Body and Booty Transformation for Big Brother Star Sallie Axl at Cirumed Clinic

2018-05-CirumedAlways welcoming a range of well-known faces, Sallie Axl has been Cirumed’s latest guest and is best known for her appearance on Big Brother in 2013. After having a baby and not feeling comfortable with her body, Sallie found Cirumed clinic through careful research and chose to undergo her body transformation surgery.  Cirumed was highly recommended, which gave her the confidence that she would achieve great results under the team’s elite care and give her the body she dreamed of as well as an extra confidence boost.

There is an abundance of clinics to choose from, but thanks to Dr. Aslani’s specialisation and excellent reviews by former clients, Sallie knew that Marbella was where she needed to be to score her dream body.  To further her confidence in the decision, Sallie also knew that Dr. Aslani is well known in the UK for body contouring and his very popular bikini makeover package.

Dr. Aslani has been in the game for over a decade and was one of the first few to offer buttock augmentation procedures, which undoubtedly has helped him become a leader in his field.  Dr. Aslani performs around three to four buttock augmentation surgeries daily, demonstrating not only the high demand for this procedure, but also his credibility in the field. He is regularly invited to be a guest speaker at conferences worldwide where he showcases his abilities for teaching purposes. He is also hosting his sixth annual Live Surgery course in which globally recognised surgeons are the chief participants.

Sallie was welcomed to Cirumed by the friendly team who showed her the impressive facilities including the new extension. The Clinic now has two operating theatres, five patient suites, two recovery suites and the Cirumed Lounge where families or friends of patients can enjoy fresh coffee and cake while waiting.

In the new space, Cirumed Clinic has proudly installed top-of-the-range equipment, including a Laminar Flow System that allows air to move at the same speed and in the same direction with no or minimal cross-over of airstreams. It also has special operating tables ideal for the combination surgeries, which allows patients to be “flipped” with ease during surgery. This is efficient when performing combination surgery that works on areas such as breasts, abdomen, back and buttocks simultaneously.

Sallie praised Dr. Aslani for his thorough consultation, which was carried out online before her arrival in Marbella, allowing her to experience the reassurance of a face-to-face consultation from the comfort of her own home in the UK.  Sallie also appreciated the fact that Dr. Aslani took an interest in her wishes and said, “Many people like the conservative look, but there are people out there who don’t want a conservative look. I know what I want and Dr. Aslani gave that to me”.

With help from Serene Cosmetic, Sallie didn’t have to worry about flights, accommodation, food or transport and could focus on preparing for the surgery.  “Having a surgery abroad is quite scary anyway, but I’ve been made to feel so at ease by Serene Cosmetic”.

Cirumed Clinic realised that Sallie would be away from her baby for the duration of her stay and did all they could to make her feel comfortable and the procedure was carried out swiftly, whilst avoiding any potential complications, in order to get Sallie back home to her baby in the fastest time possible.  The team is proud that they were able to make Sallie feel relaxed, and even more so that they were able to give her the body she wanted. “I had a really boyish, square shaped body before, but now I’m so pleased with my figure. I love it!”

Cirumed takes special care throughout the whole patient experience starting from their first consultation and including the months after the patient is already enjoying the results of the surgery. This service is complemented by Serene Cosmetic, which makes the travel and accommodation arrangements, meaning that Cirumed Clinic really do offer the whole package.

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