sake of the background noise. Wake up from mental hibernation and use your brain for what it was made for! THINK, solve, ponder and endure the company of yourself!


4.  Exercise: Yes! Everyone knows this one but trust me, muscles are not made by wishful thinking or by a magic wand… only by actual exercise! Choose an activity that you really enjoy and stick to it. It can be as simple as making sure you go for a walk everyday. Physical activity makes you feel better - it’s proven! The fact that it makes you fit is an added bonus.


5.  Take time out: Take time out from the buzz of the world - from traffic, from ‘have to’s’, from the media, from your phone, from family members that stress you out. Call it meditation, vacation, alone time - just make sure that you have time out every now and again. Whether this is on a daily basis by switching yourself off from the world for 5 minutes or by taking a holiday and relaxing for a longer period of time, it is important that at some point in our busy lives we are able to stop and just let ourselves have a moment.


6. Be Happy: This one is super important! Define and decide what makes you happy - what is your heart telling you? What makes you tick? What ignites that fire in your heart that we call love? It can be towards a person, passion, lover, friend… choose anything! Figure out what it is and do it MORE! Tell your head to stop arguing with your heart because when you do it results in happiness and that is something money can’t buy.


7.  Eat more GREENS: Yes yes, I know you must have heard this a million times before, but your parents were right and so were their parents. Veggies and fruit are filled with vitamins, fibre, minerals and the best part is that the amounts are limitless so you can eat as much of them as you want! Do not limit your intake of fruit and veggies because they are so good for you.


8. Cut out drainers: Basically, cut out all the stuff that is negative in your life. This can be people, family members, work, situations or bad habits. You always have a choice, ALWAYS! If you choose to stick with something that is draining your energy you have to deal with the consequences. Another option is to limit the negativity which means if you have an incredibly annoying relative/person/work colleague, all you need to do is limit the time that you spend with them. Start thinking about the things in your life that you do just because you feel you have to rather then because you want to. That’s a good start.


9. Self love: If you love yourself, your relationship to everything else will change. This means that if you can look at yourself in the mirror and accept yourself for who you truly are, with all your faults and say “this is who I am and I am ok with it” then you have won half of the battle already. Love and compassion towards yourself, your surroundings and all living things is some of the BEST health advice I can give and it’s a real game changer. When we can value ourselves, our capabilities and the fact that every single one of us matter and that every single thing around us matters, that is when things within us bring profound change.




  MY MOST MEMORABLE MEAL OF THIS MONTH: I have been going to Capuccino since it opened and have to say that there is no better place in Marbella to have sundowners. Not just that but recently they also added organic and vegetarian dishes to their menu! I love the Hummus with veggies and my daughter loves the pan con tomate – pricey yes but unbeatable sunsets!  


Mr.Olympia comes to Marbella

IMG 4928




By Natalie Rose Kern

British-born, Dorian Yates has won the Mr. Olympia title six consecutive times since 1992. He holds the fourth-highest number of Mr. Olympia awards of all time, ranking behind bodybuilding legends, Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney and Arnold Schwarzenegger respectively - so they don’t get much bigger (pun intended!) than him, and he is widely considered one of the top athletes in modern bodybuilding history.



I’m reading up on the formidable Dorian Yates in anticipation of our interview and yet, as his silhouette appears in the doorframe and he approaches, I am humbled by his size and stature. Nicknamed ‘The Shadow’ on

account of his tendency to appear unexpectedly at major bodybuilding contests and win, despite having remained out of the public eye for long periods beforehand, Yates reportedly avoids interviews, television publicity and has even turned down a great deal of supplement endorsement contracts and media opportunities in order to retain his privacy, as he places great value on his personal life, so I am thrilled that he has agreed to take some time to speak with me.

The statuesque physique of a man is accompanied by his stunning wife, Gal Ferreira Yates, a formidable figure in her own right, and an outstanding vision of smooth tanned skin, brawn and muscle. The couple has come to meet me in Centro Plaza, where their new gym is under construction. Wearing matching royal blue muscle hugging, fitted DY T-shirts; they are the embodiment of fitness… I feel fat.

