Feel Good Factor- Pamper days

AmandaISSUE ISSUUUFinal20As a huge fan of pampering, you can imagine how excited I was when I got the chance to sample the delights of The Ocean Spa at The El Oceano Beach Hotel and who am I to turn that down? To get a male point of view, I dragged, my other half with me. If the truth be known he didn’t need much persuading. The Ocean Spa, which is privately owned and operated, is an oasis of tranquil luxury, where the guests’ comfort and satisfaction is paramount.

Feel Good Factor - Seeing the Light

QMAX Marbella offers the most technically advanced laser treatments, guaranteed to enhance your natural beauty while also tackling specific issues.


QMAX Marbella, a name you can trust, offers laser for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne clearance and many other skin-care and cosmetic procedures. With over 14 years’ experience in the industry, QMAX Marbella director Sara Saide’s main aim is to ensure that her clients are given the right advice and care to achieve the very best results. Her knack for making people feel comfortable about their choices and her high standards of treatments, keeps her clinic at the level of success it holds today.

Feel Good Factor - Pampered to Perfection

Pampered-to-perfection-IIBeauty therapist Judith Robinson, owner of The Beauty Room San Pedro, combines all of her experience to create effective, bespoke treatments that yield immediate results, thus setting her apart from the ‘facialist’ pack. She offers a wide variety of salon, spa and aesthetic treatments to suit all ages and budgets

Those in the know book in to see Judith every month for her bespoke approach. Her sound advice, amazing massage technique and down-to-earth demeanor guarantee results and have her clients coming back for more. “I believes in tailoring each facial and massage to he clients’ specific needs, carefully selecting the right products to achieve the desired result,” she explained.

Feel Good Factor - Who needs Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?


Aging takes a toll on the body. Weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and low libido are just a few examples of the common symptoms of aging that should not be brushed off as a simple ‘fact of life.’

Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for You?

It is inevitable that every human being will experience a gradual decline in their health as they age and are exposed to a multitude of toxins. These factors contribute to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, adverse conditions and notable changes in the body – including menopause and perimenopause in women and andropause in men. Over the course of a lifetime, aging and toxic exposures cause a natural decline of hormones and the responses to these declines vary from person to person. Genetics, along with lifestyle choices such as personal habits, dietary intake and physical activity, play a role in your exposure and how well your body functions as you experience the aging process.

Feel Good Factor - Tips from a Trainer

AmandaISSUE ISSUUUFinal12With Easter upon us, our resident fitness and nutrition expert, Paul Isaacs, looks at ways that we can stay focused on our healthy eating plans.

Let’s be honest. It’s tricky for most of us to stick to a bog-standard healthy eating plan, let alone a full-blown ‘diet’, where the obsession with counting calories or adding up points can be all-consuming. Discipline and temptation are the two biggest factors that stand in the way of success.

Feel Good Factor - Tips from a Trainer

Our resident fitness and nutrition expert, Paul Isaacs, looks at how we can overcome our dread of exercise to kick-start a new fitness regime that really delivers results.

Tips-from-a-trainerTwo of the key parts of my job are managing clients’ expectations and helping them to set achievable goals. Most of us are unrealistic when we set out to make changes to our fitness or nutrition patterns. Some of us simply don’t believe that we can ever make any significant progress and we get into the habit of using this ‘defence mechanism’ to sabotage our chances of success,
while some of us simply expect too much too soon. This too is normally unrealistic. We can all dig out old photographs of ourselves at the age of 21 and in the best shape of our lives as a benchmark for how we would like to look, but if we are now in our 40s or 50s, can we seriously expect to effectively recapture the same body shape of someone half our age?

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