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Dr Aslani, the founder and director of the Cirumed Clinic believes that the secret of success is specialisation. Over the past decade, Dr Aslani (also Head of the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Quirón Málaga and Marbella Hospitals) has become internationally recognized for two popular cosmetic procedures; the Brazilian Butt Lift and the Total Bikini Package. As the name suggests, the former provides a lift and curve to the buttocks and hips, whilst the second treatment is the ultimate in getting the body beach-ready for summer anywhere in the world. It includes a breast lift and butt lift as well as various augmentations using silicone and natural fat fillers, for a more authentic look. Liposuction and body contouring are used in those stubborn areas that won’t respond to diet or exercise.

It is the success of these procedures that inspired Dr Aslani’s wife Jeannine Aslani, a surgical nurse to take over the building next door and open a 1,300m2 surgical unit, with two operating theatres, five patient suites, two recovery suites and the Cirumed Lounge. This is a space where patients’ families can relax at the espresso bar or enjoy a mani/pedi while waiting for their loved ones to come out of recovery. This new unit will enable Dr Aslani to streamline his Bikini Package procedures, of which he performs “three or four daily,” and the husband and wife team credit this to the quality of the equipment they have purchased, including two Laminar Flow Systems that are the cutting-edge in contamination control.

Another feature of the new centre are its special operating tables that allow the surgeon to rotate the patient’s body into a range of positions during surgery. This is vital, considering that the Total Bikini Package involves work on the breasts, abdomen, hips and buttocks, plus other areas. These tables are particularly suited to water jet assisted liposuction, a technique that the clinic has used for seven years. As Dr Aslani says: “ This is a more gentle and less invasive form of liposuction. It is quicker because the surgeon is able to irrigate and suction loosened fat cells from the body, simultaneously. This means that there is less bruising or swelling, which makes for a shorter recovery period.”

Dr Aslani is something of a pioneer of the Total Bikini Package and he recalls how curious his peers were about it when he first started it. Now many other surgeons are performing this procedure, but they are some years behind him and it is his experience that brings patients from all over Europe and even the United States. He said: “The idea that people come to Marbella for the beach and sun while they are having surgery is a thing of the past. We are attracting discerning patients because of our reputation for specialisation in this type of surgery. They come to Marbella to have the kind of surgery here that they cannot get at home – at least not the way we do it.”

The new unit is adjacent to the main Cirumed Clinic, which is already renowned for a variety of treatments including CoolSculpting. This is an alternative to conventional liposuction that eliminates stubborn fat without the need for a surgical procedure. Two of the clinics other sought after treatments are Fraxel and Fractora Laser, for facial rejuvenation, pigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, and other skin issues.

Cirumed Clinic’s excellent reputation is also due to its team of highly trained doctors and nurses who specialise in Body, Breast and Facial surgery. Meanwhile, Dr Aslani, the “Butt and Bikini King”, continues to pursue his specialist talent for enhancing the shape of the human body with implants and fat transfer. If you don’t like the body that Nature has given you; Dr Aslani will you a body to love.


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