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Welcome to your YEAR

The start of every new year brings the promise of an unwritten story, a new adventure. Twelve months, 52 weeks and 365 days lie before us waiting to be filled with love, laughter and happy memories. But first and foremost, it is important that you set an internal balance within, body and mind so that they can function in complete harmony.

Most people share the same resolution at the beginning of each year: “Go to the gym”. Even if we start with the best intentions, the gym is usually forgotten about by the end of January. At Glow Wellness & Fitness, we have the best formula to avoid this happening and here we share with you our 10 simple steps so you can achieve all of your New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Be realistic

Don’t set yourself an impossible goal like going to the gym seven days a week. Our schedule at Glow is very flexible; we have many class options to accommodate any lifestyle. Start with a couple of days a week, anything more is a bonus!

2. Surround yourself with professionals

Health must be always a priority, so you should always put yourself in the hands of people you trust. At Glow we have the best trainers in each specialist area and we work with renowned, award winning professionals. Here, you’ll find the people who will help you to achieve your goal.

3. Be part of a team

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. We would love you to come with your friends or family. There are plenty of activities for groups as well as individuals.

4. Freshen up your wardrobe

If you are embracing a new routine and a new way of life you will also need new clothes! Select the outfits that suit your body type and that make you feel comfortable. Come and see our exclusive boutique at Glow for outfit ideas, we only work with the highest quality materials and designs.

IMG 54345. Have fun

Take “gym time” as a moment just for yourself, disconnected from work, phone and stress.

6. Dare to be different

Participate in activities you’ve never tried before - belly dancing, flamenco, hiphop, zumba… Get out of your comfort zone, have fun and learn while you’re at it!

7. Refuel!

 After all the calories consumed throughout the Christmas period, you will need a foamy cappuccino, a fresh juice or a bowl of seasonal fruits. Enjoy all of these tasty, nutritious options at Glow Café.

8. Reward yourself

Be submerged in one of our hydro-massage bathtubs or have a relaxing hour-long massage. We have the most exclusive treatments to spoil you after your hard training.

9. Share your experience

Glow Fitness is a big family and we are always connected through our social media accounts. Share your moments with our community: check in via Face-book or Instagram a photo of your post-work out proud face!

10. Be Happy!

The simplest and most important advice of all is to look for the happy moments in every step you take and every goal you achieve.

The Glow Team  



Feel Good Factor - For all your beauty needs this Christmas - Reflections Hair, Nails & Skincare

Redken Blonde_Idol_Yanay_City_CMYK_300DPI_Large

With an array of the finest hair and beauty treatments Reflections Hair, Nails & Skincare Salon can take care of you from head to toe. 

‘Tis the season to stress. Not only are we expected to arrange everything from decorating the tree to roasting the turkey but the pressure is also on to look fabulous every step of the way. You need a bouncy blow-dry for the works do, you want bang on trend cherry red nails for the girls’ festive drinks and you would LOVE a facial to combat the effects of those one too many eggnogs - how on earth are you going to fit it all in? Take a deep breath and relax – Reflections caters for women on the go and will have you looking party-pretty in no time.


Reflections offers an indulgent combination of superlative creative hair styling and the very best well-being treatments. It always stays ahead of the curve by sourcing the best techniques and products, new and old, from around the world. Anti-ageing facials, muscle melting massages, Jessica luxury manicures, radiance boosting Redken hair treatments, bespoke colour and cutting services - drooling yet?


Showing how Reflections refuses to diminish and fade away due to other new salon kids on the block (the team will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year and, in Marbella, that is saying something),

the salon has recently undergone a face lift. Due to numerous requests from clients wanting their hair and beauty treatments done at the same time, the salon has moved everything under one roof.


Reflections has recently welcomed two more members to its talented team. Paul MacFarlane, an Essex lad through and through, guarantees excellence from his cut and styling to colour and conditioning.

He already had a loyal following from his time at The English Cut, and his confident and personable manner has made him very popular indeed with the clients.

If you have been trying to track down your favourite stylist from Lorena Morlote, then look no further. Alex Hecquet, who is fluent in French, Spanish and English, is known for his long-lasting blow-dries. His ever growing male clientele adores his style of cutting and he is brilliant with children, putting them at ease before working his magic.


