10th Anniversary Celebrations for Cirumed Clinic

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Champagne corks were popping recently at Cirumed Clinic’s 10th anniversary celebrations. Dr. Alexander Aslani and his wife Jeannine nostalgically recalled how their team, now 26-strong, originally comprised just four members. The Clinic has gone from success to success, ensured in part by the division of specialisations between Dr. Aslani (also of the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Quirónsalud Málaga and Marbella Hospitals) and Jeannine (a surgical nurse and wound specialist).

A Brand New Operating Unit for Cirumed

The Clinic recently opened a new operating unit, measuring 1,300m2 and boasting two operating theatres, five suites, and the very latest equipment, including two Laminar Flow Systems – a vital concept in contamination control which ensures air moves in one direction and at the same speed, to avoid the crossover of airstreams. The Unit additionally boasts cutting edge tables (which allow Dr. Aslani to rotate patients into the precise position he needs) and two jet towers for water jet liposuction. Patients can relax at the spacious recovery suites, while their loved ones enjoy a cup of Nespresso at the bar, or have a manicure and pedicure.

Building a Reputation for Specialist Surgery

Dr. Aslani has built a reputation for being the ‘Butt King’: the man those in the know approach for the highly coveted Brazilian Butt Lift (which lifts and adds curve to this area). A second procedure he is famed for is the Bikini Package; in just one operation, patients have a liposuction, Brazilian Butt lift, and breast augmentation.

Liposuction is carried out using water jets, which is less invasive than conventional methods and which allows Dr. Aslani to work quicker and more efficiently. Fat obtained from other areas of the body (e.g. the abdomen), can be used to ‘fill in’ spaces in the breast area, complementing implants and creating a more natural look. Fat can also be infiltrated into the buttocks and hip area, once again to lend the area greater harmony and proportion.

Dr. Aslani acknowledges that it seems futuristic to think that a patient can enter the operating theatre and come out with entirely new proportions. “When I first told colleagues I was performing the Bikini Package, they couldn’t believe it. Today, many are doing the same, yet our advantage comes from having performed up to four of these operations every day, for years.”

Of course, Cirumed is a leading Clinic in many other types of surgery; Dr. Aslani is backed by renowned surgeons specialising in three areas: Body, Breast, and Facial Surgery.

Jeannine Aslani and CoolSculpting

Jeannine Aslani has made a big effort to establish Cirumed as the leading CoolSculpting centre in the south of Spain. This treatment relies on FDA-approved Zeltiq machines to target stubborn area of fat. There are only six Zeltiq machines in Spain; two of these can be found at Cirumed.

In case you aren’t familiar with CoolSculpting yet, it is essentially a non-surgical version of liposuction; a lunchtime treatment that lasts about an hour yet results in a loss of volume similar to that obtained through surgery. CoolSculpting can reduce fat in areas such as the hips, tummy and back, though it can target everything from chubby knees to double chins. “Patients usually just play on their mobiles or chat on Facebook while having the treatment… afterwards, many return to work,” says Jeannine, highlighting the non-invasive nature of this effective treatment.

It’s All in the Face: Anti-Ageing Laser Treatments and More

Whether pigmentation, wrinkles, flaccidity or dullness is your problem, Cirumed has the technology and know-how to deal with it. Some of the most popular anti-ageing/rejuvenation treatments include Fraxel and Fractora Laser, which target everything from dark spots to scarring. Wrinkles and sunken areas, meanwhile, are filled in with Botox, platelet rich plasma gel therapy, specific fillers, and more.

The Finishing Touches that Make All the Difference

“Patients can come in for everything from a relaxing facial, right through to a sugar waxing,” smiles Jeannine with characteristic warmth. One beauty treatment that is all the rage is semi-permanent makeup for the eyes, lips and eyebrows, as well as for hiding scars or even creating a look of greater hair density on the scalp. If you ever thought that the celebrity eyebrows you always longed for (the ones with the perfect arch and lovely volume) were out of your reach, visit Cirumed and find a long-lasting solution that will frame your face in the perfect way.

The Cirumed team is proud of their achievements over this past decade, and look to the future with the same enthusiasm they had since the day the Clinic first opened. They are driven by the same passion they always had: that of enabling to patients to look into the mirror and find the very best version of themselves.

The Cirumed Team would like to wish their clients and friends a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic 2018!

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