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Master wig maker Simon Beale has recently arrived in Marbella with his bespoke hair replacement systems for men and women. He provides innovative, real hair solutions when you need to put some oomph back in your crowning glory.

Simon Beale prides himself on offering the best hair replacement solutions to hair loss, whether it is due to natural causes, such as male baldness, or in women dues to the ageing process, the many forms of alopecia, or following chemotherapy treatment that causes a radical loss of hair in both men and women. He is passionate about what he does, and is so expert that he is asked to give demonstrations and talks internationally. With Simon you are guaranteed a personalised service and his main aim is to leave every client feeling fantastic and full of confidence again.

What makes Hair Systems International different?

First, Simon only uses the best hair available. He uses the best European hair,  much of it sourced from the former countries of the Eastern Bloc. He points out that this is often referred to in the trade as ‘Russian hair’, but even a country as large as Russia can meet the demand when one of Simon’s full wigs requires 70,000 individual hairs. Of course, the type of hair used depends on the ethnicity of the client, and he also uses Asian and Chinese hair when needed.

He also uses ‘virgin hair’: this hair has not been treated, and because of this, there is more flexibility in providing clients with the exact colour that they want. In addition, this higher quality hair can be treated in the same way as a person’s own hair, in that it can be washed, coloured and blow-dried, and other styling methods applied as well.

Second, Simon never takes a ‘one size fits all’ approach to his work. In his view, what works for one person is not an ideal solution for the next, so when you are a client of his, you’ll always have the bespoke approach. He will assess each client’s hair, including measuring its density and then work out the perfect solution so that the hair system blends seamlessly with your own hair. You are guaranteed that whether you have a full wig, a partial hair system or his hair extensions, nobody will be able to guess it isn’t natural.

What women want?

Apart from those women who have been through chemotherapy, the majority of women need help with thinning hair and patchy loss. These are usually due to either alopecia or ageing. His partial hair systems restore colour, texture and density and the end result is styled to the client’s wishes.

For women who want a full wig, Simon uses the KoolKaps system. This is a wig base made from a unique, patented fabric that is only 0.6mm thick and combats the old problem of a visible wig line. This system, with its Get-a-Grip technology means that perspiration and moisture are drawn from the scalp and rapidly evaporated through the KoolKap, to provide an excellent, breathable, and dry-touch feeling, keeping you cool and dry. It also contains natural charcoal fibres finely woven into the fabric ensuring the KoolKap absorbs, eliminates and neutralises odour, leaving your headwear feeling and smelling fresh. This unique fibre also helps to enhance your blood circulation and is biodegradable.

The company also offers full wigs using French lace caps that are 100% hand-knotted. Indeed, Hair System’s knotting system for its wigs, allows the wearer to brush the hair in any direction she/he chooses. The hair naturally moves and flows in exactly the same way your hair normally would. And, it also cleverly incorporates an open lace front for natural hairlines where there is total hair loss. Essentially, what you will get with one of the full wigs form this company is a product that looks and feels as natural as your own hair, and it is also very comfortable to wear.

And for anyone who wants the most natural looking hair extensions using European hair, Simon offers a system that is based on a “no chemicals, no heat, no glue” method that results as he says in “just great looking hair.” And, if you juts want a  handmade pony tail, he can supply one.

And for the gentlemen

Hair Systems International has a range of solutions for men that will boost confidence and allow participation in extreme sports without fear of embarrassment. Male clients are offered a hair system that will be made by hand and tailored to their exact requirements. The result will be natural looking hair that replicates hair in earlier years. Plus, under close scrutiny the hairs actually appear to be coming out of your scalp, just like nature intended. Many men may be pleased to know that this system can restore the receding hairline, which can affect younger men, and give them back more youthful looking hair.

At your service

If you would like to discuss what Hair Systems International can offer you, Simon will visit you at your home for a private, discreet and more comfortable consultation. He is also in the process of establishing a studio in the Marbella/Estepona area and gentlemen can also have a consultation at The Barber Club.

His message to clients is this: “I bring back your hair to how it should be in a perfect world.”

If you would like to have perfect hair again, please contact Simon Beale on +34 683 171 519 or +44 7949207848  and explore all the options on offer at

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