Get ready for a stampede; celebrity hair colourist, Jonathan Yeadon and the finest hair cutter on the Coast, Gerry Tona have now turned their hands to hair extensions.

“We have been trying to find a great extensions technician for a while, so finally Gerry and I decided to bite the bullet and take it on ourselves and I am so glad we did,” admits Jonathan. “Now that I have trained in Great Lengths I can’t believe it has taken me so long to jump on-board. Being a colour specialist I can blend and match colours to make it look completely natural.” 

“I was getting frustrated when trying to create the perfect style for my clients but being limited by their hair density, so for me this is a match made in heaven,” explains Gerry. “With my precision cutting skills I can blend the extensions into the natural hair so that you won’t be able to tell it’s not their own hair.” 

If you fancy a new look for Xmas you better book in fast because there is going to be a HUGE waiting list for this talented duo.


Reflections stocks the chicest beauty gifts to give - and request - this season. The latest addition is the Germaine de Capuccini skincare line, whose prestigious formulas are packed full of active ingredients. Their Timexpert Lift Gift Set is flying off the shelves and it’s no wonder why. Purchase the Timexpert Lift Perfect Volume Emulsion and receive the Timexpert Lift Eye Contour Cream (15ml) and Bi-Phase Make-up Remover Lotion (50ml) FREE. This Diamond Collection comes beautifully boxed, retails at 56€ but is worth 106€, saving you over 50€.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Reflections Hair, Nails & Skin Care Salon


Feel Good Factor - Holiday Ideas by Liza Mayne


Under the Mistletoe

Tis the season to shine so add a metallic eye shadow for the ultimate party look. Try Urban Decay in Half Baked for extra festive sparkle.

Pop the lips with vibrant colours such as DuWop’s Private Red for those under the mistletoe moments.

Let it Snow

Use highlighting and contouring techniques to create a glam, pearlised look. Use Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette to emphasise the cheekbones.

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Mix two bold colours together for a dramatic look. Try Mac Caliente.

Make a statement wearing the perfect red lipstick!

Feel Good Factor - The New 'It' Celebrity Treatment


The Vampire Facial

Why Botox is so 2014

Most people’s immediate response when confronted with a photograph of a face covered in human blood would be to scream and run away. When that person’s face belongs to global style icon Kim Kardashian, everyone wants to know what she is doing and where they can get one.

I’m personally not the biggest fan of the new Mrs Kanye West but if there is one thing I can credit the celebrity for it’s her ability to look so flawless 24/7. Well, I have news for you - I know her secret.

Those of you who regularly peruse Kim K’s Instagram account, will know she is partial to the ‘it’ skincare treatment of the year – The Nytox Vampire Facial. Admittedly, it does not sound too appealing, which is why I jumped at the chance to watch the procedure being carried out at new cosmetic clinic, Aesthetic Solutions Spain.

Lisa Doran, top of her game in aesthetic procedures and one of Europe’s leading scalp micropigmentation specialists, has recently opened up a brand new clinic. Located next to the Top Car garage, just outside Puerto Banús, this chic clinic is light, bright and contains a subtle touch of glamour. The Vampire Facial is just one of the many services offered here, as well as tattoo, scar and burns removal, scalp micropigmentation and cosmetic eyebrow tattooing.

The Vampire Facial basically involves the removal of plasma from the body and its reapplication to the face. The treatment began with Lisa taking some blood from the female 50-year-old client who lies on a bed in one of two state-of-the-art treatment rooms at the Clinic. “I have Botox probably twice a year”, she tells me when I ask her why she has opted for the Vampire Facial instead of other cosmetic surgery options, “but I thought I would try this out as a less toxic, potentially more effective alternative.” It’s true that many people are attracted to the Vampire Facial since it does not involve injecting external substances into the body, but uses part of one’s own blood.

Lisa places the three test tubes containing the patient’s blood into a centrifugal device. “This will separate the plasma from the rest of the blood,” says the surgeon, “It’s the plasma we want because it contains all the regenerative cells that will stimulate collagen growth in the skin and make the face look younger and more radiant”. The plasma, once massaged into the skin, also helps to improve pigmentation and scarring.

