Rime Arodaky


Combining rock chic with Parisian flair, Rime Arodaky’s dresses bring a whole new dimension to the concept of aisle style. With staggered creations inspired by legendary couples such as Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg, her dresses are carved for the individual who wears them, not the trends they follow. CONFETI sat down with Rime to talk about her inspiration, collections and individualist style.

How did you become involved in fashion design?

From the moment I saw my mother and sister playing with fashion and clothes. They gave me the taste of dressing up and to style. Drawing was a passion too from the age of five.

Why did you specialise in bridal gowns?

Because the market was poor and I wanted to bring a fashion touch and some style to the bridal world. I thought brides were beautiful, but they were not themselves. They looked static, and didn’t have any personal touch or sexiness in their look.

How would you describe your individual style?

Stylish, simple, sexy with a hint of rock chic.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Our Net à Porter collaboration, that brings us to an international market.

What bridal trends do you predict for 2015?

I don’t work on trends, but with instincts. I would just say that backless was very popular in 2014. Now I would rather work with sheer details.


Where do you gain inspiration?

From everywhere, there are no limits, from my travels, blogs, magazines, exhibitions, my friends, women in the streets... everywhere.

Describe your average day.

I come to our showroom at 9.30 with my dog, Cashmere. I work on my emails for an hour, then I always check fashion news on blogs and online magazines while drinking tea. During the day, I love to go on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. I always draw something during the day, even if it’s just a sketch here and there. I’ll usually go check on how the dresses in progress at my studio are coming along.

Our office is small and like a family so I try to work with all of the team in order to be involved in every part of the company. This means working with our stockists- ordering new fabrics, updating social media, meeting the best artisans from France and Italy, meeting with our press office, the production process, and finally the brides themselves – these are the most important part and I make sure that I meet each of them at least once during their visits to the studio!

What are you currently working on?

Our next photo shoot for our 2015 collection and our fashion show in mid-September, and one very special new project - but that’s a secret for now!

Do you have a favourite celebrity bride?

Kate Moss and Caroline Bessette Kennedy.


What can a bride expect to receive from choosing a dress from 

Rime Arodaky?

First a smile when they enter into our world. We try to be like our campaign and culture in the studio, which means positive and cool. Then they will have complete honesty from our team, because our point is to make the bride feel herself, free and beautiful , not someone else to impress people. Finally she will feel beautiful on her wedding day.

Who would you love to dress?

To dress any women is amazing for me. I already feel so lucky to be able to dress French women, as they are really stylish naturally and effortlessly. But if our dresses start being worn overseas, we’d be super happy too!

What type of dress would you recommend for a destination wedding?

That depends on the destination! For a city wedding, I would recommend something high-waisted and with structure. For a beach wedding, something flirty, cool.

What advice would you give to a bride choosing her gown?

To be on her own for the first appointments and visit the designers she loves. Then bring two or three people max, so she can choose without being too influenced. The most important thing is to be yourself!


Interview by Suzannah Bath

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