Furry Friends: The Forgotten Ones


All the animals on this page are desperately in need of a loving home



Well good day to you - please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Tina and Chris, brother and sister Jack Russells. We have lived the most wonderful life together until, sadly, our master died; we were devastated of course. The neighbours tried their best to help and initially took us in, but with six dogs of their own it was too much. We are very sweet and quiet with lovely manners and, at 14 years old, are OAPs, so our days of charging around the park are long gone. We still love our walks, though it’s more of a stroll than a run these days. We are craving the home comforts that we are used to and desperately need a little fuss and a lot of cuddles; we promise to reward you with all our love. We would definitely need homing together as we do not like to be separated. Did you know that we were only 30 minutes away from being put to sleep when Kim rescued us? Good timing I say. We have lots of positives; please don’t pass us by and leave us to spend the rest of our lives in kennels.



Just as my name suggests, I am a very chilled out and peaceful little girl, who would like nothing more than to curl up on your knee and help you relax. I have been at the shelter since I was three weeks old and I do not understand why I have never been chosen ahead of other cats. I was found in a box with my brother Diablo - we had been dumped in the campo. I remember being very thirsty and hungry and barely able to lift my head. Apparently we were both severely dehydrated and close to death. I am very sweet and love to show my affection by curling around your feet and purring. I have been through a lot and I am hoping that soon it will be my turn to be given lots of love and a home to call my own.



Given my name I can only assume I am royalty and like to keep up appearances. I am as gentle and graceful as a member of the aristocracy should be. Members of my court here tell me I’m a lovely chap with beautiful manners but it’s all in the breeding, don’t you know? I am four years old and was being held hostage in a dreadful pace called the pound, where I was saved from death by my loyal knights. I am looking for new lodgings - a palace would be most suitable I think. You must understand that to give me all the pampering a man of nobility needs I must have your full attention at all times.



Hello potential adopters. I am a lovely lady who was very sad and bewildered in kennels. Being so small meant that kennel life is not for me and I long for a warm cosy sofa and most of all a person to snuggle up with. I am now looking for a new home and a new beginning after being found as a stray in Murcia. I am currently in foster care but I seem to have rubbed the resident dog up the wrong way; I don’t know why, as most dogs seem to like me. I think he is used to getting all the attention - men! I am housetrained, great with cats and am always happy. I think people like to be greeted with a grin and a tail wag don’t you? If you can show me how lovely life can be and offer me love and affection I will be one happy lady. Please hurry and contact Kim and speak to about the Marvellous Mandy, who needs a best friend today.


Kim’s has recently had a check up by the OCA and the outcome is pretty grim to say the least. They have stated that if the requested repairs, which will cost more than 10,000 euros, are not completed within a month, they will revoke the shelter licence. Kim’s also needs to reduce the number of dogs by 50 within 30 days, so they are desperate for foster carers. Could you open your heart and home and become a Foster Angel?

Kara Robertson and her animal foster family “I started fostering about seven years ago. I was a volunteer dog walker and was thinking about starting a family with my partner, Gary, when a litter of abandoned puppies came into the shelter. At only four weeks they needed bottle-feeding and I felt this was the perfect opportunity to see if I had what it took to be a mother. We fostered the five puppies and bottle-fed them every two hours. Once they came of age they were all sent to Belgium for adoption. It’s always a sad time when you say goodbye to dogs and puppies that you have loved and cared for, but the pictures of them happy in their homes makes it all worthwhile. We have fostered many, many dogs over the years. We tend to opt for the litters of puppies. Although they are more work than an adult dog, they are the most at risk at the shelter and, of course, the fact that there are usually a number of them helps with the attachment issues. We have had some very sad cases and lost puppies due to different illnesses but we carry on because our help is very much needed. Fostering is incredibly important as there are always cases at shelters of dogs that are simply pining. They stop eating and are basically dying of a broken heart because the person they loved most and depended on has left them in a strange, scary place. They are used to a real home and a foster parent can take that dog, give them love, gain their trust and show that life isn’t over for them. For puppies and kittens it’s giving them that chance to allow their small immune systems to grow. Many don’t have their mothers and have been dumped in the bins or at the side of the road, so by fostering you become that lifeline for them. I now have three and six year-old boys of my own. Fostering shows them how to care for animals and how important it is to help others in need. I have seen how caring and loving my boys have become. Now they are eager to feed stray dogs when they see them and jump out of the car with the food and water to make sure the uncatchable ones are fed. I wish more people would foster. It is an amazing feeling to know you have saved a life; it’s a real achievement.”

For more information on these animals please contact: Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre, T. 603 138 715 https://en-gb.facebook.com/KimsAnimalRescue

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