Auto Immune Disease - an environmental problem?

 JCP5416Dr Ursula Jacob addresses some of the issues in her work with patients across the world.

Are you feeling fatigued or low in energy? Are you suffering from abnormal hair loss?

All too often these symptoms result from having a dysfunctional metabolism which can be caused by a slow or under-par functioning of the thyroid, intestines or the general immune system.

The medical and scientific community recognises the impact of environmental factors in relation to these common symptoms. Chemicals that we come into contact with in our homes and in the atmosphere and heavy metals, such as those which are thought to be released by old Mercury fillings or found in the environment as a result of pollution, all have the potential to disturb our organ function, leading to autoimmune problems and/or chronic allergy problems.

In autoimmune disease, the body is working against itself as antibodies join together with normal cells, such as our immune cells, our thyroid cells and intestine or bowel cells. This can happen anywhere in our body where we have small vessels like the hands, feet, brain, bowels, skin etc. The intestinal and digestive system gets compromised and because this is the biggest immune system in an adult body, the lymph system gets “lazy” and cannot produce enough immune cells.

When the circulation and metabolism is not functioning properly the thyroid function is lowered as in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is attacked by a variety of cell and antibody-mediated immune processes.

If the skin cannot detox properly it can lead to Psoriasis and when the bowels cannot form stools or maintain a normal level of bowel flora this can result in Colitis. In extreme cases patients can develop diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure.

Many of my patients have experienced these conditions over a long period of time, sometimes for years, and being unwell with fatigue, sleeping problems, digestive problems and generally being under par has become a way of life.

There are various hypotheses about the cause of Autoimmune Disease. Genetic disposition in combination with external factors (like stress, infections, etc.), too little exposition to environmental bacteria, chronic viral infections and unfavourable environmental influences.

At our clinic we use state-of-the-art testing to investigate thoroughly the functioning of the immune system and metabolic system along with flora levels and functioning of the bowel in order to identify possible triggers. We then design an individualised treatment programme comprising targeted micronutrients, good fatty acids and natural supplements that are specifically designed to improve function and reduce chronic inflammation.

We combine that with treatments designed to reduce any pre-existing antibody imbalances, as well as detox programmes and lymphatic drainage treatments. Our services are beneficial for anyone who already has autoimmune problems or those just seeking to maximise their health and wellbeing in order to prevent disease in the future. If you would like to make an appointment or find out more, please contact:

Dr. Ursula Jacob
+ 49 (89) 46 22 95 02
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Beauty barometer- In the know



Elizabeth Arden hasn’t had a major fragrance launch since Red Door in 1989, so you can imagine the excitement when Untold hit the shelves. This parfum is a lighter, floral addition to the group and blends fruity bergamot citrus and blackcurrant, fused with white flowers like gardenia and jasmine, topped off with classic summer notes like sandalwood and patchouli. It sounds a little bizarre, but you can really pick up on the spicy scent of pink pepper at first which sets off the fruity layers of the perfume. It fades to a gentle warm scent that lingers on the skin. A modern scent for a modern woman.




MAC Cosmetics has launched its Divine Night collection. The line packs a serious punch with graphic mineralized shadows such as the frosty Exquisite Ego, Fluidline in Macroviolet, power kohls in Raven and Feline, False Lashes mascara and matching lip and nail lacquers. MAC have really got their nudes right in this range, the You’ve Got It lipstick is a lustrous nude that rocks with smokey eyes while the Flair For Finery Cremesheen Glass is a very light nude that allows enough of your own lip colour through. Once on the lip it’s pretty near ‘nude perfect.’






Henry Holland, one of London’s hottest fashions designers, has put his stamp on false nails via a collaboration with Elegant Touch. The designer has created nine sets of fashion forward falsies in his characteristically zany designs, ranging from the neon Zig Zag Stardust to the cartoonish Face Ache faces, complete with stick-on googly eyes. My personal fave has to be the Get Nailed Lettering, where you can create your own fashion slogans on your fingertips. Heart this!



Regular readers will know of my love of Front Cover Cosmetics, who produce affordable high quality kits which include everything you need to create a bang on trend look. I was actually squealing with delight when the Style Queen range landed on my doorstep. My other half just shook his head in dismay and continued watching the footie. Men! They just don’t get it. This kit really embodies our approach to ‘wardrobe basics’. Think of this as your classic white shirt, jeans and neutral underwear, the ‘go with everything’ collection - your everyday make-up essentials in one box. Complete with all the must-have Front Cover classics, including the domed baked eyeshadows, the impeccable shadowline liquid liner, mascara and lip tints and if that’s not enough there is also a selection of great quality beauty tools. Plus, you get fantastic how-to instructions inside to talk you through how to create catwalk looks.

The Beauty barometer- The Makeup Master Class


I love my job, I really do, but when one of my best friends recently quit her job as a media studies teacher because she couldn’t find her happy place and joined the circus (I am not joking) it made me think about my life. Honestly, I have never seen her happier than hanging upside down from a hoop and she really inspired me. I was never going to make such an extreme leap as she did - it’s not in my nature - but I did want to dip my toe in and learn something new.