Lisa then uses  a dermaroller on the patient’s skin. This puts small pinpricks into the surface of the face to ensure the plasma and all its healing properties can penetrate the skin more deeply. This is the part of the treatment that I can imagine hurts quite a lot, but to my surprise, the patient tells us “It’s not painful, more just slightly uncomfortable. It’s creating a tingly sensation on my face”. The plasma goodness is then rubbed into the surface of the skin, which creates the signature bloody effect seen in the photos as it mixes with the tiny pricks of blood created from the dermaroller. It’s almost a bit of an anti-climax. After seeing the gory faces of those women who have tried the Vampire Facial, I must admit I envisaged something much more gruesome!

What this innovative treatment mainly has in its favour is the incredible results it generates without involving any unbearable pain or lengthy surgical procedures. Within one hour, the plasma has been rubbed onto all areas of the face and Lisa tells her patient she needs to wait six hours before washing it off.

“In many cases, results are almost immediate,” Lisa replies when I ask how long it will be before the effects start to show. “Certainly by the next day, the person should see a noticeable difference although I do recommend having the facial three times for maximum results”. The lady leaves the clinic, albeit rather sheepishly because of the scarlet face mask she dons, but quite pleased with her decision to follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and other celebrities such as Bar Rafaeli in opting for the Vampire Facial. She departs with no bruising, often an inevitability when receiving Botox and no pain, aside from a faint feeling of warmth and tingling.

Aesthetic Solutions Spain is the ONLY licensed clinic for the Nytox Vampire Facial. For a glowing start to 2015 why not get in touch with the highly professional Lisa Doran for this star studded treatment? Trust me, you’ll never look back.

Aesthetic Solutions Spain

Centro de Negocio Puerta de Banus, Local 38 Puerto Banús

Tel. 952 929 326 aestheticsolutionsspain.com

Feel Good Factor - The only way is Prenatal Yoga

prenatalWith an aching back and swollen feet, exercise might be the last thing on your mind during your pregnancy but earlier this year Mila Kunis was the latest celebrity spotted toting a yoga mat and showing off her baby bump whilst attending a pre-natal yoga class (which happened to be on her
birthday!) So what is it that makes so many expectant mothers turn to yoga?

Better sleep patterns, improved circulation, decreased stress levels and an easier labour and delivery
are just a few of the reasons attracting celebrity mums-to-be to the exercise phenomenon.

Yoga instructor Margaret Holland who teaches pre-natal yoga reveals, “The breathing and body
awareness developed through yoga helps women stay connected to their changing bodies. The gentle
stretching and postures help relieve back pain before, during, and after delivery. Plank and side-plank yoga poses will strengthen your core and back and help prevent pain from muscle contraction and posture changes. Plus poses that open your shoulders and that open and support the wrists can help alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, a common pregnancy issue.”

“Yoga is of particular benefit in the second trimester,” continued Margaret, “this is the time to take advantage of your energy and empower your healthy pregnant body by taking part in activities
that focus on strength and wellness for you and your baby. As well as being an energised period of your pregnancy, the second trimester is also a time when physical discomforts including lower back
pain, abdominal muscle separations and leg cramps become more persistent. In addition to alleviating
pain and discomfort during the pregnancy one of the main attractions of pre-natal yoga is the labour preparation it offers. Prenatal yoga classes focus of specific muscle groups designed to aid the birthing process.”

Margaret started her training in Thailand with the Absolute Yoga Group in Koh Samui where she studied Hot Yoga before continuing her studies in Vinyasa Flow at The Power of Now Oasis Yoga and
Meditation Centre in Bali, Indonesia. She then went on to study Pre-Natal Yoga with the Yoga Education Institute. Margaret currently teaches Hot Yoga at Radiant Yoga in Nueva Andalucia but also offers group classes in Hatha Yoga and Gentle Vinyasa Flow on Marbella Beach in front of The Boardwalk Restaurant and private lessons within the comfort of your own home. Her prenatal yoga classes cater specifically to expectant mothers, and all of the traditional yoga poses are modified to ensure the safety of the unborn baby. “If you choose to attend a regular yoga class rather than a specific pre-natal class it is of vital importance the yoga instructor is knowledgeable in the safe
modification of poses to make them suitable and beneficial to pregnancy,” Margaret explained.

