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The Makeup master class

By Nicola McGeorge

Looking for special occasion makeup ideas? Find out how to get this red carpet look in just a few steps.

makeup masterStep 1. Using a foundation brush layer on MAC Strobe Cream, which boosts the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin. Next, move onto the brows as they are the most important facial feature; all angles of the face are determined by the brows - they can lift the eyes, narrow or widen the face. Fill in gaps with the Shavata Brow Pencil then add definition with HiBrow shadow.

Step 2. Normally you would now move onto foundation, however as this look requires quite a lot of dark eye shadow, any excess will, of course, drop onto the under-eye area. If this mixes in with your foundation it will go a nice shade of grey, which is not the look you are after. So, I recommend starting off with the eyes first and then cleaning up afterwards. Dab Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion all over the lids to keep everything in place. Next, using a large shader, pat Urban Decay ‘W.O.S’ from the Naked Basics palette all over the lid to just above the crease. Buff ‘Naked 2’ from the same palette into the crease and the outer corner of the eye, winging it out slightly, then create a ‘V’ at the outer corner of the eyes with ‘Faint’, taking it under the lower lash line and about three quarters along the eye. Do not take it all the way across, as it makes the eye look smaller. Finally apply a tiny amount of MAC Pigment ‘Vanilla’ in the inner corner of the eye to brighten the area and pull the eyes apart, also highlighting under the brow bone with the same shade.

Step 3. Using a cotton bud remove any shadow, which might have dropped onto the under-eye area, leaving it ready for concealing. To diminish under-eye shadows work YSL Touche Eclat onto any dark areas, then set with powder. Next apply Chanel Vitalumiere, a creamy and luxuriously lightweight foundation, which blends effortlessly for perfectly smooth, even-toned, radiant skin. After buffing the foundation into the skin to get rid of any harsh lines, conceal any remaining imperfections with Make Up For Ever HD Concealer.

Step 4. Now for the contouring; apply MAC Tenderling just under the cheekbones, along the jaw line, down the sides of the nose and across the temples. Next, using a sponge, dab Benefit Highbeam highlighter on the places that would naturally catch the light; top of the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow. Finish this with a dusting of MUFE HD Powder along the t-zone.

Step 5. Line the upper lid with Bobbi Brow ‘Black Mauve Shimmer’ Longwear Gel Eyeliner, bringing it slightly past the end of the outer eye. To open the eye, line the waterline with Benefit Eye Bright; this pink perk-meup is perfect for all skin tones. Curl lashes with the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and apply Christian Dior DiorShow Blackout Waterproof Mascara.

Step 6. Line lips, define and accentuate with MAC Spice, then fill lips in with Benefit Lipgloss ‘Fauxmance.’ Spray MAC Fix + to set makeup and add radiance.



Model: Carmen Navarrete Fdez

Makeup: Nicola McGeorge @ the Marbella Beauty Academy

Lash Extensions:

Twenties Heiress Hair Comb:

Cup cake:

Location: Villa Del Mar

Feel Good Factor- A Valentines Affair

DSC 0983

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun. If you are looking to impress without stress then head to The Nail Place, where the talented team will beautify you from top to toe. Everything else can be left to the other half to organise, can’t it?

Valentine’s Day is inconveniently placed in February, not a great month when it comes to looking good in your underwear! For the last few weeks I have been wrapped up head to toe and not wanting to get out of bed - let alone slap on body moisturiser - before getting dressed. A Valentine’s Goddess I am definitely not. So when I was asked to try out The Nail Place’s Valentine package, I put on my Uggs and was out the door before my duvet could persuade me otherwise.