We order green tea and as we peruse the menu, I can see that this couple is not only passionate about working out, but about healthy eating and healthy living.

That’s my objective” Dorian  tells me, “It’s not just going to be your run-of–the-mill gym, it will be a place where you can change your body, your diet, your regime… and your way of life!”


Dorian and Gal have been back and forward between the UK and Marbella for many years and have always harboured a soft spot for this part of Southern Spain. Dorian has retired from the competition world and Gal recently decided that it was time for her too to call time on her successful bodybuilding career, and so they retired (for a short while!) to sunny Marbella, home of beautiful people and sunny smiles.

It wasn’t long though before Dorian realised that there was something missing in the market – a place for people who care about their fitness, their health and their bodies to come together: a gym that offered more than the machines and the overpriced memberships and would deliver more than a twenty-minute workout twice

a week. This would be a gym where you could train, build, grow, enjoy, laugh, reinvigorate, workout, play,

enjoy, eat, socialise and live… The kind of gym that you go to – BECAUSE YOU WANT TO and not because you have to.


Dorian originates from Birmingham, England and Gal is from Brazil; they met during their competing careers and were determined to settle somewhere that met both of their needs. They fell in love with Marbella, as everyone does, for its sunshine, beaches, cosmopolitan community and positive vibe.

“It makes you feel good!” exclaims Dorian, “and it makes you want to feel good.”


    They love the weather and the outdoorsy kind of lifestyle that Marbella affords. “We’ve always trained at Plaza Gym,“ Dorian tells me, “So when  it came up for sale, I knew that this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.


There’s something about Centro Plaza that makes it feel like home. It’s a busy, bustling hive of activity. It’s the centre and meeting point for most Marbella or Puerto Banús-based expats, and whether it’s yummy mummies out to lunch or breakfasting businessmen, you know you’ll always run into someone that you know and there’s a

great energy and liveliness about this commercial centre.

...It will be a place where you can change your body,

your diet, your regime… and your way of life!

 DY Gym is going to be at the heart of that bustle and commotion. The original gym has been expanded, stripped out, and is being rebuilt into a super gym. A weightlifting, running, spinning, yoga-ing, body-rocking haven for like-minded, health-conscious Marbellís to work out, reenergize, relax and unwind.

Not only will there be the finest equipment available, (Dorian has sourced and handpicked all the freeweights and machines from all over the globe to ensure that he has the best equipment on the market) but there will also be a full cross-fit gym, a studio for classes, a spinning area, therapy and massage rooms, and a restaurant and café serving fresh, healthy and nutritious food, juices, smoothies and shakes.

DY Gym will be quite unlike anywhere else in Marbella. It will offer a complete lifestyle rather than a mere gym. “It’s going to be a place where you go to feel good. There will always be qualified trainers on hand, a wide range of classes ranging from upbeat aerobics to relaxing yoga, the most modern equipment to train with and a great and positive, fun and friendly atmosphere. On Friday nights Beachgrooves Radio will be coming direct from the gym from 7 to 11pm and it’s set to be a funky, fresh and fashionable approach to gyming.”


We take a tour of the vast gymnasium, where giant murals of Dorian have been painted from floor to ceiling and

I cannot help but be in awe of the size and striking likeness. The builders are working around the clock to get the gym open over the coming month and Dorian and Gal are excitedly busy with getting this super gym off to a flying

start. From kitting out the gym’s new café to employing the most capable and proficient trainers on the coast, they

aren’t cutting any corners.

As we meander around the extensive space and Dorian points out the various areas, explaining the design and layout of the new structure, I can envisage the new gymnasium, and despite my aversion to exercise it seems like a place that could whip me into shape and where I might actually enjoy working out.

“Don’t worry about that,” Dorian reassures me, “You’re going to love it. We’ll get you into shape in no time and you’ll be here all the time.”


I don’t know whether it’s his size and imposing demeanor, or his passion and obvious excitement about this project, but I can well believe him and am actually looking forward to getting into the gym and changing my lifestyle. Wonders will never cease!

DY GYM, Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía



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