Love In Paradise

Loveinparadise1With elegance and sparkles, Kathrine and Eystein exchanged vows on the beautiful beach setting of El Oceano Beach Hotel

Flying High

We both used to work in aviation and came in contact with each other through mutual friends. We first met at a crew gathering and it was love at first sight! We both worked similar jobs and had flexible working hours allowing us to spend a lot of time together over the first few months. With our common passion for flying, our first date was magical, flying over the city of Stavanger, Norway, in a small airplane piloted by my now husband, Eystein.

Happily Ever After

Happilyeverafter1Daniella and Alex enjoyed a peaceful wedding in the beautiful Kempinski Bahia where they celebrated the princess wedding she had always dreamt of

It was love from the start

We met at work a few years ago and became close friends over a small period of time. As cheesy as it sounds, we both knew we were right for each other from the start. Alex proposed to me last December on a weekend away for his birthday. We had an amazing evening drinking champagne over a lovely meal and spent the rest of the evening on FaceTime sharing our fantastic news with all our family and friends.

Chemistry of Love

ChemistryofLove1Sarah and William celebrated their marriage in the beautiful countryside of Casares at El Cortijo Pedro Jimenez

The first sparks

In 2005 when Will and I were in our twenties, we both made the decision to return to university to study medicine. We had just started a pre-medical course and I was already beginning to feel a bit daunted and wasn’t sure if I would ever get into medical school, so was considering leaving. The next day I sat next to Will in the library and let’s just say my decision was put on hold a little while longer! Ten years later, we are both doctors in Edinburgh and I have that day to thank for both my future husband and my medical career.

A Real Life Fairy Tale

Reallifefairytale3Ekaterina and Artem brought their dreams to the beautiful Spainish mountains and it was all they could have had hoped it to be

How it all began

We met 8 years ago when Ekaterina first moved to St. Petersburg. We were both starting University at the time and had studied together in the same group from the first day. We spent all of our free time together with mutual friends and somewhere in the middle of it all we fell in love!

News from the Rock

news-from-rock-1Gibraltar Botanic Gardens Launches Tours

For couples looking to wed in Gibraltar this marks the perfect occasion to check out the beautiful botanical gardens on The Rock, a popular location for ceremonies and post-wedding photographs.   All tours will include a complete walk around the Botanic Gardens and will highlight plants and features of interest.  Tours will take place once a month and will be led by a variety of experts on the gardens; an unmissable activity for couples considering the Botanic Gardens as the backdrop to their wedding day.

The Tables are Turned

the-tables-are-turned-1Award winning British bridal designer Charlotte Balbier and her partner Edward Bedford celebrated their marriage in December 2013 in the idyllic Shropshire countryside. At the recent White Gallery bridal exhibition, Features Editor Amber O’Shaughnessy snatched a bit of time with the famous designer for an exclusive chat about her big day.

Creating Wedding Fashion is your daily business as a bridal fashion designer. Nevertheless, was it something special for you to create your own wedding dress?

I created a couple of dresses for my big day. The day dress was a silk organza full ball gown skirt with a deep French lace trim. The bodice was fitted and boned with a sheer tulle neckline and three-quarter sleeves.

The Wedding of Any Year

the-wedding-of-any-year-1Ian Radford, Chairman of the majorly successful Sala Group, and his long-term partner, Claire Strutton pulled out all the stops for a beautiful British summer wedding with their closest family and friends.

One Day at a Time

I had been living in Marbella just over a year when Ian and I were introduced at a work related meeting. At the time, I didn’t know many people in Marbella but I knew straight away that Ian and I would be good friends, and we were. Those first few years weren’t particularly easy; as a single parent I was working all day and going home in the evening to look after my son. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to stay in Spain but Ian was one of the few people who made my day brighter. He has an infectious giggle and even though I joke that he has Angry Tourette’s, you won’t ever meet a kinder, fairer person. He was one of my best friends for the two years before we became a couple and most definitely kept me sane!

Sealed With a Kiss

sealed-with-a-kiss-1Louise and Andrew’s wedding was a truly international affair

The Love Boat

Andrew and I met in 1996, while working in the casino on-board the SS Atlantic cruise liner sailing around the Bahamas. Our departure from port had been delayed due to Hurricane Bertha, so we had our first date at the Atlantis hotel, Nassau. It was very romantic.

Shortly after moving to Suriname in South America we met up with friends for a rum-tasting evening when, out of the blue, Andrew felt the time was right to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. After I accepted his proposal we celebrated till dawn and sat by the side of the huge wide river and saw the sun come up, giggling to each other about what we had just done. It was a lovely time.

Boutique Beauty

Boutique-Beauty-1Sarah and Michael review the Hyatt’s five-star luxury boutique hotel, Andaz Liverpool Street during their mini-moon in the city of London.

After two years of planning I finally walked down the aisle in June and the day was everything I had hoped for. My husband - I still can’t believe I can now call him that - had been putting up with a total bridezilla for the past few months, so I really wanted to spoil him with the honeymoon; his dream has always been to sail around the Caribbean. However, with the summer months being more prone to hurricanes we decided to put off our trip until later in the year. To tide us over I booked us a surprise mini-moon to London. London is one of our favourite cities in the world; I don’t think there is anywhere else like it. As we stepped off the train at Liverpool Street Station, we bumped into a large group of women who were dressed like adult Victorian dolls.

Love from Scotland

love-from-scotlandRomana and Reece combined family tradition with an element of the new for a unique day of love.

Our Love Story

Reece and I met 11 years ago at a friend’s house in Glasgow. There was an instant attraction; I loved his sense of humour and his whole outlook on life. I’ll be forever thankful to my friend for introducing me to the man that would later become my husband.

Make Your Heart Sing

make-your-heart-sing-3Mike and Shelley married in a Scottish inspired wedding at the majestic Marbella Club

Going the Distance

Mike and I met in Sketch Bar in Mayfair, London. I was out for dinner with my best friend and Mike was out with clients. He approached me after dinner at the bar and before we knew it, we were having a great night out together with both sets of our friends. I never thought anything would materialize from it as he was living in New York at the time. He was travelling a lot between New York and London with work and the next time he was in town, he asked me out for a drink. We had a great night together and both instantly felt something really special. It became apparent in the early stages that we both had strong feelings for each other. The only problem was that we lived in different countries!

Crazy in Love

crazy-in-love-2The Beach House owners Guy and Lucy McCrow had a dreamy white wedding at their own restaurant for a day that was close to their heart

Our Story

We got together in 2002 having met the year before. At the time Guy’s sister and my brother were dating and we got to know each other through their relationship.

Foolish Love

In 2010, Guy proposed to me in Dubai in a lovely restaurant called Pier Chic. As anybody that knows Guy will tell you, he doesn’t take life too seriously and is a bit of a joker, so the proposal, of course, was not without a bit of buffoonery! I knew that Guy was going to propose at some point during the holiday so, when he told me we were going to Pier Chic on what was the penultimate night of our holiday, I guessed the time had come.

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