Due to central heating my skin was feeling dry, crêpey and dull, so salon owner, Samira Khoshnou, suggested that I start with a spray tan. Slightly dubious, after having my fair share of fake tan disasters (my face tends to take on a lovely shade of orange and at my Sixth Form ball even Roald Dahl’s Oompa- Loompa would have been jealous), so it took a bit of coaxing to get me into a private tanning booth. Samira explained that with Diva Spray Tanning there were colour choices of light, medium, dark and ultra dark, meaning there is a shade for everyone. I admit I totally freaked out when she decided to go over my face for a second time, I mean, did they want me looking like Donatella Versace in the magazine? However, Samira was right; the end result was a gorgeous, healthy glow, which faded evenly over the next week and my skin was left feeling smoother and silkier. The biggest benefit was that my pigmentation on my face was evened out so I only needed the smallest amount of makeup.

Next up was the pedicure. My feet haven’t seen daylight since September and I expected nail technician, Eeva, to reel back in horror once my hooves were revealed. But she just got straight to work while I relaxed in a modern spa pedicure chair with a refreshing lemon fragranced anti-bacterial footbath additive. Eeva took care of any hard skin, (there was a pile of it by the time she had finished), cuticle care and nail shaping, followed by exfoliation up to the knee and then application of a hydrating, softening masque. All this was then finished off with a relaxing foot massage. By this point I was totally ignoring what our photographer was babbling at me, as I had slumped into a drool-worthy state of bliss.

To complete my Valentine’s look, the queen of nail art, Rachael, (whose clients have included supermodel diva Naomi Campbell), waved her magic wand over my terrible talons. Yes, I admit it, I have a problem - I am a nail biter. Poor Rachael didn’t have much to work with at all. To increase length she added tips and, because my nails are weak and product tends to lift easily, she opted for the acrylic system which creates a hard protective layer over the nails.

Now came the difficult task of choosing the colour and design. Diamanante? Accent nail? Nail art? Ahhhhh…I finally opted for the traditional Valentine’s colours of red and black, but to add a modern twist Rachael created an inverted French using the world famous Jessica GELeration. A hybrid between gel and polish, it doesn’t chip or peel and dries in seconds, so would definitely last until the biggest date night of the year. Eeva then recreated the design on my toes. The effect was totally vamp-a-licious.

Now that I have made this much effort let’s just hope the other half pulls his weight and doesn’t think being romantic is ordering an Indian takeaway (like last year!)

The Nail Place
Tel. 952 818 636

Feel Good Factor - A dynamic Approch to Fitness


SOCIETY MARBELLA has arrived at the conclusion that Dynamic Gym really is in a league of its own after being invited to take a tour of the newly refurbished site this month. It is hard to believe that, despite opening just four years ago, it has already undergone three major refurbishments. The most recent makeover has helped Dynamic establish itself as not only one of the largest gyms on the Coast, but also the most innovative and forward thinking.

For example, the revolutionary Electro Muscle Stimulation device has been introduced to the Gym and is proving highly popular. The individual wears a fitted vest that sends electrical impulses to muscles of the body, helping to reduce fat, fight cellulite, improve blood circulation and increase endurance. You train on a one-to-one basis with a qualified personal trainer in order to achieve your goals quickly and easily.

The more traditional exercise facilities are also offered at Dynamic Gym. Since the August 2013 refurbishment, the gym boasts a vast floor of brand new exercise equipment sourced from premium German sports equipment manufacturer, gym 80. This top level of the gym is divided into weights and cardio areas and a stretch/abs section to enable you to engineer a complete gym routine from start to finish. The whole floor is flooded by natural light, which also adds to the experience of exercising there.

For those gym members who prefer to participate in exercise classes, once again Dynamic ticks all the right boxes. Zumba, yoga, pump, combat, abs express and butt express classes are available every day of the week and take place in spacious, mirrored studios. For the more hardened gym-goers there is also the spinning room, which offers high intensity classes morning and afternoon. The spin class is one of the most popular of those offered at the Gym because individuals can use the pressure knob on their bike to adjust the intensity of the cycling. The trainer also teaches the class as though spinners are cycling in the countryside, meeting various hills and obstacles along the way.

