The Beauty barometer- Bringing Back The Facial


Nestled within the prestigious Los Naranjos Golf Club lies the Pure Skin Beauty Room, an Aladdin’s cave for anyone who cares about skincare. Owner and self confessed skin care addict Sofia Saide explains where she draws her inspiration for providing a quality facial.

“Almost 30 years ago, when I started as a trainee beauty therapist, I immediately realized the importance of looking after your skin. Most clients were middle aged and what amazed me was how wonderful their skin was. Don’t forget this was in a time before botox and the only rejuvenation solution was to go under the knife! What did these women have in common? They came for regular monthly facials and followed a meticulous skincare regime at home recommended by their beauty therapist.

For the last decade it seems that this ritual has been put aside and replaced by regular quick fixes, so when I started Pure Skin, my mission was to bring back the facial. After all you can have your skin, cut, injected and pulled and stretched, but you will still have the same skin and if the quality of your skin is good to start with, it will enhance any procedure you have done.

Luckily it seems the tide is turning, thanks mainly to many celebrities coming forward with their skincare secrets. Some do opt for surgical procedures but they ALL have regular facials and a strict home-care regime. There are many fad facials around and many provide amazing results, but the main foundations of a good facial remains the same; a thorough cleanse and exfoliation. At Pure Skin we use four different types of exfoliation, which we combine according to the clients’ needs. This is followed by a bespoke steam, extraction and facial massage. Now the skin is primed, whichever treatment we apply next, be it oxygen infusion, ultrasonic or a series of treatment masks, will produce much better results.

So what are the foundations of a good home-care regime? Our advice is the same for everyone and this is something I learnt in NYC when I went to train with renowned facialist Ling Chan; cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, treat and protect. As to which products to use, this will vary for each person. We work with three different ranges at the moment and our recommendation may be with one range or to mix it up.

I have been very fortunate to have Clare Louise on our team; she is a qualified NVQ therapist with 15 years experience in the beauty therapy arena, a diploma in holistic therapies and has worked in five-star spas on cruise ships. We regularly work together, perfecting and tweaking our treatments to provide the best facial experience we can.”

Pure Skin Beauty, Tel. + 34 951 134 983 / + 34 661 279 575 at The Wellness Studio Los Naranjos Golf Club

The Beauty barometer- Promoting Wellbeing - The smart way with Dr. Ursula Jacob



As a general practitioner I have worked for many years with patients suffering from different kinds of chronic diseases, especially cancer patients during all the stages of their illness.

In the beginning I was only seeing latestage cancer patients. The challenge was to figure out how best to help them without creating more problems for their already depleted immune systems. That inspired us to start working with specialist labs and colleagues who use the very latest testing procedures to identify which interventions would work best for each individual patient.

For more than 20 years now I have been using chemosensitivity testing to identify which chemotherapy drugs and natural substances can work best for an individual’s cancer. Tests were carried out on cancer tissue directly and, for around the last 10 years, through isolating tumour cells that circulate in the blood.

From these tests we can obtain a unique, personalised picture of the patient and how their particular cancer is developing and we can offer individual therapies. This means that the patient has a more effective treatment, with fewer side effects.

Alongside this technology, we developed specific immune testing to find out how we could stabilize and strengthen the patient’s immune system. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can lead to further problems in different organs of the body so we work with patients to detox the liver, build up bowl-flora, help to support the nervous system and increase overall wellbeing.

These days I also have patients coming to me with other chronic problems, which have nothing to do with cancer, such as neurological diseases, chronic fatigue, and internal problems as well as patients who want to embark upon prevention methods because they belong to high-risk groups or have historic familiar problems.

Patients who already have diabetes, allergies, autoimmune problems, heart problems, etc. want to have detailed tests to determine the best courses of treatment. This has been a big growth area for us, since we have achieved such good outcomes in chronically ill patients with the personalised testing and individualised treatment programmes.

