Crazy in Love

crazy-in-love-2The Beach House owners Guy and Lucy McCrow had a dreamy white wedding at their own restaurant for a day that was close to their heart

Our Story

We got together in 2002 having met the year before. At the time Guy’s sister and my brother were dating and we got to know each other through their relationship.

Foolish Love

In 2010, Guy proposed to me in Dubai in a lovely restaurant called Pier Chic. As anybody that knows Guy will tell you, he doesn’t take life too seriously and is a bit of a joker, so the proposal, of course, was not without a bit of buffoonery! I knew that Guy was going to propose at some point during the holiday so, when he told me we were going to Pier Chic on what was the penultimate night of our holiday, I guessed the time had come.

We arrived at the restaurant and sat down at our table where a bottle of champagne on ice was waiting for us, which was lovely. The meal progressed - the proposal, however, did not. At various intervals, Guy would say, “Lou, I have something very important to ask you...” (I waited nervously with bated breath), “...could you pass me the pepper?” As you can imagine this was repeated over and over again with different requests. After our meal, Guy asked for the bill and I sat back in my chair, furious, with arms folded; I could not believe that he had not ‘popped the question’ to me.  As we walked down the long pier back to land, Guy stopped me and very romantically presented me with a box and finally asked if I would marry him. I was tempted to push him in the water but decided to accept instead!

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We chose to get married in Spain as it holds a great significance for us; we got together in Spain, we have our business here – The Beach House Restaurant - we also had our three children here, Zac who is six and twins Toby and Ollie who are four.

We chose our restaurant as the venue for our wedding as there isn’t a better place in the world. Not only is the food unsurpassable and the location stunning, but we have an incredible team working with us and we wanted them to be a part of our big day. Natalie, Ilko, Jeff, Lukasz, Ronnie and their respective teams worked so incredibly hard for us to make it our dream day.

crazy-in-love-1A Dress Fit for a Queen

My wedding dress was made for me by a designer called Clinton Lotter in London. The gown I chose from his collection was called ‘Katherine’ and it was the design that Clinton submitted for consideration by Kate Middleton. It was a French corded lace gown with a silk jersey slip and was exactly the style that I wanted. My bridesmaids Alex, Emma and Keely wore dresses by Lela Rose as did my flower girls, Izzy, Maisie and Darcey. The colour theme was ‘firecracker’, which looked stunning against the backdrop of the blue sea and sky. The flower girls’ dresses were ivory. A tailor in London called Marc Wallace made Guy’s suit for him. Guy’s best men were his brothers, Sam and Josh.

Floral Fancies

Hannah Freeman-Reed, a florist from London who now lives and works in Spain, organised the flowers. She has provided flowers for many prestigious events around the world, often working for high profile, celebrity clients. Hannah worked hard to source some very unusual and beautiful flowers from far-flung corners of the globe including

Holland, Ecuador and Columbia. Her design for the arrangements was sensational and wonderfully modern. The flowers were my favourite part of the decoration, without a doubt. They made a real statement and looked stunning. Our three lovely dogs made an appearance too for the photographs and Hannah had made each of them a beautiful flower garland to wear.

Animal Lover

Silvia Kessels from Marbella Parties did a wonderful job of decorating the restaurant and it looked beautiful. Silvia was also able to arrange some of the entertainment such as a stilt walker who greeted our guests, a caricaturist, a magician and my favourite part of the day - an authentic Andalusian horse show. I am an animal lover so I had to invite some to the wedding!

Have Your Cake and Eat It

The cake was made for us by Cake Couture Marbella and was so elegant, covered with peonies and lily of the valley. It was delicious too – we chose two different flavours for the layers - raspberry and chocolate.

Life’s A Party

In terms of music and entertainment, Quike Navarro and the Hamilton String Quartet played during the ceremony, then Felix performed during the champagne and canapé reception before Masquerade Duo accompanied the meal. We arranged for iRock, a band from England, to come and play after the meal.

The photographer was the amazing Jeremy Standley who is just so talented and the videographers were Emotion Moments.


Laugh It Off

If I were to get married again, I would make sure that I didn’t run through a plate glass door the day before! I was rushing around like a headless chicken and ran straight through a closed glass door at the Beach House. The glass door exploded on impact and it was very frightening. My nose took the brunt of it so I had to spend a good few hours on the sofa with ice packs, which luckily meant I avoided any bruising. There was a bit of noticeable swelling – not a good look on your wedding day!


Lucy´s Address Book:

Photography: Jeremy Standley,
Wedding Cake: Cake Couture Marbella,
Dress: Clinton Lotter,
Venue: The Beach House Restaurant,
Entertainment: Quike Navarro & Masquerade Duo
Videography: Emotion Moments,

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