Feel Good Factor: A Walking Tour of Healthouse

Before closing its doors for the last time five or so years ago, Las Dunas was one of the most popular luxury hotels on the Coast. Time passed and recently the hotel opened up once again, but with an entirely new focus. Being the first hotel of the global NaturHouse brand, Healthouse offers tailored programmes for weight loss, anti-ageing, anti-stress and detox. I was both intrigued and excited to be invited to take a walking tour of the pioneering Healthouse Las Dunas, which remains as spectacular as ever.

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The Hotel

For anyone stuck in the rat race of life, driving through the gates of Healthouse is like all your prayers being answered. A member of staff offers me an iced tea cocktail as I walk into the lobby and peruse the ‘Products Menu’ – on arrival at the hotel every guest selects the Naturhouse products they want in their room. “We think it is important that guests can choose the products they need during their stay, whether it is a shampoo for dry hair or an anti-wrinkle face cream,” Marketing Manager Sandra Huerga Kanzler tells me. “We prefer to offer this service rather than relying on the generic and often useless products you find in every hotel room around the world.” This, I soon realise, is Healthouse’s mantra – to create a custom made experience for each guest.

We then embark on our tour. As my host talks me through the renovations, I grasp what a colossal task the Healthouse management faced when they took over the premises. The end result is nonetheless flawless, contemporary and stylish. On the ground floor there is a spacious gym, yoga studio and several shops selling sportswear and staple food supplements, allowing guests to maintain their diet programmes after they have left the hotel. A library, complete with crushed grey velvet sofas, has also been incorporated into the layout, which plays host to the informal chats led by nutritionists and doctors for guests each evening. Space really is of the essence at the hotel; even if the House were fully booked you would never know.

The beauty of Healthouse is no more apparent than in the garden and pool area. As well as direct access to the beach, this outdoor expanse boasts a specifically designed yoga space that has uninterrupted views of the ocean and a water feature that runs from the foyer right down to the sea. We cross a large outdoor terrace where guests

can enjoy their breakfast al fresco and proceed to the restaurant. Again in an innovative twist, the kitchen and dining area is completely open so guests can view dishes being prepared by the chef and learn how to recreate them at home. The restaurant offers nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that are all in keeping with specific dietary plans. The juice, water and tea menu available is quite frankly dizzying, making each guests’ dining experience enjoyable as well as healthy.

Alongside the 55 rooms and suites available in the main part of the hotel, there are also 34 self-catering apartments, which are ideal for families. Mum can indulge in an anti-ageing programme while the children can still have a normal holiday, enjoying the pool and play area. Clearly Healthouse cater for just about every possible type of guest.

The Spa

Whichever programme you sign up for, the medical team conducts an initial consultation (including blood, urine and state of the art DEXA tests to evaluate body fat composition) to assess which treatments are most  applicable. I am shown the aquatic massage room, the sauna, steam room, tepidarium, vitality pool and hot and cold plunge pools. Most impressive of all however are the ice cave, which firms the skin and is also perfect for migraine sufferers, the salt room, which is lined by walls of Himalayan salt to detox the skin and help with insomnia and the flotarium. Offering a weightless, gravity-free sensation, one hour in this large tub apparently will make you feel like you have slept for five hours.

The Deep Marine Purifying Facial

After much deliberation over the extensive Spa Menu, I chose this treatment as I suffer from redness and blotchiness on my skin. I am treated to 50 minutes of unadulterated relaxation as my therapist cleanses, exfoliates and applies a purifying facial mask to my skin - all with products made from natural ingredients of course. The scalp massage was just the cherry on the top! Needless to say, my skin is positively glowing as I leave.

As the Healthouse team bids me farewell, I am left with a feeling of total calm. The staff simply cannot do enough to ensure each guest achieves exactly what they want from their stay. Whether you are the heavier lady who is tired of starving yourself to try and lose weight or the businessman who is burnt out from work, yet struggles to sleep at night, Healthouse can change your lifestyle or, at the very least, allow you to escape from it all for a short time. For those of you looking for a better quality lifestyle, whatever the reason, this retreat is calling your name.