The same tests are also used to help patients with many of the diseases that come with age such as Alzheimer’s or are due to environmental problems, pollution or lifestyle and which affect the immune system and metabolic system.

We have been working for a long time with clients from Marbella and have developed collaborative relationships with colleagues there so that we can follow up our therapies and offer a complete service as well as individual follow-up programmes for clients at home.

We can travel to see clients in Marbella for the first consultation and to take blood samples and, depending on the outcome, they visit the clinic in Munich or get a treatment programme to follow at home.

Also in Marbella we are able to offer physiotherapy, massage, detox, lymphatic drainage, nutritional advice as well as ‘inner and outer anti-aging’ since this conforms with our philosophy for proper prevention and long-term wellbeing.

The services that we offer are beneficial for patients who already have chronic internal problems, clients who belong to risk groups or have family histories and those who want optimal prevention.

If you would like to make an appointment or find out more, please contact: Dr. Ursula Jacob
+ 49 (89) 46 22 95 02
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


in the KNOW - The Beauty Barometer

Stock up your make-up bag and beauty cabinet with beauty expert, Nicola McGeorge’s must have, trend-savvy products.

clinique-stickSTYLE STAPLE
I've been a lover of Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm Sticks since they launched. They are such an easy way to get colour in a balmy formula, which keeps my lips soft and hydrated throughout the day. Chubbys combine the ‘good for you’ benefits and sheer colour of a lip balm with the ease and convenience of a pencil, plus they never need a sharpener because they swivel up from the bottom – like a traditional balm. My ‘go to’ colours are the Mighty Mimosa, a delicious dewy pink and the Oversized Orange which although looks alarmingly bright on the tube, actually just adds a soft tangerine tinge to your lips. They are a TOTAL handbag essential!

Revlon’s latest collection, ‘Evening Opulence’ features a palette of rich purples and deep emeralds for the eyes and glistening plum and fuchsia for the lips. This product line is a must-have for creating the sleek and sophisticated evening looks seen on the Autumn/Winter ‘13 catwalks. I having been rocking statement pink lips with their totally pout-a-licious ColorBurst Lipgloss in Adorned and I heart their Nail Enamel in glistening gold which gives such a luxury finish it looks more like a nail wrap than a polish.

The best BB creams promise to cut your a.m. beauty routine in half and Origins A Perfect World-tasking BB cream provides lightweight coverage that acts as a primer, moisturiser and foundation all wrapped up in one handy tube. Containing White Tea, which helps boost the skin’s natural defences and fight off the damaging effects of pollution, this BB cream also hydrates the skin for up to eight hours. It by no means covers the skin, but it does somehow manage to soften everything out and afterwards my skin just needed a touch of concealer under the eyes and on my pigmentation. Personally, I prefer a little more coverage, however if you have good skin that needs just a little helping hand, this would be ideal for you.

Regular readers will know about my peculiar eyebrow obsession. When I lived in London I used to visit the brow guru, Shavata, so that she could work her threading magic. Now that I live in Marbella it is obviously a bit extreme to fly to London just to get my eyebrows shaped, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to find out that Shavata has now created her own Eyebrow Stencils. Containing four different shapes, this kit helps you create the perfect arch every time by either filling in or tweezing around the stencil. I love the Kylie shape, (the Liz, named after Miss Hurley is a bit too thin and b***h-like for me.) Now all I have to do is just stick the stencils to my forehead, fill in the shape with a double-ended brow pencil and I have the sleekest, most perfectly groomed arches.

It launched in Asia first, but has finally found its way across the continents; yes, Chanel’s CC Cream is finally here. BB and CC creams are not going away anytime soon, so you are going to have to get used to my regular reviews on the latest launches. I promise you that once you find your perfect match they will become your musthave makeup staple. With hyaluronic acid, SPF 30 and colour-correcting pigments, this CC cream bridges the gap between skincare and make-up. I advise you to build up the layers lightly until you get the require coverage. Don’t follow my lead and slap a load on, only for your partner to take one look at you and ask what on earth you have done to yourself. Used correctly it leaves a natural, flawless finish.