Another facet to Dynamic Gym is located downstairs at the Martial Arts Academy. A whole host of classes take place in this section of the building, including Brazilian jujitsu for adults and children, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Three personal trainers work within the academy and offer private lessons as well as larger classes.

After a work out you can head downstairs to the spa at Dynamic, which boasts a sauna, Turkish bath and ice machine to help clients cool down. Massages are also available to members including reflexology, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage and quiromassage.

A shop selling protein shakes and martial arts uniforms, a coffee bar and a sushi restaurant are also part of the Dynamic Gym family. The small kitchen crew have designed a menu to suit all types of gym members; perhaps a freshly squeezed kiwi, strawberry and orange juice is the perfect start to your gym session and you can finish your visit with some red tuna sashimi. Whatever your preference the café and sushi restaurant aim to provide a healthy, fresh array of products and are open every day of the week.

It is clear to see why Dynamic Gym is such a popular choice for many people living in the region. Its staff places client satisfaction at the heart of everything they do, consistently looking to improve and remain bang up to date with pioneering methods of sports and exercise.

Ctra de Istan, Km 0.900, CC. Le Village
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel. 952 775 021,

Feel Good Factor - Understanding Eating Disorders


Since my first meeting with Gemma Wood early in 2013 we have discussed hundreds of topics during our monthly editorial meetings. A half an hour meeting can easily slip into two or three as conversation flows from one subject to another. It is not often you meet someone who can hold your interest for that long, let alone make you feel that you have learned something life changing. I am often moved to tears, as Gemma’s ability to read people unintentionally hits a raw nerve.

We have covered everything from drug abuse to the stigma of mental illness during our sessions; however, each time we touch on the subject of eating disorders, Gemma lights up. She becomes more animated and her passion clearly shines through. I believe she was born to help people who suffer with this cruel condition.

I wanted to write this introduction, because if you, the reader, are suffering from an eating disorder or you are a parent or partner watching a loved one struggle, then I cannot stress this enough; please reach out to Gemma and her team at Cortijo Care as they could really make a difference.

People often ask me why I wanted to specialise in eating disorders. It is something about which I am very passionate, both personally and professionally. It is close to my heart and I feel blessed that my job is working with something I that care so much about.

One of my life goals is to change people’s perceptions of this disease. It is seen as more acceptable to have a drug or alcohol addiction, than to suffer from anorexia. Many still believe it is a ‘phase’ and the person will grow out of it. I want people to understand that an eating disorder is an illness and one that needs treating. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. In fact, up to 20 per cent of people will die from complications or suicide if left untreated.

An eating disorder is an expression of internal suffering. It is a psychological illness that manifests itself physically. An eating disorder is not a choice, nor a passion. Eating disorders are illnesses that stem from psychological and/or emotional distress and result in an obsessive relationship with food. Having the ability to control the amount of, or type of food consumed can make a sufferer believe they are coping with their problems, thus allowing them to block out painful feelings.

An eating disorder is often referred to as an additional part by the sufferer; it is quite often the case that someone who is suffering from anorexia or bulimia can develop an auditory voice that is controlling their behaviour, mood and life. A lot of people that suffer from either of these disorders describe the voice as a “he” or “she”, sometimes even naming it. The voice is the eating disorder that becomes the sufferer’s way to survive, its friend and its enemy.

There are several main diagnosed eating disorders and each is defined by specific signs and symptoms. They are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder (BED), Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS), Obesity. Obesity has only recently been recognised as an eating disorder, having previously been recognised only as a medical condition.

Eating disorders often go hand in hand with other additions. Many sufferers will also be self-harming or have some form of OCD. It is never just a straight forward diagnosis. For example some people with bulimia will not vomit, but will take laxatives or over-exercise. Just because bulimia does not cause the extreme weight loss that anorexia does, it does not mean that it is less serious. This is why it is important that family members do not try and self diagnose. If you suspect a loved one has an eating disorder, seek medical advice before confronting them as this could simply make the situation worse.