As fate would have it, that week I stumbled across the Marbella Beauty Academy’s C.I.B.T.A.C Fashion & Photographic Makeup Level 3 course. Being a journalist who specialises in health and beauty I obviously adore makeup. In my teens I used to convince my friends to let me do makeovers on them (although using white eye shadow and pink frosted lipstick on them wasn’t one of my finer moments) and this desire has never left me.

The course includes bridal, theatre, period and fashion makeup, plus body painting, prosthetics and hair styling, but it was the fact that one of the tutors was international makeup artist Liza Mayne, that really piqued my interest. I have been lucky enough not only to see her in action on shoots, but she has also worked her magic on yours truly on a few occasions, so I personally know how talented she really is. If someone was going to teach me about makeup I wanted it to be Liza.

At the age of 32, I was worried about going ‘back to school’ again. Would I stick out like a sore thumb as the only mature student surrounded by a giggling group of 16 year-olds? Plus my other half was declaring to anyone who would listen that I was having a midlife crisis. It took my friend posting a photo on Facebook of herself flying through the air to give me the courage I needed, I picked up the phone and enrolled.

After signing up to the course I decided to write a monthly diary in SOCIETY MARBELLA, which would record everything that I have learned, allowing the readers the chance to see behind the scenes at a beauty academy. As we go to print I will have only attended two classes, both theory based, so it won’t be until the next issue that you will see me actually play with any makeup.

Last time I entered a school I was carrying a Head sports bag and a writing pad from the local newsagents. This time I arrived with a Prada handbag, Cath Kidston stationary and more pink folders than I knew what to do with; see, there are some benefits to studying later in life! I met with the principle of the academy, Giselle Beck-Davies, who immediately put me at ease. She is a glamorous mother hen who nurtures all her students, instilling confidence and self-belief. She gave me a quick tour and I was ecstatic to see that many of the students were my age or older. As the first few classes would be generic theory, all the students were thrown in together. The class was a mixture of different nationalities, from an English Mum who was learning reflexology to a thirty-something Russian, who planned to be a nail technician.

Head Tutor Jane O’Brien was in charge of teaching us the generic theory and she worked very hard to make what could be rather boring sessions fun and interactive. I do take my hat off to all of you in the beauty industry, the theory is hard work, there is so much to learn and some parts were more like a biology lesson than beauty. For example, our session on hygiene wasn’t for the faint hearted, as we had to look at over 70 types of skin disease, which left me feeling slighlty queasy. As we reached the section on parasites I turned to see the whole class scratching.

One thing the health and safety and hygiene lessons have taught me is that most salons on the Coast would be shut down if they ever received an inspection. The standard of C.I.B.T.A.C is so high that I can count on one hand the number of salons that would meet their requirements. It really makes you think about placing your trust in a beautician and I for one will from now on make sure that I am treated by a qualified therapist. Anyway I am off to do my homework now. See you next issue when I will have got my hands dirty (in a hygienic way of course, Jane!)

Personal Experiences of EMS Training

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I am a 33 year old Mum of two-year old Lucas, I enjoy working out but never manage to find the time or the long term motivation. My aim when I started training at Look Your Best was to find a way to quickly lose my “wobbly bits”, without losing weight and try to find something which can incorporate into our very busy schedule.

The idea appealed to me, as it’s just a short 20 minute session, but because of the EMS technology, you can work 90% of your muscles at once and therefore get the equivalent results of 120 minutes in the gym! It can also target problem areas such as your tummy as the muscles are working harder for longer. It also strengthens your back, which I worry about as my toddler gets heavier and heavier.

How the training works

At the start of training they give you a comprehensive body test with their clever In Body machine which tells you your BMI, muscle mass, percentage of body fat, hydration and more. This is used to set goals and showed that I needed to put on 4.1kg of muscle, but lose 1.7kg of fat.

The normal training session consists of enjoying an isotonic drink, then being given cycle shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt and socks to work out in. You are then helped into the special suits which look a bit Lara Croft (in my mind anyway) to start the workout. It’s thanks to this clever equipment that you can get such great results in such a short time, as the suit contains electrodes in all the right places to make your muscles work really hard throughout, so if you’re doing a squat, the suit is also working your arms, tummy, back etc.

The EMS feels like a strong pulse or tickle, which you can really feel working but isn’t uncomfortable. The session includes muscle building, cardio and then stretching and relaxation – a lot to pack in over 20 minutes.

This is a proper workout with a personal trainer, but those pulses really make you work a lot harder and achieve better results and the interval training nature of the class means you achieve a lot in a short amount of time. Having the personal trainer there checking you’re doing the movements properly and motivating you to keep up the intensity is really valuable and definitely helps us to get the most out of the session.

Following a shower in their spacious and pristine changing rooms, you are given a protein shake and can relax on their sofas.

We’re so busy that we haven’t been able to do the recommended 2 sessions per week. However the results are amazing, after 5 sessions split over 3 weeks I achieved:
*An increase in muscle mass from 20.5kg to 21.9kg
*A decrease in body fat from 14.4kg to 12.8kg
*A decrease in percentage body fat from 27.3% to 23.9%

That was with a lower frequency than recommended and no change to eating or activity habits – amazing!

