Posture Perfect with Grant Foster

grantfosterimageExperienced International Sports Therapist and Lecturer, Grant Foster, assesses Society Marbella's Georgia Clark.

Sports massage is not just for athletes but for anyone who suffers muscular aches, pains, spasms, stiff joints, stress and tension. Grant Foster not only works towards resolving these issues,

He also addresses the reason why it has arisen, offering ways in which you can help to correct it. When he performs the treatment in your home, even on a Saturday, there really is no excuse to ignore the problem any longer.

Having two Diplomas in Sports Massage, a Master Diploma in Clinical Massage and a Diploma in Joint Mobilisation, Grant Foster is an extremely reputable therapist who has worked closely with several celebrity athletes, including The Gladiators. This type of therapy has many benefits. In the long term it can prevent future injuries and correct poor posture,  which will increase mobility and flexibility, thus enhancing exercise performance.

To begin our session I was asked to stand side on, facing, and then facing away from Grant, so that he could identify what was causing my constant discomfort. Having had a sports massage and been assessed by a chiropractor before I was very impressed by this as no one had ever explained the source of my problem. I will spare you the details but apparently having one leg longer than the other and rounded shoulders isn’t ideal.

Grant began the massage; reassuring me that if the pressure was too deep to let him know, advising and explaining as he went. I really felt that I was in safe hands. All of my questions were answered and I was glad to find out that there were a few simple things which I could do that would collectively correct my problems and improve my posture.

Working closely with fellow therapists he was able to recommend that I visit a podiatrist, osteopath and begin exercising through Pilates to strengthen my core

Feeling positive and grateful that I finally know how to keep the pain at bay, I wondered why I had put it off for so long.

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Grant Foster is now available for Sports Therapy treatments in the comfort of your own home.



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