It is very common for young people to strive to be something that others want them to be or what may be perceived as ‘what other’s want them to be’, losing their identity of who they really are and who they really want to become. Seeking approval from adults and peers can dictate a young person’s perception of themselves.

Young people yearn for protection, love, understanding and safe boundaries even though this may often appear the last thing they desire. Often this desire is camouflaged by their external behaviours. This can potentially make being a parent even harder as parents may feel isolated and confused, their understanding of their child’s needs contradicted by his or her behaviour.

In my experience the percentage of eating disorders in children and young people is constantly rising. It would appear that over the last 10 years the increase in eating disorders has risen.

There does seem to be more awareness, help and support around the subject, yet finding professional support can still appear very difficult.

Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness in adolescent females. Eating disorders in schools are almost as prevalent as alcohol and drug abuse:

9.8 per cent of female students had problems with alcohol, 8 per cent had problems with drugs, and 7.8 per cent had problems with eating disorders.

86 per cent of people report their eating disorder started before the age of 20, 10 per cent report it started at 10 years old and younger, 33 per cent report it started between the ages of 11 and 15, and 43 per cent report it started between the ages of 16 and 20.


There are many reasons behind the development of eating disorders. Factors could include (but are not limited to): personality traits (being a perfectionist,) development, genetic factors, early puberty, family attitudes and systems, negative family influences, high levels of external/internal expectations, cultural pressures, sport/dance, social problems, abuse/traumatic events, major illnesses, hormonal abnormalities, difficulty coping with change, self-esteem, spiritual or religious influences, confidence and worth, self-acceptance, media and other psychiatric illnesses combined.

Children and young people seem to be more exposed to life influences, possibly leaving them more vulnerable to change. People of all ages (not just children and young people) could be more susceptible to life’s difficulties and rely on an eating disorder to cope. This could be influenced by their physical, emotional and personality make-up. External/ internal life experiences seem to have a great influence on a person who may develop an Eating Disorder, as does someone’s personality structure. A combination of these may leave someone more susceptible.


As a Person-Centred therapist, I believe it is imperative to approach each case individually, tailoring each client’s treatment plan to their own specific needs. Being client led means offering the core elements to each person to help them feel heard, listened to, understood and validated. I also bring many other tools into my client relationships to facilitate the learning for change, such as focusing orientated therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness, thinking beyond, the Sodna Method, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as Tapping Therapy).

When working with patients with eating disorders, I believe it is very important to be able to validate both the healthy self and the eating disorder self, allowing plenty of room where necessary to listen to what “it” has to say. Over time the aim is to help the healthy self become stronger than the eating disorder self.

At Cortijo Care an individual is able to receive the most comprehensive treatment possible to overcome their eating disorder in a respectful understanding manner with full medical care and a team of specialist eating disorder therapists and nurses, enabling them to deal with any issues in a safe and secure environment, aided by experienced professionals and a qualified team that offers an individual approach to their mental well-being.

We offer four stages: Acute 24 hour care, rehabilitation, independent living and aftercare. Every treatment plan is different and adapted to the degree of weight loss; we are working with specialists in the UK and Spain to take clients with very low BMIs.


Professional and personal experience has taught me to always hold hope for every client. I believe and have witnessed, that it is possible to be “cured” from suffering with an eating disorder. As mentioned previously, the eating disorder is the symptom, not the cause. I believe that if the sufferer has the opportunity to work through the issues that have created the disorder, they can fully recover over time.

Please note that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health illness. The quicker the sufferer can access understanding support, the more hopeful their future may be.

Cortijo Care Marbella
C/ Joaquin Turina, Cortijo Blanco, San
Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella.
Tel. 952 780 181
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

“Having a family member with an
eating disorder affects all the family
and often the whole family needs
to repair and rebuild. It is said to
be a journey; Gemma has made a
difference and continues to do so.”

