Furry Friends: My Happy ever after


What makes all the sadness of working with abandoned, abused or neglected animals worthwhile is the success stories. Each month we will bring you uplifting and inspiring stories of the latest animals to be saved and re-homed through Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre - tissues at the ready!


Alien & Pudding

By - his new Mum and Dad - the Morris/Tolliday family.

We love having Alien in our family and are so pleased that we adopted him. He is such a character. He is still not great with strangers but he adores other dogs - ALL of them. He and Pudding get on so well and since Alien arrived she has been acting like a puppy again, running around the forest with him everyday like a nutter. He has made her feel young my HAPPY ever after again. She is eight and was getting a bit lazy and grumpy, but now Pudding is like a completely different dog. They are inseparable. He has become famous in Epping Forest, the breed is so rare over here that he is like a little celebrity. He has been likened to a tiny shire horse. Alien is getting more confident and independent now. Before he would sleep on our bed, draped over our legs so that he was always touching us, but now he sleeps in his own bed like a big boy. We love him so much, he is our little/big boy; when we get home he sings to us and he sounds like a gremlin, it’s so sweet. We now have the perfect brother for our Pudding and the best little boy we could wish for.



Bobi -Sox

Bobi was less than a year old when his owner surrendered him to the pound. He was on death row, where being put to sleep was pretty much a certainly. Kim’s administrator, Karoline Barrett just happened to be picking up a pair or Samoyeds to take back to the rescue centre when Bobi spotted her. His eyes told her all she needed to know. Karoline promised there and then that she would find him the perfect forever home and she worked and worked and worked for Bobi. His was the face of a campaign and he was shared by hundreds of people on Facebook until one day, a woman right here in Mijas Costa sent Bobi’s photo to her friend who had moved here from the UK and she fell in love instantly. Bobi now has an entire family: a Mum, Dad and children who have adopted a second puppy so that Bobi has a friend. Bobi is the gentlest dog in the world and he has become the Lord of the house, having his every wish met with love. He is now a completely settled 18 month-old pup who is regularly groomed, walked and played with, yet he has retained his cheeky character, which makes his family fall deeper in love with him every day. What a lucky boy.

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