It's Chistmasssssss!

2017-12ReflectionsThis month Jonathan shares his love of the festive season, the scent of Christmas and Gerry!

Enough to send me crackers

Call me Scrooge, but truthfully Christmas isn’t my favourite time of year. I like the elves, I like Santa and the idea of him coming down the chimney and, of course, the peace on earth, and goodwill to men idea but, to be honest, I feel it’s like communism. In other words, a great idea in theory but, as proven by the rather large land mass to the east of us, it doesn't work in practice. If that fellow in North Korea asks, it was Gerry who said that and not me.

Speaking of Gerry, he is the total opposite and looks forward to this time of year with glee. From about October he won’t talk about anything else. Why? The Christmas work party of course. Every year Gerry plies me with alcohol (AKA truth serum), gets me pissed and I tell him secrets. I supply him with a smattering of gossip which normally keeps him going to September the following year. I’m waiting for the day he turns up with some kind of recording device.

Keeping up with tradition

Those of you who know me well will know that I am rather partial to tradition, one of those being Christmas cards. I have recently been sent the minutes from a couple of British card manufacturers’ AGMs and, apparently, without me they would be recording massive losses. I was rather touched I have to say. I also think I am going to the Royal Mail’s Xmas do this year. I swear that the women at the Correos in El Corte Inglés starts salivating when she sees me in the queue because you could purchase a small island in the Caribbean for what I spend on postage.

The thought of disappearing into my storage area to extract my tree and all its décor leaves me cold. On the 1st of December, I will take a deep breath and set to work. Mind you I have saved myself some hardship this year by leaving my lights up all year round - I just couldn’t be arsed to take them down. I DID take a few down halfway through the year though, as I had been informed you could see my house from Mars.

I am also rather a fan of Yankee Candles. Last December my apartment smelt like a church, and I don’t mean dry rot, more along the lines of frankincense and myrrh. I am still not entirely sure why the three wise men took those to Mary; maybe they knew she would be having guests and wanted the stable to smell nice? I mean, I totally understand the gift of gold, because Christmas is an expensive time of year.

Keep calm and carry on

I keep looking at the salon appointment book and breaking out in a cold sweat. You don’t need a calculator to work out that too many clients and not enough hours isn’t going to work. But I will survive, as I have done the last 29 Christmases as a hairdresser. You get less for murder!

If anyone wants to get me something for Xmas I would like a life, please. I hear they are very popular. I see other people having them and I think I would quite like one. I am definitely feeling more and more like Cinderella, in certain lights I could pass for Buttons but don’t even get me started on the Ugly Sisters!

I am blessed to have many extremely generous clients who give me the most amazing gifts over the holidays. Some people say I could open a bar for New Year - I think not because that lot is what gets me through the holiday period! I have also received some rather unusual gifts over the years. I was once given a signed football; do any of you see what I have in common with a football? Another client gave me a framed photograph of her dog. I will never be sure if it was meant for me and you can’t ask, can you?

Now if any of my clients really know how to pull strings, a meeting with Mr. Trump is on my Christmas wish list -  in the interests of world peace, of course. I just want to see his hair in person, so I can see exactly how that work of art is put together, because whoever is looking after his hair would be better off using their talents on basket weaving.

Help is at hand

As you know my dear friend Kara is once again running the Costa Christmas Collections. She collects newly wrapped presents for children in orphanages all over Málaga and Alhaurín and children affected by domestic violence. It gives me great pride that Reflections is one of her designated drop off points.

New in

We are now stocking the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger range. It smells bloody gorgeous and the tangy, invigorating scent lingers throughout the day. I am loving the gentle sulphate-free shampoo, which performs especially well on weak and coloured hair—it helps prevent fading and keeps even chemically treated strands looking shiny and healthy.


Redken High Rise Volume Duo Volumiser - a unique gel-cream volumising treatment styler for fine/flat hair combining the power of two styling. It works on every hair strand to create a visually fuller effect.

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