Urbanización Boladilla Baja,
Crta. Marbella-Estepona km163, 500
29689 - Estepona, Málaga
Tel. +34 951 082 090
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Feel Good Factor - Pura vida at the Mind, body & spirit festival

The H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel plays host to many events throughout the year. The Mind, Body & Spirit Festival is, however, by far our favourite. The Festival inspires and amazes in equal measure, delighting enthusiasts and surprising the cynics. We snatched a bit of time with the indefatigable Jacinta Anne Hannon who has organised the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival for many years, to find out more about this unique event.

Where did the idea for the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival come from originally? I suppose I have always enjoyed learning about the human condition – the way we think, interact and function within society. When I was younger my favourite subjects at school were Biology, Philosophy and Religion, but I chose to continue to delve deeper into these subject areas following my years in education. The more aware and informed I became, the keener I was to share this knowledge and present it to the public, for everyone to experience.

For how many years has the festival been running, and how is this year’s show different? This is the 11th year of the festival at the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel. We always like to invite old favourites back as well as a large number of new participants. It keeps it varied, interesting and exciting for the public.

 How do you decide which specialists/ professionals you want as exhibitors at the show? I like to have a wide choice of mind, body and soul therapists - mediums, palmists and psychics as well as healing massage reflexologists for the body. Hypnosis, life coaching and personal empowerment for the mind experts are also on hand to offer support, advice and tips. I use the law of attraction to attract the best people in the industry to participate in the Festival.

What can a person expect from their visit to the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival? Following on from a visit to the Festival, people tell me they experience peace of mind, become more open to trusting their intuition and begin to follow their heart’s desire rather than listening to their ego. Others have told me they have a better, more positive outlook on life as a result of the festival, as well as an awakening to the fact that we are souls, engaging in a human experience. Power is the knowledge that we have choices and can create our ideal life now; we just need to believe.

What would you say to the cynics out there who perhaps see life in a more literal/ factual way? The best advice I can give is to suggest you come along to the festival; you will leave with a very different outlook. Expect to receive tips on how to improve your health, wealth and happiness, discover new technologies, calm your mind and learn how to live a more peaceful and rewarding life.

Do you have any advice for our readers so that they are not disappointed when they cannot do/see everything at the show? Yes, come early and get your ticket and programme at the entrance. Also, be sure to book an appointment with the person you feel you are attracted to. With your ticket you can go in and out of the festival throughout the day.

What tends to be the most popular stand at the festival? There is something that appeals to everyone, whether it’s a reading to pamper your soul, a massage to revitalize your body or life coaching to let go of limiting beliefs and stimulate your mind. Hypnosis is always very popular for those who need help letting go of fears, phobias and habits that no longer serve you.

The naming of the event as a ‘festival’ suggests a more interactive experience for visitors; what else is on offer aside from the stands? Alongside over 50 stands showing jewellery, crystals and health and beauty products, visitors can experience alkaline antioxidant water, enjoy healthy food, cakes and much more.

Sum up the best part of the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival in three words. Exciting, inspiring experiences.

Little more needs to be said other than go see it and believe it for yourself at 2014’s Mind, Body & Spirit Festival on 25th and 26th October at the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel.



