The Plight of the Podencos


Before I hand over to Tania Coates (SOS Animals UK) I just wanted to share my personal experience. Until I came to Spain I had never come across a Podenco. Two years ago, a Podenco mix puppy was thrown out of a car in Nueva Andalucia. This big eared, quivering wreck gave my partner and I one look filled with such sorrow, that we took him in there and then.

Kobi is like marmite; people either love or hate him. If I walk him along the beach people regularly stop and take photos of him, however it is also common for people to cross the street to avoid us and one man even told my partner that Kobi was a beast and should be muzzled. Poor Kobi has been compared with everything from a rat to the mutants in the movie I Am Legend. However I think he is beautiful. The breed does have a bad reputation and, yes, I will put my hand up, they are a lot of work. However, the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives. Podencos are incredibly loyal; Kobi follows me everywhere. If I cry he licks away my tears and if I am ill he sits by my side. I have never known a dog be as gentle with food and obviously I wouldn’t recommend this, but my partner’s daughter once took food out of his bowl while he was eating and he didn’t move a muscle. As for protection you couldn’t get a better guard dog. I cannot understand why they are so badly treated in this country.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend - well Kobi is mine.Spain has a long tradition of hunting with dogs, and two breeds – the Galgo and the Podenco – are generally used in the south.

The Galgo is similar to a Greyhound, but tougher and with more stamina, while the Podenco (which means hound in Spanish) is similar in stature to the Pharaoh Hound, with his large chest and shallow belly. However some – such as the Podenco Maneto – can be squat, or even medium-size or large like the Podenco Ibicenco (Ibizan Hound). Both Galgos and Podencos are considered ancient breeds and it is often claimed that the Podenco is a descendant of the hounds of the Pharaohs, and is believed to have arrived in Europe in around the eighth century.

Although some of these Spanish dogs are cared for adequately, many are treated very poorly, and at the end of the hunting season it is not uncommon for dogs to be shot or hung because they are considered no longer useful. The streets and countryside of Spain are full of strays and abandoned dogs are left to breed unchecked. In addition, neutering and vaccination are very rare.

Spanish pounds and rescue shelters are over-populated with dogs looking for homes, and SOS Animals is one such shelter. Run by Spanish, British and Swedish volunteers, around 60 or 70 dogs are cared for at any one time whilst efforts are made to find foster and forever homes for these abandoned animals.

SOS Animals UK was set up over four years ago to try and help with this dreadful situation. A volunteer-run organisation, it is dedicated to helping the SOS shelter in Spain care for, foster and find new homes for the dogs in the UK and also helps several fosterers in Spain who are equally overwhelmed with Podencos and Podenco crossbreeds. The breed is very common in Spain, and often overlooked in many of the shelters.

Podencos and Galgos can make brilliant pets, and SOS Animals ensures it finds the right home for these wonderful dogs. They have a detailed rehoming process which begins with an assessment of an animal, which is then matched to a home where his or her needs will be fully met. Discussion about a would-be adopter’s lifestyle, experience with dogs, and expectations of life with a Podenco may ultimately lead to a home check and visit to meet the dog concerned at the foster home. Once a home is found, they offer full back-up and support for the new owner to ensure the dog is properly settled.

Podencos are renowned escapologists, and it is not unusual for them to jump six foot high fences in a single leap: a secure garden is therefore an absolute must. They are multi-sensory hounds who are far more robust than Greyhounds, Lurchers and other sight hounds (who hunt using sight and speed primarily). They can be mischievous and full of fun, yet also watchful and gentle. Although these dogs are absolutely stunning in every way, they are not ideal companions for everyone. Specific breed needs can mean they must be rehomed in a family that already has a dog or dogs and new owners must be aware that a Podenco may have to be on lead when not in a securely fenced location: these agile hounds require a lot of exercise and their recall can be selective at the best of times. All of the dogs rescued by SOS Animals are micro-chipped, vaccinated, neutered, and blood-tested and any medical needs taken care of. Since the establishment of SOS Animals, the organisation has found forever homes for thousands of dumped and stray dogs, the vast majority of which were Podencos. Please visit our websites and Facebook page to meet the many Podencos looking for loving forever homes.

