Marbella Makeover June- Ocean Clinic

June-2012-Ad-OceanThe major part of Marbella Makeover will be the surgeries carried out at Ocean Clinic. These will have the most drastic and oticeable effect on Helen’s appearance and well-being. This is the section of the process she is most excited about, as she feels it will completely change her outlook on life. “I must say I’m most excited, and nervous, about the surgery part of Marbella Makeover as it is going to drastically change my appearance. The face surgery will be the most exciting aspect for me, especially the reshapingof my nose, as I’ve always had a complex about my profile and the bump at the top of my nose.”

Following an in-depth discussion with Helen and the Ocean Clinic team, Dr.Kai Kaye has scheduled to approach the body surgeries first, and after a period of recovery, they will start on the face, after all of the work from Mark Dental Clinic has finished. This is due to the fact that the altering of ones teeth can change the face structure slightly, so once Helen’s mouth has been fitted with the new crowns and veneers, Kai will be able to determine the final shape of the mouth, and therefore will know exactly what needs ltering around the lip area.

So, down to the actual surgeries. Kai is going to change two major areas of Helen’s body; her breasts and the general outline of her form. He is going to replace the volume of her breasts with implants, and attempt to recreate the juvenile, ‘perky’ bust she once had through breast augmentation.

Helen is currently a small C cup, but after the operation, she will become either a big C cup or a small D. The reason why Kai is unsure of exactly what size Helen will go to is because he will need to wait until the actual surgery day to see which size fits her body the best. This part of the surgery will take around one and a half hours.


Secondly, Kai is going to carry out a process called body sculpturing. Much like liposuction, but less invasive, this removes the excess fat from Helen’s tummy, back, hips and legs, alter the contours of her body and will give her a more streamlined shape that we all strive for. Then Kai will perform a mini tummy tuck to tighten the skin around her waist achieving that washboard stomach look. This section will take around two and a half hours. It is important to note here that this isn’t a quick fix, Helen will have to maintain her new shape through healthy eating and a loving relationship with our best friend, the gym.

Asked if it was normal carrying out all the body surgeries at once, Kai calmly explained that for a woman of Helen’s age and health, it’s perfectly safe to completemany surgeries at once. Six hours under anesthesia is safe, and as the amount of time to carry out all the body surgeries will total no more than four, it’s easier to do them all at once and more beneficial to Helen. This way, she will only have to be put under anesthetic once for her body surgeries, rather than on two separate occasions.

Even though Helen is having fairly major surgery, she will only have to spend one night at Ocean Clinic, and will be able to go home the next day. She will be given a prescription of antibiotics to be taken for a week, and after two days at home resting, Helen is required to visit Kai for him to check everything is on track and healing well, and to remove the bandages and paper dressing wrapped around Helen’s bust. After ten days, all of the stitches that aren’t self-absorbable can be taken out, and Kai will carry out a series of courses of lymphatic drainage to reduce the swelling around the body. Ocean Clinic also offer more post-op care in the form of physiotherapy, to eliminate the build up of liquids and any internal scar tissue. After all that fairly invasive surgery, one would expect for the recovery time to exceed a few months. However Kai assured Helen she would be up and about after four weeks! Astounding isn’t it!

At Helen’s pre-op appointment, Kai took a selection of images of her body and performed an ECG (electrocardiogram), which measures and records the electrical activity of the heart. From this, the anesthesiologist is able to tailor the course of anesthesia Helen is put on for her surgeries. Also, a routine blood test was required. However, on the first attempt, a vein was no-where to be found. Helen assured us that she has been in this situation before, but that it just takes a while for her veins to come to the surface. After around half an hour of attempting to coax her vein, it was evident that it was going to be unsuccessful in this instance, and Helen was asked to return after a course of tablets and seeing a specialist. However, there was only a short space of time before Kai would be performing the surgeries, and knowing how busy he is, would he be able to reschedule?

Next month, find out if Helen’s surgeries went ahead as planned…















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