The Beauty barometer- The Ultimate Performance


Look Your Best introduces EMS Technology to Puerto Banús, a High- Tech Training Method for better health, improved quality of life and surprising results

Look Your Best fitness and lifestyle studio opened in Puerto Banús in August to bring a highly effective personalized training method, which uses smart technology to deliver the best results, to the Costa del Sol. This exclusive studio, which is situated close to El Corte Inglés offers fast, targeted, effective personal training. It combines muscular stimulation technology (EMS), a gentle and bespoke 20- minute workout and nutritional advice for maximum results. Just one 20-minute session is equivalent to 90 to 120 minutes in the gym, so it saves time, reduces impact on joints, activates muscles and makes clients feel great.

Research shows that this training is significantly more effective than a conventional fitness workout, because the impulse stimulation, combined with exercise, activates 90 per cent of muscles. Without straining tendons or joints, amazing results can be achieved no matter what the age, fitness level or health of the individual. EMS technology can be tailored to the goals of the individual, such as to burn calories and lose weight, reduce cellulite or improve endurance and strength for peak sporting performance. Studies have also shown that it is an effective way to combat back pain, help people to recover from injury, treat incontinence and it has even been used to help cardiac patients regenerate muscle and significantly improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

Look Your Best has brought together a combination of this cutting edge technology, highly qualified trainers and an exclusive environment to help people achieve their goals, safely and with maximum privacy.


EMS is a method of stimulating muscles using light and painless electric impulses. It has been in development for over 100 years for the rehabilitation of patients after injury and illness to allow muscle building with limited movement.

This was later applied to professional sports to allow elite athletes to improve their performance and now it has been combined with personal training and effective exercises for the best results to date.

How does it work?

It replicates the natural principal of our central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to control our muscle action and applies it to training for fitness and health.

Electrodes, in a comfortable and easy to use body suit, activate more than 300 muscles simultaneously, including the hard to reach deep muscle layer, which protects our skeleton and improves stability. Whilst this is happening a personal trainer guides you through low-impact exercises for highly effective training results in a short time. The trainer controls each muscle group and the intensity of training according to individual goals.

It is very effective, as 90 per cent of the muscles are activated simultaneously and the muscle contractions are more intense than can be achieved through exercise alone. The agonist and antagonist muscles work simultaneously and deeper muscle groups are stimulated.

Look Your Best is located in Calle Ramon Areces, Marina Banús, Edificio III Local 3, Puerto Banús and offers 25€ trial sessions for the launch period. For bookings or more information please visit:

The Beauty barometer- Mind Body & Spirit Festival


26th & 27th October 2013

H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel Marbella


Last year was my first Mind, Body and Spirit Festival experience. All I can say is – wow! Eight hours later I was still chatting away and had to be dragged out by my other half, who thought I had been kidnapped. Not only did I learn so much from the talks and exhibitors but I also met some truly amazing and inspirational people who have so much to give others. Here is a snapshot of my time at the show.

Within five minutes of arriving, the beautiful Michelle Julian, from Young Living Oils, came over to give me a hug, realised I had lost my voice and began concocting a magic potion of oils to speed up my recovery. While applying this to my throat area, Grant Foster, the International Sports Massage Therapist, tapped me on the shoulder and wanted to know why I was feeling so stressed. I explained that I was run down and spending way too much time slumped over the computer, so he showed me some exercises and stretches to help with my posture. What I would have given for a massage right there and then, but there was no chance; Grant already had back-toback appointments. This was no surprise, since this man has been known to have a two-week waiting list. On the next stand I bumped into a friend who had specifically come to the show for a reading with medium David Ratcliffe- Feterston and psychic Mark Bajerski, but was disappointed to find that both of them were completely full for the two days. Mental note - arrive early next year and book appointments right away. Now remember, I have only been here for half an hour.