Facebook: SOSAnimalsUK

Furry Friends: The Forgotten Ones


All the animals on this page are desperately in need of a loving home


Well good day to you - please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Tina and Chris, brother and sister Jack Russells. We have lived the most wonderful life together until, sadly, our master died; we were devastated of course. The neighbours tried their best to help and initially took us in, but with six dogs of their own it was too much. We are very sweet and quiet with lovely manners and, at 14 years old, are OAPs, so our days of charging around the park are long gone. We still love our walks, though it’s more of a stroll than a run these days. We are craving the home comforts that we are used to and desperately need a little fuss and a lot of cuddles; we promise to reward you with all our love. We would definitely need homing together as we do not like to be separated. Did you know that we were only 30 minutes away from being put to sleep when Kim rescued us? Good timing I say. We have lots of positives; please don’t pass us by and leave us to spend the rest of our lives in kennels.


Just as my name suggests, I am a very chilled out and peaceful little girl, who would like nothing more than to curl up on your knee and help you relax. I have been at the shelter since I was three weeks old and I do not understand why I have never been chosen ahead of other cats. I was found in a box with my brother Diablo - we had been dumped in the campo. I remember being very thirsty and hungry and barely able to lift my head. Apparently we were both severely dehydrated and close to death. I am very sweet and love to show my affection by curling around your feet and purring. I have been through a lot and I am hoping that soon it will be my turn to be given lots of love and a home to call my own.


Given my name I can only assume I am royalty and like to keep up appearances. I am as gentle and graceful as a member of the aristocracy should be. Members of my court here tell me I’m a lovely chap with beautiful manners but it’s all in the breeding, don’t you know? I am four years old and was being held hostage in a dreadful pace called the pound, where I was saved from death by my loyal knights. I am looking for new lodgings - a palace would be most suitable I think. You must understand that to give me all the pampering a man of nobility needs I must have your full attention at all times.


Hello potential adopters. I am a lovely lady who was very sad and bewildered in kennels. Being so small meant that kennel life is not for me and I long for a warm cosy sofa and most of all a person to snuggle up with. I am now looking for a new home and a new beginning after being found as a stray in Murcia. I am currently in foster care but I seem to have rubbed the resident dog up the wrong way; I don’t know why, as most dogs seem to like me. I think he is used to getting all the attention - men! I am housetrained, great with cats and am always happy. I think people like to be greeted with a grin and a tail wag don’t you? If you can show me how lovely life can be and offer me love and affection I will be one happy lady. Please hurry and contact Kim and speak to about the Marvellous Mandy, who needs a best friend today.


Kim’s has recently had a check up by the OCA and the outcome is pretty grim to say the least. They have stated that if the requested repairs, which will cost more than 10,000 euros, are not completed within a month, they will revoke the shelter licence. Kim’s also needs to reduce the number of dogs by 50 within 30 days, so they are desperate for foster carers. Could you open your heart and home and become a Foster Angel?

Kara Robertson and her animal foster family “I started fostering about seven years ago. I was a volunteer dog walker and was thinking about starting a family with my partner, Gary, when a litter of abandoned puppies came into the shelter. At only four weeks they needed bottle-feeding and I felt this was the perfect opportunity to see if I had what it took to be a mother. We fostered the five puppies and bottle-fed them every two hours. Once they came of age they were all sent to Belgium for adoption. It’s always a sad time when you say goodbye to dogs and puppies that you have loved and cared for, but the pictures of them happy in their homes makes it all worthwhile. We have fostered many, many dogs over the years. We tend to opt for the litters of puppies. Although they are more work than an adult dog, they are the most at risk at the shelter and, of course, the fact that there are usually a number of them helps with the attachment issues. We have had some very sad cases and lost puppies due to different illnesses but we carry on because our help is very much needed. Fostering is incredibly important as there are always cases at shelters of dogs that are simply pining. They stop eating and are basically dying of a broken heart because the person they loved most and depended on has left them in a strange, scary place. They are used to a real home and a foster parent can take that dog, give them love, gain their trust and show that life isn’t over for them. For puppies and kittens it’s giving them that chance to allow their small immune systems to grow. Many don’t have their mothers and have been dumped in the bins or at the side of the road, so by fostering you become that lifeline for them. I now have three and six year-old boys of my own. Fostering shows them how to care for animals and how important it is to help others in need. I have seen how caring and loving my boys have become. Now they are eager to feed stray dogs when they see them and jump out of the car with the food and water to make sure the uncatchable ones are fed. I wish more people would foster. It is an amazing feeling to know you have saved a life; it’s a real achievement.”

For more information on these animals please contact: Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre, T. 603 138 715

Funk it Up!


Andrea Böck, interior designer and founder of Ambience Home Design, a leading interior architecture and design firm on the Costa del Sol, has over the last decade, worked on a variety of projects throughout Europe, the Caribbean Islands and Middle East, assisting her clients in the very challenging task of refurbishing, decorating and furnishing their homes down to the very last detail.