Gwyneth Paltrow was among the first celebrities to popularise pre-natal yoga and was regularly spotted
attended yoga classes in London during her pregnancy. Actress Jessica Alba is another famous face to
credit pre-natal yoga for her happy pregnancy and peaceful labour. “I have a bad back and bad knees, and it really prepares your body,” shared Alba. “The more limber you are and the stronger you are, the easier your birth. And isn’t that what everybody wants?”

Pregnant supermodel Gisele Bundchen described yoga as “moving meditation” that “feels so good” and revealed that her yoga practice helped her eat carefully and manage her stress levels, both key factors she credits in helping to regain her prepregnancy physique. Another A-list beauty to share her love of prenatal yoga is Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, “It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, yoga gives me the opportunity to switch off and focus entirely on my body and my breath,” Kerr explained. “I practiced yoga during my entire pregnancy, and I hope to practice for the rest of my life.” It appears Hollywood has got the memo… if its good enough for Mila, Jessica, Gwyneth, Gisele and Miranda it’s good enough for us!

To book a Pre-Natal, Hot Yoga or Vinyasa Flow lesson with Margaret telephone or text 647 025 839 or alternatively you can send Margaret an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Feel Good Factor - Confessions of a Makeup Artist

Beauty Editor Liza Mayne gives readers a monthly update on all thing gorgeous. Keeping you up to date with all the latest Beauty bits for your makeup bag!

kiko-delineador-caneta-ultimate-pen-long-wear-eyeliner-19553-MLB20174168970 102014-F

Kiko - Ultimate Pen
This amazing fine pointed pen eyeliner is great for easy application and building and is one of my favourites. The tip is wonderful for doing thin or dramatic lines and it glides and stays on for hours, due to its long-lasting power. It creates a smooth finish and doesn’t smudge. Packaging is sleek, everything is of a professional grade, yet totally affordable - even for daily use. I use mine religiously.
kikocosmetics.com / La Cañada or Puerto Banus

Du Wop - Double Glow 7
Absolutely amazing product - gives a beautiful glow. The Double glow7 is a luminous face balm that will give your skin instant radiance and clarity. Although it can be worn under make-up,
I like to wear it over my foundation just to highlight; it really makes for perfect skin. Worn under make-up it acts like a primer, creating easy application for flawless foundation. I am constantly asked what I use when I wear it! You also don’t need a huge amount so this little tub will last a long time.
The Gibraltar Soap Shop

Femme Fatale Lashes
Femme Fatale Lashes, the brainchild of Emily Lyons, CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group, is a new mink lash on the market. These handmade, 100 per cent mink lashes are just too beautiful for
words. The mink hair is very soft and shiny with a rich, deep black shade and looks very natural. The weft is extremely pliable and can be moulded to fit any shape of eye. The mink fur is hand-crafted
onto the weft, giving a more natural appearance with every lash style. No mascara is needed to blend these with your natural lash line and, due to the weft being strong and sturdy, these lashes are reusable up to 25+ times. Well worth the investment. Ordered yours now at: femmefatalelashes.com

Mac Pigments
Around the festive season, there isn’t just one colour I could recommend when it comes to the MAC
pigments - they are all amazing! Choose from bright, lively colours for New Year to warmer, richer
tones for Navidad. Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it stay put. It can either create a subtle wash of colour if applied alone or you can intensify the effect when applied over a smoky eye. Easy to blend and long-lasting. the pot will last you a long time as only a small amount is need for every application.
maccosmetics.com / El Corte Ingles or La Cañada

Benefit - eye con
This is the only product, which noticeably reduced my dark circles. If you suffer from dark patches around your eyes, this is a fab product. Instead of applying layer upon layer of concealer, get rid
of them completely with this miracle cream. It actually fades the dark circles rather than just covering them up like concealers would. For best results just dab around the eye day and night.
benefitcosmetics.com / El corte Ingles or Sephora

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