I managed to visit two more stands before spotting Elsebeth from ENN Care,who was very excited about her new products from LifeWave. She slapped a patch on my shoulder to increase my energy and told me to come back in half an hour and let me know how I felt. I caught Phil Speirs from La Chispa magazine laughing at me. He wanted to know what was stuck to my shoulder and we soon got chatting and moved onto one of my favourite topics - organic produce. He reeled off a list of great contacts and advice on how to get organic fruit and veg direct from the farms.

Time for a quick refreshment break and then I made my way over to introduce myself to the medium David Ratcliffe- Feterston and his stunning wife, Dawn. David was in the middle of a quick break, so he invited me to sit down for a chat. After a few minutes of small talk he said, “I am not doing a reading for you, it is too soon as I know you have just lost your father.” I promptly burst into tears. I hadn’t mentioned anything about a reading. Dawn sat cuddling me while David told me things he could never have known. How did he know that I was born three days late? That my Mum’s best friend is called Joan? That my father pulled his drip out during his last days, causing havoc for the nurses? That he was now with his youngest brother Jim? That my father was always clean shaven and prided himself on this,yet the nurses had only half shaved him while in hospital and he didn’t like that at all? Whether you believe in it or not, I have never experienced anything like it. David wouldn’t take any money from me and to this day his says it was not a reading, but when I was ready I could come back.

I made my way to the bathroom to sort myself out and ran into the amazing festival presenter and organiser, Jacinta Anne Hannon, who took one look at me and asked if I had been to see David? What is it with these people? Please note at this point I hadn’t paid anyone a penny other than my entrance ticket. This is what this show is about; bringing caring, like-minded people together to help others for the greater good. So, you can imagine how much I am really looking forward to this year’s show.

To understand more about the festival I caught up with Jacinta who, as usual, is organising the event. She originally started the exhibition to bring together people interested in the more esoteric aspects of physical, mental and psychic well-being and thereby raise awareness. She wanted to empower people and encourage them to lead a happier, more peaceful and healthier life: “It really is what I love to do,” sheexplains. “My soul’s purpose really and I use the law of attraction to attract the right people to the festival.”

Jacinta was raised as a Catholic and, at the tender age of 11, she managed to get her hands on few books that could change her life. These were The Power of Positive Thinking and Creative Visualization. “They resonated with me, and that set me on the path of helping and being of service to people,” she recalls. “I live from the heart rather than the ego and I love to help people to do the same. It is very rewarding for me and I feel that I am living a life that has a purpose.” With the show growing more successful each year in the wake of the alternative health industry, I wanted to know what Jacinta’s views were.

“More and more people are awakening to the reality that we are spiritual energy beings of love and light having a human experience. We are co-creators of our lives with divine intelligence.

When a negative thought comes to my mind I say ‘cancel, clear, delete’ and when negative things happen - as they do - I say ‘behind this challenge is a glorious gift.’ It works every time. We come together because we are open to peace, love and harmony for one and all; together we make a difference.” At this year’s show you will find over 50 exhibitors, from international mediums, healers, psychics and tarot readers to unique jewellery stalls, books, nutritional therapists, health food products and much more. You can take your pick from 18 expert inspirational speakers who will be giving talks and demonstrations every half hour on topics such as spiritual mediumship, healing, nutrition, psychic and self development.

“We always have a variety of new readers, healers and products,” Jacinta adds. “For example, Marion Dias, author of ‘Why Did the Cancer Disappear?’, award-winning Welsh psychic medium, Lee Petulengro and an animal healer, Jennifer McCann. We also have coloured bracelets this year instead of tickets.”