This month I’d like to showcase some extraordinary pieces and unique designs, with the focus on sideboards, vitrines and tables. Hope you like them!


A fashionably faceted jewel!

Boca do Lobo’s “Diamond Emerald”, radiates glamour and brilliance through its faceted and intricate design. The three sculpted doors on this sideboard lead to a gold leaf interior with shelving and drawers - a jewel with a purpose.


Newton Console [limited edition]

Once again, Boca do Lobo defies the laws of physics in designing this monumental console in aluminum and black lacquer with a high gloss varnish. The spheres and semispheres that complete this futuristic console are gold plated and it is ideal for any modern living room, bedroom or hotel lobby rich in luxurious interior design furnishings.



This stunning piece from the Coolors Collection, exudes luxury and elegance.





Add a touch of ambience to your contemporary design; the Soho coffee table, comprising nine drawers, works in a modular system that offers the possibility of changing the drawers’ position in order to create the optimum layout.



For a splash of color, Pixel!

The 1088 triangles that complete this piece, - with a diversity of finishes such as gold leaf, silver leaf, lacquering and 10 different types of wood leaf – display the dedication and art of those who built it. Furthermore, the polished brass base gives Pixel a unique personality, a strong and sophisticated character.



And for an exotic piece, here’s Forest! Inspired by nature and its forms and functions, the structure of this unique piece is made of wood, which is then layered with stainless steel and an overlay of stylized black lacquer branch fretwork. The base is carved from mahogany and the interior compartmentalized with angled shelves covered in gold leaf and finished with a translucent orange high gloss varnish.




The LALLAN centre table combines four different materials and finishes, namely palisander veneer, black lacquer, polished brass and antique brass. All this components cross and integrate harmoniously, despite their asymmetry, to create LALLAN.


Koi by Brabbu

The Koi carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly appreciated for its decorative qualities, not only in water gardens but also in Irezumi practice and, most commonly, in tattoos. Its natural colour mutations reveal their capacity to adapt just like this set of KOI tables with tabletops in glass or marble that you can choose to reflect your ambience. The KOI ‘scales’ on the sides of the tables shine and reflect – on its brass surface – the sun caught throughout the clear water. KOI and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship.



SEQUOIA is a natural force, an ancient spirit belonging to the largest and tallest trees in the world. The tabletop’s unique veneer shows the passage of the years, enriched by the texture of the brass ‘bark’. SEQUOIA proves the beauty of the action of time. Materials: table top in walnut root veneer and elm root veneer with matte finish, base in brushed brass.


NAZCA Sideboard

A tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat, this NAZCA sideboard reminds us of the movement triggered by tectonic plates that engage us in an exquisite rhythm. Located on the west coast of South America close to Peru, NAZCA is a tectonic plate whose earth beat created extraordinary volcanic islands, like the Galapagos and inspired the creation of this sideboard structured with wood and brass. Materials: Glossy walnut root veneer with ash interior.



This stunning piece by Malabar pays tribute to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s National Congress Palace. The two 100 metre-high towers inspired Malabar to design Brasilia, where quality materials stand out, like the black glass and caviuna leaf wood. Its interior, a cellar lined with satin fabric, evokes the palace’s luxurious aspects, and the carved look completes the design. Malabar’s philosophy is staying true to the spirit of expression, imagination and poetry, clearly shown in this interpretation.


Moduler by Van der Rohe

This piece, designed with geometric and minimalist lines, is made of exotic wood, the satinwood interior contrasting attractively with the exterior. This console seduces and thrills with the precision and refinement of its details. In a clear allusion to the work of the architect, the lines of this piece remind us of the remarkable work already carried out by Van der Rohe, with his distinctive and unmistakable traits.



“Templo” is a visual homage to Gaudi, inspired by the eccentric and unusual buildings of the Spanish artist. In the simplest environment, it exudes life and joy, conveys positive feelings and provides a unique experience of contemplation, which leads us to a different world where the imaginary expands without limits. “Templo” stands out in any room thanks to its bright colours, intriguing shapes and quirky design. It is a bar carefully hand painted, supported by a structure of noble wood, and its interior is coated in gold.


Slim – Less is more!

This console stands out for its elegant and sophisticated lines, made for a cosmopolitan environment. Slim’s appeal lies in its precise geometry and refinement. This piece makes a strong statement via the details and materials used. While outside it is wrapped in a silver coating with a high gloss lacquered finish, the interior consists of high quality wood and ebony.


Leveza – by architect Siza Vieira

This table, fashioned from exotic wood, undeniably stands out for its elegance, sobriety and refinement. Siza Vieira brilliantly combines aesthetics and originality with this design.