The Beauty barometer February

DSC 0279v6-USE



Stress. We have had our first practical mock exam - dun, dun, DUN! The conditions were the same as the real thing, where we would be marked on things such as hygiene and keeping our station tidy (why does everyone shoot me a knowing look when I explain that part?)

Our brief was to create a makeup look for the theme Alter-Ego, incorporating a few of the special effects techniques that we had recently been taught. To throw a spanner into the works (I think our tutor, Faye gets a kick out of doing that), we had to design two looks on one face. Think half man, half women or part human, part creature.

Honestly, my mind went blank. I spent days trying to come up with ideas - even one would have been good - but nothing came. Talk about writer’s block, I had makeup block. Faye told me not to panic because something would come to me when I least expected it.

So, I was watching Iron Man 3 (LOVE Robert Downey Junior) when the idea of creating a superhero came to me. Not hard to see the link here really, is it? I wanted to create a woman, who was normal during the day, but at night her alter-ego came alive and her superhero spirit would show itself. Now that I had a plan, I started to get excited. I booked the beautiful Cristina to be my model. Just one look at her and I had to adjust my design. Her day persona would be a supermodel: it was easy-peasy to design that section of her face. Now for the superhero; I wanted her to have a birdlike feel, as one of her powers would be to fly. After hours of researching exotic birds (I now know enough to become a twitcher), I settled on a parrot. A blue beak parrot to be precise. I felt the blue would be the most striking against her skin tone. I added feathers, scales, dark contouring and bird-like lashes to my design. Now I had to make it come to life.

The week before the exam I spent most evenings trying out different special effects on myself. It became the norm for me to answer the door, half painted blue with lumps coming out my head. No, I am not showing you the photos. I really wanted to create 3D ridges on my forehead with moulding wax, however no matter what I did I looked like I had stuck tadpoles to myself. I didn’t have time to order already formed latex pieces so I had to just go with painting on liquid latex scales, which, once painted, would create a textured surface that would pop out from the rest of the makeup.

Spain being the nightmare that it is to get pro makeup products, I couldn’t find blue grease paint anywhere on the Coast. After running round El Corte like a mad woman covered in various shades of blue, I bought two pots of Aquacream from Makeup Forever, one in a turquoise, the other peacock blue. On the big day itself, it all started off smoothly. I began by painting liquid latex shapes all over Cristina’s face, to create the 3D scales and continued this down her arms and chest. I then blocked out one of her brows with spirit gum, rolling them as flat as possible. While waiting for everything to dry I moved over to the supermodel side. I opted for the smoky look on her eyes, winging them out for a catlike effect. Yes, I know cats and birds don’t mix, just go with it please. Wanting to try out my new Chanel products, I applied Rouge Allure 217 Radieuse, a subtly cool-toned pink, to Cristina’s lips; stunning. I had bought the most natural lashes from MAC for the Supermodel’s eye, but Cristina’s lashes were so long, they only needed a slick of mascara. So far, so good.

Then disaster struck. At the last minute I decided to borrow Faye’s blue greasepaint. MISTAKE. Never change your ideas last minute. It came out a very wishy-washy blue and I simply didn’t have the time to keep building it up to get the colour I needed. Panicking, I whipped out the MUFE turquoise shade and started to smear it all over Cristina’s face. I had opted for the lighter blue, thinking that, as I already had a blue base, the peacock blue would be too dark. Wrong again. I ended up with a Smurf, not a superhero. By now I had turned a nice shade of blotchy red and was starting to sweat. I dumped my brushes and used my hands to apply the peacock blue, this is a big hygiene no-no, but all rules had gone out the window.