What else might take your fancy? International mediums, healers and psychics Jennifer Mackenzie, David Ratcliffe- Feterston, Mark Bajerski, Doire O’Sullivan Trish Doyle, Lee Petulengro will be available to connect and pass messages to you from guides and loved ones that have passed on. Hear Southern Ireland’s top medium, Trish Doyle and Wales’s award winning psychic, pure Romany gypsy Lee Petulengro give demonstrations - they will also be available for private readings. Talk to Inge the animal communicator about your pets’ bad behaviour or have a free spinal check with Dr Mark Lane. Mark Bajerski will be organising a group on Flower Healing Ritual - or how about enjoying a relaxing massage with Grant Foster? Thinking about trying reflexology? Carol Stone will be on hand to pamper your tootsies and you can learn about Raindrop Therapy and the benefits of raw food with Michelle Julian, receive a Palm Reading from Gilly Jaxson and find out about healing with Christina and Liz Berggren. Eve York Mormino will introduce the concept of The Ascension, Joan Lopies teaches Crystal Healing & Angel Messages and author Marion Dias will give a talk on the subject of her book, Why Did the Cancer Disappear? Enjoy some Persian music and Rumi’s Discoveries on the Majestic Path of Love by Silvana Locolli and Taha Delphani, Persian Poet. Be inspired by Mei Flynn and You Can Heal Your Life or the What is Point of Consciousness? meditation by Daghda MacCuilahan. There truly is something for everyone, with a vast array of health and beauty products, food, cakes, chocolate, oils, juice, crystals, jewellery and unique gifts.

At this show you can always expect the unexpected. “Last year a man was in a demonstration area”, remembers Jacinta. “I took a photo and when I zoomed into the picture I could see this huge orb next to him. It was only after the show that he told me he is an energy healer. It is amazing.”

Festival Presenter & Organiser Jacinta Anne Hannon
Tel. 952 816 913 M. 670 628 468



Marion Dias is a certified trainer and master practitioner of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy™ and instructor and practitioner of Energy Healing including Reiki, Hawaiian Huna, Re-connective Healing, Chi-Lel qi gong and Thought Field Therapy (EFT). How can a cancer that has spread and had needed urgent treatment, according to the doctors, simply disappear? In an attempt to answer this question Marion wrote the book, Why Did The Cancer Disappear? Author: Marion Dias BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis, Certified Trainer NLP Hypnosis TLT. Marion will be giving talks based on her book at the festival at 4.30 pm each day. She will be sharing her experience and emphasising the need for each of us to take responsibility for our health and wellbeing and, in the event of any illness, to participate fully in the treatment and healing process. She believes that the cancer was a gift and a huge learning opportunity for her (although she is committed to finding a better way of learning in the future!) Marion believes that each human being is unique and has the resources and the power to heal deep within them - but believing this and knowing how to access and use them is the key. Marion says: “My aim is to help you rediscover the powerful resources that are within you and to provide ideas and easy practical processes and coping strategies to help you make the changes you want for a more fulfilling life”. She will briefly discuss the processes she used during the short talk. If you wish to find out more about this and the self healing and empowerment workshops and retreats she runs here in Spain, you can talk to her or contact her at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


International Psychic Medium & Healer

David Ratcliffe-Feterston has been an International Psychic Medium and Healer for over fifteen years. David currently demonstrates andteaches psychic development and all aspects of healing throughout the U.K, Spain and Europe. He has built a worldwide reputation for the quality, accuracy and depth of his psychic readings and effectiveness of his healing. David is now working throughout the Costa del Sol since opening the Healing Studio earlier this year.

David is available for a one to one reading via the telephone or at his healing studio ten minutes from Marbella. It is there that people come from all over the world for healing and to seek answers from the spirit world and contact departed loved ones through David’s mediumistic readings and witness “That Love, like life, never dies.” Many people feel wonderfully uplifted and experience the healing love of contact with the spirit world. For those who cannot travel David can schedule private telephone readings, or why not organise a special psychic experience with David and four of your friends in the comfort of your own home. Tel. 646 463 002


The multi-talented Michelle Julian will be on hand to help you in your journey towards health and self-discovery. Do you know that essential oils are natural medicine? Historically, essential oils have played a prominent role in everyday life. With more than 200 references to aromatics, incense, and ointments throughout the Bible, essential oils are used for anointing and healing the sick. Today, essential oils are also used in aromatherapy, massage therapy, emotional wellness, personal care, nutritional supplements, household solutions and much more.