Ambience Home Design S.L. - CIF: B92401983
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  - Pedidos: +351 968 793 192 Tel: +34 952 788 691 / Fax: +34 952 801 839
Showroom: Ctra. Ronda La Cancela de la Quinta, Edificio 3 Local 3.2B 29670 San Pedro de Alcantara, Malaga, Spain 
Almacen: Polígono Industrial Antonio Bernal, Río El Padrón, Nave 4 Fase 3ªE, 29680 Estepona, Spain

Furry Friends: My Happy ever after


What makes all the sadness of working with abandoned, abused or neglected animals worthwhile is the success stories. Each month we will bring you uplifting and inspiring stories of the latest animals to be saved and re-homed through Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre - tissues at the ready!

Alien & Pudding

By - his new Mum and Dad - the Morris/Tolliday family.

We love having Alien in our family and are so pleased that we adopted him. He is such a character. He is still not great with strangers but he adores other dogs - ALL of them. He and Pudding get on so well and since Alien arrived she has been acting like a puppy again, running around the forest with him everyday like a nutter. He has made her feel young my HAPPY ever after again. She is eight and was getting a bit lazy and grumpy, but now Pudding is like a completely different dog. They are inseparable. He has become famous in Epping Forest, the breed is so rare over here that he is like a little celebrity. He has been likened to a tiny shire horse. Alien is getting more confident and independent now. Before he would sleep on our bed, draped over our legs so that he was always touching us, but now he sleeps in his own bed like a big boy. We love him so much, he is our little/big boy; when we get home he sings to us and he sounds like a gremlin, it’s so sweet. We now have the perfect brother for our Pudding and the best little boy we could wish for.


Bobi -Sox

Bobi was less than a year old when his owner surrendered him to the pound. He was on death row, where being put to sleep was pretty much a certainly. Kim’s administrator, Karoline Barrett just happened to be picking up a pair or Samoyeds to take back to the rescue centre when Bobi spotted her. His eyes told her all she needed to know. Karoline promised there and then that she would find him the perfect forever home and she worked and worked and worked for Bobi. His was the face of a campaign and he was shared by hundreds of people on Facebook until one day, a woman right here in Mijas Costa sent Bobi’s photo to her friend who had moved here from the UK and she fell in love instantly. Bobi now has an entire family: a Mum, Dad and children who have adopted a second puppy so that Bobi has a friend. Bobi is the gentlest dog in the world and he has become the Lord of the house, having his every wish met with love. He is now a completely settled 18 month-old pup who is regularly groomed, walked and played with, yet he has retained his cheeky character, which makes his family fall deeper in love with him every day. What a lucky boy.

We would love to feature you and your new furry friend in the magazine! Tell us your Happy Ever After story at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre, T. 603 138 715

Home Couture - The Stylist Touch


Andrea Böck, leading interior designer and owner of Ambience Home Design, was commissioned to design and furnish a property in La Alzambra. “The main objective was to lend this property a contemporary and fresh feel and to play with textures and shapes in a discrete yet stylish way, maintaining calm tones throughout.” Andrea explains.

For a slick modern element, Andrea chose Arketipo’s Plat sofa and Pipistrello lamps on either side to bring height and unequivocal style, while an Asian inspired textured and patterned fabric was the source of inspiration for the armchairs. For additional seating that would not obstruct the view she chose round pouffés in a silky fabric.

“We used metallic voiles to dress the windows, creating a touch of glamour; their creased effect and voluptuous drop add a stunning texture whilst reflecting light.” Says Andrea. Andrea cleverly opted for two side-by-side coffee tables, as opposed to one and says “The additional space can easily be adapted for any occasion”. And, as a finishing touch, she chapters the whole area with an extra large and beautiful soft rug from India.

A reading corner was designed at the far end of the lounge and for the overall look Andrea chose a set of beautiful white lacquered wooden stumps, a modern chaise longue by Desiree and a Francoise Nielly painting for a splash of colour.

A play with texture In the master bedroom, striped silky wallpaper is the backdrop to stark white lacquered wall-mounted side tables and a large plush faux fur fills the bed. An end of bed storage bench was upholstered in a stunning geometric velvety fabric, contrasted by a simple linen armchair with stud detail, that fills the corner.

Andrea chose fine, dark, weather resistant faux wicker seating which is easy to maintain and tribal artwork to decorate the walls.

Ambience Home Design T. 952 788 691 Ctra. Ronda La Cancela de la Quinta, Edificio 3 Local 3.2B San Pedro de Alcantara

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