Now I had the right colour but because the makeup was three layers thick you couldn’t see the latex scales and, to top it off, the cream makeup had started to react with the grease paint and crack. Now I only had 20 minutes left and the other girls had already finished. I glued on the ENORMOUS feathery lashes from Makeup Forever to her superhero eye, lined the inner rim in yellow to make it look more birdlike, contoured with black shadow and plaited her hair clipping in feathers as I went. I felt like I had done five rounds with Mike Tyson. The other girls had really outdone themselves (although only three of us turned up for the exam - tut, tut girls). Zoe created a cheerleader who had been burnt in a fire and Katie went for full-on androgyny. My model loved her new look and sped off to show her other half his new superhero girlfriend!

To create my Alter
Ego Look Supermodel

Primer – Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD
Foundation – Chanel Vitalumiere 40
Concealer - MUFE HD 340
Powder - MUFE HD
Eyeshadow – Ombres Matelassees De
Chanel Charming
Eyeliner – Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Espresso
Blusher – MAC Trace Gold
Eyebrow – Shavata Eyebrow Pencil
Lip Liner – MAC Soar
Lipstick – Chanel Rouge Allure 217 Radieuse


Scales – Kryolan Liquid Latex
Eyebrow Blocking – Kryolan Spirit Gum
Blue Base – MUFE Aquacream 20
Blue for Scales – MAC Lipmax Blue
Blue Diamantes - MUFE Strass Multicolors
False Lashes – Artistic Eyelashes - 110
Feathers and blue extensions – Claires Accessories

If you want to join me in learning about the world of makeup or fancy learning a new skill in beauty, take a look at the MBA’s latest offers.

  • Beauty Therapy - Feb till Jan - 700€ Discount
  • Body Massage - Feb till June - FREE Indian Head Massage Course
  • Fashion & Photographic Make-up - Feb till June - FREE MAC Gift
  • Hairdressing - Feb till July - FREE Nail Course
  • Skin Treatments - Feb till June - FREE Lash Extension & Perming Course
  • Advanced Skin Facial Electrical - Feb till June - FREE Lash Extension Course
  • Body Spa & Electrical - Feb till June - FREE Indian Head Massage Course
  • Nail Treatments - March till June - FREE Gel Polish Training

Marbella Beauty Academy Tel. 952 817 632/ 693 507 267

Feel Good Factor - Is your smile ageing you?


Sparkling white teeth convey health, youth, and beauty. However, over the years, coloured foods, coffee, tea, colas, red wine and tobacco products cause stains to build up on our teeth. The Nail Place is now offering Amazing Smile, a professional, cosmetic teeth-whitening treatment that is a quick, gentle and safe way to remove years of stains from your teeth in only 20 minutes.

Endorsed by the renowned Mark Dental Clinic, Amazing Smile 20 minute PRO ZERO 3 treatment is the fastest, most effective teeth whitening possible. Why? Because it gives fantastic professional results with no pain or sensitivity and, best of all, no hydrogen peroxide. This product is also three to four times faster than the old style laser used by most companies.

L E D whitening is now the first choice for most dentists, as the results are simply unbeatable. The Amazing Smile unique gel formula that is hygienically pre-filled into the mouthpiece was specially formulated to respond to the exact wavelength setting on the stateof- the-art meticulously calibrated BB Cool L E D ADVANCED light. By using this revolutionary treatment for optimal activation the entire teeth whitening process is accelerated and can be completed in just 20 minutes.

The other great news is that by choosing products containing nil per cent peroxide you will never have a problem with sensitivity or pain during or after the procedure. You will simply be left with a beautiful whiter smile between two to eight shades lighter. The average results last nine months to a year, depending on lifestyle, but following after care procedures will give long lasting results.

Now that you have something to smile about, why not take advantage of the other treatment on offer at The Nail Place? Try a modern take on the traditional French manicure; the New Year is all about a clean, fresh start, so now you can have the nails and the teeth to match.

Amazing Smile is only 119 euros.
The Nail Place
Tel. 952 818 636

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