Michelle’s vision is to incorporate therapeutic essential oils with modern nutritional knowledge and other holistic therapies for complete wellness. She represents Young Living Essential Oils, the leading provider of essential oils, which offers more than 300 essential oil singles and blends. All Young Living essential oils meet the YLTG™ standard, which means that every essential oil Young Living distillation or source has the optimal naturally- occurring blend of constituents to maximise the desired effect. Only Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils should be used for the primary methods of application, which include inhalation and application. For anyone who has has a desire to lose weight, is suffering from a health crisis or is simply inspired to embrace a healthier lifestyle, Michelle runs regular raw food workshops which you can enquire about at the show. A qualified nutritionist, raw food trainer and award-winning restaurateur, Michelle knows a thing or two about food. The best meals are fresh from nature, simply prepared and locally sourced. Michelle will show you how easy it is to make healthy food that you will look forward to eating. Her raw food classes will give you the confidence and skills to incorporate raw food into your daily life, your family meals or even when entertaining at home. If you want to embrace a healthier way of life, Michelle will provide you with the tools to get you there.
Michelle Julian
Tel. 695 845 416
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Beauty barometer- Art Deco Glam


The 1920s are back in a big way, thanks to the new production of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. With most of Hollywood adapting this roaring style, it wasn’t long before the trend filtered through to the wedding world. This month, Wood Salon has created a bridal up-do, which is the
perfect marriage between modern and romantic, the ultimate chic choice for a flapper-inspired affair. 

The bride, Kirsty, has been a regular client at Wood Salon for years. “ I have lived all over the place,” she confesses. “However, Zoe Woods is the only hair stylist who truly understands my hair and she actually listens to what her clients want. My hair is very thick and unruly, but with Zoe’s unique cutting and colouring skills she has actually transformed my mane into something to be proud of.”

When it came to planning her wedding, there wasn’t any doubt in her mind that the team at Woods would be in charge of her bridal hairstyle. Although Zoe would be colouring and cutting Kirsty’s hair before the big day, the up-do was going to be in the hands of the very experienced bridal
hair stylist, Myra.

“It is my job to create a hairstyle that reflects our client’s personality and ties in with the overall look and feel of their day,” explains Myra. “I always ask to see the dress before I start planning anything. Even if it’s just a hairstyle for a night out, I prefer to see the dress. I take into account the texture of the fabric, the style statement the dress is making and then add the client’s personality into the mixture.”

Kirsty has decided on a 1920’s theme and, being a bit of a rebel bride, she wanted to leave her hair down for her big day. “Myra pointed out straight away that if we factored in the heat and how heavy my hair is, having my hair down would be a disaster. Plus once she had seen the dress she was adamant that only an up-do would work. I, of course, listened to her expert advice and left it in her very capable hands.”

“Then, as the hairdresser, this is the point when I take over,” adds Myra. “I know the theme, have seen the dress, so I can now start to plan the look. With the fact that I had to incorporate vintage hair slides and make sure that the antique earrings were also on show, it really was a dream job for me. I loved the process from start to finish.”

The Woods team always creates three looks for a bridal trial however, with Myra nailing the look on the first go, Kirsty didn’t want to see any other options. It was perfect, everything she had hoped for. The final result was a sleek, old Hollywood style, which was seriously swoon-worthy. With loose fingerwaves gently framing her face, Kirsty was soon channeling a 1920s screen siren. The timeless and elegant wedding hairstyle was perfectly complemented by the Art Deco-inspired hairpiece. Myra added a final twist by incorporating a plait into the hairstyle for a more romantic look.

“I have to say, forget the dress - it was my hair which was the talking point on the day,” admits Kirsty. “Even the male guests were commenting on it. My hair was definitely one of my wedding day highlights.” Kirsty rocked her interpretation of a ‘20s style and it was a total roaring success.

Wood Salon 
Tel: 952 771 791/ 645 089 399

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