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What makes all the sadness of working with abandoned, abused or neglected animals worthwhile is the success stories. Each month we will bring you
uplifting and inspiring stories of the latest animals to be saved and re-homed through Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre - tissues at the ready!


Winnie Woo was found by a river, where she had given birth to six puppies in the pouring winter rain; she was very nervous but allowed a kind lady
to take her into her home. Kim arranged foster care with the amazing Kara Robertson, who spent five months building up Winnie’s confidence. During this time Winnie had to watch all but one of her puppies be re-homed. Thankfully, one of Kara’s friends from England fell in love with Winnie during her holiday in Spain and Winnie was soon on her way to her new home. She now enjoys playing in her huge garden and loves having home cooked meals every night, Winnie had endured a lot in her young life and she found it hard to trust again but she is now a very happy pampered princess with a
family who adore her. She really did find her paradise.


Ritchie was rescued from the pound in Fuengirola by Kim when he was about six months old. People were reluctant to adopt him because he seemed a little headstrong, but in fact he was just a boisterous boy who was extremely bored, so he was given special training on the lead and copious amounts of exercise to help with his excess energy. A couple came to see him regularly but, although the lady had fallen head over heels with Ritchie, her husband was still distraught over losing his elderly dog and was not ready to have another yet. Meanwhile, Richie’s photo was shared on Facebook by hundreds of people until one day he was seen by Mo from Blackpool and Richie’s life was never to be the same again. This is why we want to emphasise how important it is to ‘share’ photos of animals that need rehoming: IT DOES WORK. A home check was set up and Ritchie’s suitcase was packed for his new life in Blackpool. Ritchie and his new Mum now rarely leave each other’s sides. He loves his daily walks on Blackpool beach where he can enjoy a good dig. Another of his favourite pastimes it to watch the swans on the canal and he is even allowed to climb aboard the boats if he has been very good. He has kept up with his training and both Richie and Mo are very happy to have found each other.

If you would like to adopt any of the above animals, we would love to feature you and your new furry friend in the magazine.
Please contact: Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre, T. 603 138 715



Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre would like to invite you to their charity dinner at the fabulous Restaurante Valparaiso in Mijas, where you will enjoy a sumptuous menu in a stunning setting. With the team keen to let their hair down, entertainment is definitely a priority. The talented Zoe Hughes and Laura Johnson will have  you busting your moves on the dance floor and Astra the amazing belly dancer will be adding a touch of spice to the evening. Fantastic prizes can be won via an exciting raffle, including dinner, cocktails and a bottle of wine at The Streets of London Restaurant, dinner for two at Valparaiso and vouchers for Alberdero Beach Club. For the sports lovers, football, cricket and rugby memorabilia will be auctioned. 

There will be complementary champagne on arrival, plus beer, wine and soft drinks for the rest of the evening. There are over 300 animals at Kim’s at the moment, with more being brought in every day, so we need to raise as much money as possible. Want to know where your much needed dinero will go? With the well now dry, Kim needs to buy massive amounts of water and, of course, fill the hungry stomachs of all the animals. The vet’s bill is the highest it has ever been, so this needs to be paid off. 

Kim needs your support now more than ever, as the centre is relying on food and water donations from day to day - it really is that desperate. We hope to see you there.



Andrea Böck, interior designer and founder of Ambience Home Design, a leading interior architecture and design firm on the Costa del Sol, has over the last decade, worked on a variety of projects throughout Europe, the Caribbean Islands and Middle East, assisting her clients in the very challenging task of refurbishing, decorating and furnishing their homes down to the very last detail.

As a follow up to last month’s Kitchen’s article, I’d like to share a few more cool ideas of kitchen furniture and appliances.

First of all I think that a kitchen should have a great cooker, solet’s start with AGA.


4-Oven AGA model

Iconic design and inimitable cooking performance aside, the beauty of this cooker is that it takes full advantage of off-peak electricity, storing it through the night in specially designed heat bricks located deep inside the cooker. The stored energy is then used to heat your AGA throughout the day. Like all AGA cookers, the 4-oven 30-amp version is cast iron. It’s this iron that radiates the heat through the ovens and hotplates, allowing it always to be instantly available for use and preventing food from drying out, while retaining its goodness and enhancing its natural flavours. The ambient heat it provides keeps kitchens and even adjoining rooms deliciously warm.

MIELE – Forever better

Founded in 1899, Miele’s philosophy of manufacturing goods that stand the test of time continues to reflect on each of their designs and products. Their wine cellar is simply stunning and very practical. It has a glass hanger and tray designed specifically for bottles of wine. It’s also an inspired way to display your wine collection.

Free-standing units from Miele create a very sleek, modern look.


Miele’s MultiSteam
Perfection to suit personal tastes - the Miele steam oven is an all-round expert and the perfect partner for an oven and a hob. As the cooking times for steaming and boiling are identical, you do not have to change your cooking habits. You can make starters, soup, fish, meat, vegetables, side dishes and puddings on their own or together as part of a complete meal in one process. Individual preferences – firm or tender, moist or dry – can also be catered for in a Miele steam oven. Miele’s MultiSteam technology with external steam generation ensures perfect results. Eight steam inlet ports enable fast generation of steam and steam distribution and therefore short heating times and uniform cooking results. 