11.30 Ashanti & Ascension by American Eve Mormino (Saturday)

11.30 Channeling Healing Vibration Dorothea Quantum Singing (Sunday)

12.00 Time Line Therapy Marion Dias Hypnosis BSc Author (Saturday)

12.00 Empower Yourself Marion Dias Hypnosis BSc Author (Sunday)

12.30 The Atlantis Mission Nollaig McKeoghan Author Atlantis Mission

1.00 Asea a revolution in holistic health Richard Waterborn (Saturday)

1.00 Voice spectrum analysis for healing Richard Waterborn (Sunday)

1.30 Sirius A Model for Living your best life Ronan Rooney

2.00 Demonstration of Mediumship David Ratcliffe-Feterston (Saturday)

2.00 Demonstration of Tarot Mercedas Lopez (Sunday)

2.30 The Intuitive Pathway to Holistic Living Bernedette Phillips (Saturday)

2.30 The Joy of Numbers Stan Phillips Numerologist (Sunday)

3.00 Kangen Alkaline Water Benefits Jim Thompson & Jacinta Hannon

3.30 Demonstration of Mediumship Anna Pearson (Saturday)

3.30 Recalibrate Your Perceptions Hollie Rolla Life Coach (Sunday)

4.00 Demonstration of Spiritual Mediumship by Jennifer Mackenzie

4.30 Intergalactic & Lemurian Healing work by Liz & Christina Berggren

5.00 Demonstration of Mediumship Wales top Psychic Lee Petulengro

5.30 How to live an abundant life Gail Nelson Snell Metaphysical teacher

6.00 Your Soul Plan Hollie Rolla Life Coach (Saturday)

6.00 Toxic House = Toxic Body & Mind Michelle Julian (Sunday)

6.30 Channeling Healing Vibration Dorothea Quantum Singing (Saturday)

6.30 Reconnection Healing with Ramon Boquera Ruiz (Sunday)

7.00 Emotional Healing with Essential Oils Michelle Julian (Saturday)

7.00 Ashanti & Ascension by American Eve Mormino (Sunday)

7.30 Psychic Clairvoyance Melita Shekinah


Feel Good Factor - Gold Standard REST AND RECREATION

ZR4V7689rIf you think that feeling – and looking good – is an important business, then why trust your wellbeing to an establishment that takes it less seriously than you?

Finca Cortesin’s spa consists of an amazing 2,200 square metres of space that includes a 25 metre heated indoor saltwater swimming pool, cold plunge pool, large gymnasium, steam baths, Finnish sauna and a snow cave (the first in Spain) which is maintained at a steady -12°C. With more and more sports professionals discovering the restorative benefits of cryotherapy chambers it’s not surprising that the snow cave is popular with those who are deadly serious about achieving maximum physical fitness.

The gym is a fantastic place, with sixmetre high ceilings and huge windows helping to create a feeling of light and space. There is plenty of equipment to help you attain maximum cardiovascular fitness.

If this all sounds a little bit hardcore for you then Spa Cortesin also offers yoga, pilates and fitness classes, which constitute the perfect excuse to learn a few more skills and meet a few new people.

Of course for many, a spa is a place where you go to be pampered and Spa Cortesin contains some fabulous treatments that range from hair removal to the divine relaxation of different types of massage and stone therapy.

Finca Cortesin is such a five-star address that you would anticipate that its spa would only use the finest products and, of course, this is exactly the case. Biologique Recherché specialises in creating natural treatments that regenerate, moisturise and improve problem skin. Containing ingredients such as seaweed extract and mint, juniper, pine and lavender oils, these wonderful creams, lotions and potions enhance the experience.

Whether you are male or female and are hoping to improve the condition of your face or body, this is the place to come.

The highly trained and experienced staff will be on hand to cater to your every need and will also be able to advise you on the best course of action, depending on what you are hoping to achieve with your visit.

There are a number of ways in which you can access all the fabulous treatments of Spa Cortesin, either by obtaining a day pass or paying a monthly or annual subscription.

Our verdict? Spa Cortesin is worth every penny!


Feel Good Factor - Liza's column: It all starts with a good foundation

Choosing the right foundation for your skin can be a daunting task. it is important to take a few points into consideration when out shopping for your next purchase.IMG 0906

A great foundation will even out your skin tone and give you the appearance of flawless skin, but you have to do it properly, otherwise you run the risk of looking like a clown. Alongside choosing the right shade and coverage for you, blending is key for any flawless effect.


If there is anything I would want you to remember from this article, it’s this: foundation or tinted moisturiser should disappear on your skin and look as if you aren’t wearing any make up at all. Foundation is meant to give an even coverage and lightly cover up any redness or unevenness without looking obvious. It should not settle into fine lines or wrinkles or highlight large pores.


