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Spring12Thoroughly-Gorgeous1Confeti chats to Talia Giraudo, one of the Coast’s most in demand photographers..

What challenges you in your line of work?

The challenge is making every wedding individual, personal and relevant to each couple. This starts with the first moment of contact, gaining information about the bride and groom, their life and their relationship. I prefer to meet the couple in person but if this is not possible then good email correspondence with them is a necessity to enable us to form a bond of trust.

How long have you working within this field?

I have been a professional for 14 years, mainly as a wedding and family portrait photographer because that is what I enjoy the most. As I have lived in many different countries and know people from different walks of life, I think that I have a sixth sense for what people want on their special day. I’m quite good at anticipating what’s going to happen, often the unexpected things as well. I know as soon as I look at someone’s face if they are going to start crying!

What are the particular benefits of working on the Costa de Sol?

The colours in southern Spain are some of the most beautiful, rich and vibrant in Europe; from the flowers to the sky, and the sea to the sand, everywhere you look offers a perfect backdrop. The sunsets on the beach and the smell of the flowers in the warm evenings offer a sensational environment for photographs


Is there such a thing as a typical couple?

Every couple is looking for something different, something unique. For me, there is a huge difference between having a style and repeating the same shots over and over again for different couples. I try to reflect how each couple would like themselves to be showcased on their wedding day so no two albums ever look the same.

Describe your photographic style?

As I mentioned before, I like to get involved from the start and meet the couple, find out who they are and their expectations. Then on the day I try to be as inconspicuous as possible! Many times couples have been surprised at some of the photos as they didn’t see me. I’ve often heard, ‘I didn’t even notice you taking that photo’ which is a very important thing for me. I try to be completely unobtrusive and if a couple say that they don’t remember me being there for 70 percent of the photos, then that for me is a good day. I take care with every single shot from the first to the last. The wedding day is theirs alone and I believe that I should interfere as little as possible.


Tell us a little about the presentation of your images.

When I first started my business I realised that there was a no point in having natural, contemporary shots and presenting them in a heavy, brown leather album that didn’t suit the photos, so I went to the UK and sourced Jorgensen albums which I believe are the best in the world. They are a really amazing product and everyone who has received one of the albums has commented that it has exceeded their expectations. As they are personalised I can match every single style of wedding to the style of album.


What do you believe are your strengths?

Simply put, people. I like them. Maybe being a woman helps me understand how a bride is feeling, maybe having a big family has given me a great experience of different age groups, maybe being fluent in Spanish and English can bridge possible complications. I’m very good at getting a “vibe” from the couple of what they want from the day and making it happen.


What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from my life. I live here, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The sea, the mountains, the blue skies, the trees and flowers are all around. I surround myself with art and creativity. My family and friends comprise of musicians, writers, photographers and painters. I love exploring cities, I love nature and I am always looking for beauty in things. I love family, because I am of Italian decent, I guess, I love working with children, I love chatting to people and f I’m asked to at the end I’ll stay for a drink or two!


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