Pureline warming drawer – another great asset for those who enjoy cooking and serving. Receive your guests with warm plates on the table, then use it to warm your coffee cups or keep food hot.


And it goes without saying that their built-in coffee bean marchine, OneTouch and OneTouch for Two, is a great choice for coffee lovers.
Fully-automatic perfection: one or two coffee specialities at the touch of a button. The OneTouch for Two function allows two glasses of latte macchiato or two cups of cappuccino, coffee or espresso to be made at the same time. Using the One- Touch function and pressing the button twice produces two hot drinks in one process, delivered conveniently via the central spout.



The ribbed fronts on this collection are very distinctive and original. If you want to add a bit of texture to your kitchen, this is a good choice. 

I also really like the industrial look and design in Allmilmö’s collection.

And, for a riot of colour and curvy lines, the door fronts of the allmilmö model PIA in heather violet contrast splendidly with the surroundings in crystal white diamond lacquer. Also available in the complete RAL colour chart in high gloss or matte.



Since 1892, Poggenpohl has been on the forefront of kitchen designs with its quest to improve the kitchen. The innovative kitchen concept +ARTESIO offers an integrated solution that fuses furniture design, wall, floor and ceiling together architecturally. The result is an integrated space concept in which the aspects of building, architecture, home and kitchen all coalesce. The awardwinning design of the +ARTESIO kitchen is defined by an innovative function arch: this produces an entirely new feeling of space that not only turns the kitchen into the centre of home life but also builds a visual bridge between cooking and living.

In September 2007 Porsche Design Groupand Poggenpohl Möbelwerke GmbH presented their co-designed kitchen, Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen P’7340. Aluminium profiles of different sizes, which permit individual styling, constitute the basic framework of the new kitchen. Within the aluminium frames, customers can position cabinet elements any way they like. The result is a modular, spacious and extremely versatile system of frames and carcasses that deliberately integrates clear spaces into the overall design concept.

Have fun in your kitchen! // Andrea

Marbella Madness - By Giles Brown

margilesGiles Brown contemplates madness in Marbella, whilst hanging upside down from the beams of his lakeside lair, dressed in a giant bat costume. (As you do?)

‘Mad as a March hare’ the saying goes, but how does one actually define madness? More importantly, how does one define madness in Marbella? Before any Nutty Boys in two-tone shoes and pork pie hats start shouting from the cheap seats “I can. I saw them at the Plaza de Toros a few years back”; I worked on that Madness concert as a production assistant and still have the scars to prove it. Mainly on the surface of my liver, but then again I spent most of the time hanging out with the lighting guys. It was the only concert where they almost ran out of booze, and that was before we let the crowd in.



Five years old, he is the sweetest cat you will ever meet. He mothers all the orphan kittens, grooming them daily and loves nothing more than to sleep on Kim’s pillow. However, he does have feline immunodeficiency virus, so he would need to go to a home that understands his condition. Apart from this he is in perfect health and would make a wonderful addition to a family. Please give him the chance he deserves.

Dory is the beige pup and Marlon is the brown and white cutie: both are only six months old. They are the only survivors out of a litter of six found dumped in a bin, so they really deserve a forever home for being such fighters. Marlon is very bouncy and playful but loves his cuddle time where as Dory is very sweet and would love to be fussed with all day if she could. Both puppies thrive off human attention and are very sad at the shelter, as they are used to being in foster care. Foster mum, Kara Robertson admits, “ I looked after them until they had their vaccinations and I am worried sick about them at the shelter as I know they are not happy there. Dory’s face haunts me at night, I just want them to have constant love.” Let’s make Kara’s hard work worthwhile and find these perfect pups their new families.

This beautiful two year-old mixed breed was found abandoned with a broken foot. She is very easygoing and has completely recovered from her ordeal. Sashki gets on with everyone and is very trusting of humans. She is always the first to greet a new dog at the shelter and show them some 
kindness. She even stays with the more nervous dogs to show them support, so she would fit in well with a family that already has dogs. We think it’s now her turn to enjoy some much needed love and affection. Can you give Sashki a home?

We are totally devastated to say that at the moment this gorgeous kitty doesn’t have a name; she really is ‘the forgotten one’ but we have given her the nickname of Ginger Rodgers. This beautiful girl is four years old, loves being around people but isn’t keen on other cats - she was brought in by her owner, who was moving back to the U.K. Although we are happy that she was brought to the shelter rather than just being dumped somewhere, we still can’t get our heads around people who just leave their animals behind, since a pet should be part of the family till their dying day. Ginger hates it at the shelter and doesn’t understand what she has done wrong to have been left there. Please can someone give her a new life and a new

For more information on these animals please contact: Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre,
T. 603 138 715

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NicoleISSUE FINAL_ISSUU-256 Rewarding Reviews We all dream of Caribbean holidays, relaxing days in a 5 star spa, luxurious fine dining or even joining your local gym to burn off the Christmas excess. Normally our heads start to spin and turn to thoughts of ‘’oh no, Not MORE Money’’. It can really put a dampener on things if you really can’t afford it and can only dream about it. Well...

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