When choosing a foundation it’s best to know your skin type. Foundations are formulated for oily, dry, mature, normal and sensitive skin. Keep in mind that most women’s skin types change with the weather. In winter, your skin might be dry, while in summer it becomes oily. Most commonly, skin type is ‘combination’, which means a person has an oily T-zone but drier skin everywhere else on the face. For combination skin, determine if you’re more oily or dry and go from there. Cream-to-powder bases work great for combination skin, whilst mineral foundations work well on all skin types, especially sensitive. If you suffer from oily skin, look for words like “oil-free,” “oil-control” or “mattifying” on the bottle. Ladies who suffer from dry skin should look out for moisturising foundations with “hydrating” or “moisture-rich” wording on the bottle. Foundations containing glycerin glide on easily and will help keep the skin look fresh and dewy. Try to avoid powdered foundation.


One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a foundation and ultimately finding the one that works best for you is to figure out the coverage you want from your foundation. This may be seasonal - you may choose a lighter coverage in summer (maybe consider a tinted moisturiser/liquid foundation) and in the winter opt for a heavier, creamier coverage. The shade of the foundation will change too; a light to medium foundation is great during the day and doesn’t feel heavy on the face. For a fuller coverage go for a cream based product, this will help cover up more of your skin, creating a more flawless finish to your makeup.


If you’re seeking glowing, healthy skin (and who isn’t?) your diet plays a major role. Eating good fats makes a huge difference to the appearance of your skin. There are, however, a number of foundations on the market that further help you achieve that flawless foundation finish.


An oil-free liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible. This foundation creates a softfocus effect, and is designed to meet the needs of those who prefer a medium-to-fullcoverage. It leaves your complexion with a flawless finish and is fabulous for a photo finish look - it can withstand bright or harsh lighting.

ESTEE LAUDER - Double Wear

This product is your answer to stay-in-place foundation all day and into the night. It has super oil controlling elements that prevent it from smudging or melting from summer heat and humidity. Double Wear is extremely lightweight with a medium coverage and leaves a natural sheer finish.


This has become a personal favourite of mine. It works as a protective foundation that provides a natural look but also delivers a good coverage. The texture of your skin transforms to a velvety smooth finish. It is ideal for all ages and skin types.

MAC - Face and Body

What I love most about Face and Body is the extremely light coverage it gives, although this can be built up until you reach your desired look. It is the perfect answer for ladies who want a natural, light, day look - the skinperfecting formula gives light yet poreless coverage, with a ‘barely there’ feeling. I would recommend using only a little of this product, as it goes a long way, spreading and blending well.

L’OREAL - True Match

In terms of finding the right shade for you, L’Oreal is the best! It has over 20 shades with warm, cool and neutral tones. This foundation has a silky matt texture and luminous finish. It’s very similar to Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in this respect, as it feels very pleasant on the skin. It’s fantastic for everyday use and is long lasting.

Feel Good Factor - Glowing Beauty

Your journey to rediscovering your feel-good factor begins in the heart of Puerto Banús, in the prestigious Playas del Duque. In a staggering 750 metres of space, Glow Beauty is the Coast’s spectacular new beauty centre. This one-of-a-kind sanctuary offers a stylish ambience in which you can pamper and preen yourself. High vaulted ceilings and a slick colour scheme of cream and black makes this an exclusive area dedicated to relaxation, beauty, harmony and well-being.

Glow Beauty not only takes your breath away with its appearance (every client is welcomed at a solid marble reception desk, which initiates every experience with a special something), but the centre is fitted with state-of-the-art technology and equipment that you are unlikely to find elsewhere in the region. Glow has installed the very latest facilities to accommodate the newest trends in facial and body treatments. One such treatment is Virtual Mesotherapy, which does not require the use of needles. The new form of this very popular therapy involves the use of laser and ultraviolet lighting equipment to achieve the same results. Needless to say, Glow is equipped with the tools to carry out this revolutionary new method and boasts a team of professionals specially trained in the procedure.

