A Pert New Bottom for TOWIE’s Chloe Sims at Cirumed Clinic Marbella

2018-03CirumedA Pert New Bottom for TOWIE’s Chloe Sims at Cirumed Clinic Marbella

Anyone familiar with the cast of The Only Way is Essex will remember Chloe Sims who is one of its major stars. Recently, she opted to have a buttock augmentation procedure and after much careful research, chose Cirumed Clinic in Marbella for the procedure, because she felt confident that the team here would not only do an excellent job, they would also look after her well during her stay.

Clearly, Chloe could have chosen any one of numerous clinics for this surgery, but thanks to fantastic reviews of the work at Cirumed and of Dr Aslani, she plumped for Marbella, a favourite destination with the TOWIE cast. She said: I knew I would feel comfortable in the clinic, as I did a lot of research before committing.” It is also true that Dr. Aslani is well known in the UK for body contouring and bikini makeovers, which helped Chloe to make up her mind.

Dr Aslani has been carrying out Brazilian butt lifts and ‘bikini package’ surgery (which involves body sculpting, a breast augmentation and a butt lift) for almost a decade. He started when few clinics offered the procedure, and this has undoubtedly helped him become a leader in buttock augmentation. He performs about three or four of these operations daily, indicating not just their popularity, but also the power of Dr Aslani’s reputation in this field. He regularly shares his expertise at international conferences and also hosts an international surgery course at Cirumed once a year, which is attended by surgeons from around the globe.

On arrival at Cirumed, Chloe Sims was shown the clinic’s high tech standards and its new 1,300m2 building that is annexed to its original premises. The new clinic has two operating theatres, five patient suites, two recovery suites and the

Cirumed Lounge, where families of patients can chill out at the espresso bar or enjoy a mani/pedi while their loved one is in recovery.

The new unit possesses top-of-the-range equipment, including the prestigious Laminar Flow System – a contamination control system that allows air to move at the same speed and in the same direction, with no or minimal crossover of airstreams. It also has special tables which enable the surgeon to ‘flip’ the patient into several positions during surgery – a crucial feature, considering the fact that Dr. Aslani often works on various areas simultaneously, including the breasts, abdomen, hips, buttocks, etc.

Chloe commented on the ease and speed with which Cirumed made the arrangements for her stay: “Through Cirumed’s UK partner, cosmetic firm, Serene Cosmetic, everything was arranged for me – my flight, accommodation, food, transport and aftercare. They even arranged for me to have my hair and nails done in the Serene villa. In the UK, we are well aware of Cirumed’s reputation. I was impressed to learn that on a yearly basis, the Clinic treats over 600 patients who are attracted by Cirumed’s reputation for specialty in Brazilian butt lifts and bikini makeovers.”

Cirumed recognised that the television celebrity is always on a tight schedule and put every effort to ensure that the surgical procedure was done quickly and any potential complications were avoided. The team is rightly proud that they managed to make Chloe feel comfortable and confident during her stay at Cirumed. She remarked: “would recommend anyone who is thinking about surgery,

to take their time to do their research. I took my time and chose a clinic that provided a great service, and made me feel comfortable during my stay. Make sure you look into the clinic as well as the surgeon, because the aftercare is so important.”

Cirumed Clinic

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