TOP TIP - Leave at least 1 hour for your first session and 45 minutes for subsequent sessions, as although the workout itself takes 20 minutes, you need time to have your isotonic drink, get changed, get the suit on and the machine set up, plus time at the end for a much needed shower and a strengthening protein shake.

To try EMS training at Look Your Best, book their special trial for 25€, or to really see the results the Triple Trial Training for 99€ is highly recommended.

The Beauty barometer- Fitness gets personal


The summer is over, we’ve probably over-indulged on the sangria and the barbecues, and now it’s time to get back to some kind of healthy living. We’re back to work, the kids are back at school, so October is a peak month for new gym memberships here on the Costa del Sol as life slowly returns to normal. But for those who find regular gym-going a drudge, or for those who simply couldn’t think of anything worse, there’s now an alternative at hand.

We spoke to two clients about their first-hand experiences of getting into shape under the expert eye of Paul Isaacs, the Marbella-based Personal Trainer who will come to your home and give you a world-class workout in privacy and comfort.

“Like most of the best things here on the Coast, Paul Isaacs was recommended to me by a friend”, says Linda Johnstone, who’s husband, Brian, has also become a client. “I am a working mum with a busy schedule and I just didn’t fancy dragging myself to a gym each day”, says Linda, 54. “I also knew that it would be a real struggle to maintain my motivation over the longer-term. So Paul’s service has been a god-send to us both. I started sessions with Paul in February, and Brian was so impressed with the progress I was making and the comments I was getting about my new look, he soon signed up for twice-weekly sessions as well! Paul comes to our home twice a week with a variety of equipment and puts us through our paces. Being able to exercise in our own home has been amazing. There are no distractions, nobody staring at me as I work up a sweat. It’s perfect for someone like me who wants a top quality service, but in absolute privacy”.

The majority of Paul’s clients come from referrals, which is how 46-year old Nicola Martin happened upon Paul’s service. “I couldn’t resist trying it out! I have just spent the summer in Marbella, and was introduced to Paul Isaacs by my sister-in-law who is a local resident. She had been training with Paul twice a week for a while and couldn’t speak too highly of him and his methods. I am a keen ´gym-goer´ back in the UK and so was intrigued to find out what he was all about!”

Nicola trained with Paul twice a week for 6 weeks and couldn’t believe the impact he made. “I have to say he was fantastic. He adapted the work outs to push me further than I would have done on my own in the gym, each session was different, and I never knew what to expect next. Each class was hard work, but was always enjoyable and I was continually surprised with how much I could actually do when gently coaxed by Paul”.

Both Nicola and Linda are effusive in their praise of Paul. Nicola added, ”This summer I returned from my holidays feeling better than I have ever done, in better shape, and with a renewed sense of how far I can push myself in the gym when working out… all thanks to Paul, his inspiration and encouragement”.

To meet up with Paul for a FREE initial discussion and fitness appraisal - in the comfort of your own home - call +34 691 468 106 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Beauty barometer- Are We Screening or are we Detecting?


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the UK. In the UK in 2006, over 45,500 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, around 125 women a day. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women aged 34 – 54. Breast cancer has increased by more than 50% over the last 25 years. Worldwide, more than 1,000,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The question needs to be asked again, should we continue to concentrate on procedures that can only detect an existing lump, or should we be focusing on screening methods that can warn us of a pending problem, far in advance of a lump developing?


Over 800 peer-reviewed studies with over 300,000 women as study participants have demonstrated the efficacy of Thermal Breast Screening. Studies have shown that breast thermography can detect the first potential signs of a cancer up to 10 years before any other procedure. It is: Pain Free,100% Safe, No Contact, No Radiation, Non Invasive. There are no contra-indications for Thermal Imaging making it safe for pregnant women and those with implants. Equally, it is as efficient for those under the age of 50 whose breast tissue is often too dense for the more traditional detection methods.


We are aware that the body produces heat and an injury i.e. a swollen ankle or knee equals more heat. Diseased cells, e.g. cancer, usually produce much more heat in their earliest stages of development (before a tumour forms) by: * Stimulating new blood vessels to help them grow. * Re-opening unused blood vessels maintaining those blood vessels already in use. This new blood vessel formation is called Malignant Angiogenesis. With more blood flow, there is more heat. Thermal Imaging examines these “hot spots” which can be the earliest warning signs of potential cancerous activity.This activity has been shown to begin years before a tumour or a lump forms and before any warning signs can be given by other screening methods.


At best and if caught early enough, simple life style changes may halt and reverse any abnormality and at worst and again if caught early enough, you will have choices in what to do. There is no comparison or competition between Thermal Imaging and the traditional mammogram, both “looking” for different things but surely, screening that is 100% safe and can “see” abnormalities at their earliest stages rather than lump detection is where we should be focusing? Every abnormality is not necessarily cancer but every cancer starts as an abnormality. Why wait?

For more information, contact The Bodyworks Health Clinic on + 34 952 883 151 or visit

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