Added to this, Glow Beauty also stocks the most recent beauty products on the market. Nowhere else can you purchase brands such as skincare range, Dermalogica. It is almost unbelievable that, before Glow, the women of Marbella had to purchase this brand online and have it shipped into Spain. Thankfully all that is in the past now Glow Beauty is with us.

Glow should be congratulated on its fantastic team; boasting a vast amount of industry experience the professionals in charge are unfaltering in their knowledge of health and beauty. They are also multilingual and come from all parts of the world.

A virtual walking tour of the beauty centre will lead you into a large open space containing the Manicure and Pedicure area on the left, offering Shellac, Vinylux, Gel and Artistic treatments for your fingers and toes. Opposite this is the place in which all of the hair magic takes place. Hair therapies at Glow include Nutritional Treatments (Capillary Botox, BB Cream and remedies for hair loss), French Straightening and special hair-styling for that one off occasion.

But that is not all - walk through the double doors at the back of the salon and you enter a hidden sanctuary dedicated to your every need. Spacious treatment rooms, where the renowned Glow facials are carried out, line the long corridor. Some of those available include Sublime Treatment, Virtual (needle free) Mesotherapy, Photocare and Dermatology Facials. Not forgetting, of course, the decadent Gold Facial, which is also on offer. This new type of facial is fit for a queen, as your beauty technician will apply Oligo-Cellular Gold to your face, which creates a radiant, natural glow - how fitting. Body Treatments include LPG, Presotherapy, Slim Sculpt, Massages and Sub-aquatic Massage. Again, Glow Beauty keeps bang up to date with the hottest new trends in the ever-changing world of health and beauty.

The Arab Hammam provides clients with a unique retreat to a far off land with its Eastern ambience and appearance. The bronzed tiles bounce light onto the ceiling of the room, creating a magical place for you to relax and completely unwind. The five different rituals deliver freshness and clarity to your skin, allowing smoothness and glow to return, especially if the heat of the summer months has taken its toll on your complexion.

Finally, who could forget the Dora Make-Up Academy, which is soon to be launching at Glow Beauty? This will be THE place for anyone seriously wanting to pursue a career as a make-up artist, headed by the inimitable Dora, who has worked for some of the world’s leading cosmetics brands including Chanel, Dior, YSL and Estée Lauder.

Attention to every detail makes Glow a total experience whatever treatment you have chosen. It seems that when it comes to Glow Beauty, all that glitters really is gold.

Glow Beauty Centre T. 952 040 220

IMG 5787

Feel Good Factor- Bee Sting Heaven

shutterstock 156646856Courtesy of Deborah Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell has garnered a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the best beauty products in the business, but now she has gone one step further. The amazing Bee Sting Facial At Home kit is a shortcut to perfect skin – and all in the privacy of your living room.

With a client list that includes members of the Royal House of Windsor, an appointment book that would make the most dedicated workaholic feel quite faint and a range of products that have regularly earned plaudits from publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle, Deborah Mitchell has won some very high-profile converts to her range of bee venom treatments.

Since its launch, the bee sting range has been flying off the shelves, so this natty new kit is sure to prove popular with existing fans and will doubtless also create even more fanatical followers, seduced by the possibility of rejuvenating their skin at home.

Presented in a sleek and sophisticated black patent leather bag sporting Mitchell’s instantly recognisable logo, the kit includes a Bee Venom Mask, SOS Oil, Bee Venom Eyes, Bee Polish, Orange Flower Cell Renewal, New Edition Cleanser, Divine Cream and Age Defiance Cream. Most importantly, all of these products are infused with Deborah Mitchell’s patented ABEETOXIN® that will help to smooth lines and wrinkles and soften features,  creating younger looking skin.

If you only buy one skin care product this year, then make sure that it is this kit: it is just the thing to get your face in shape for the winter party season!


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