Mystery, Magic, Music and Marbella

201704TeatroA groundbreaking entertainment concept is about to open in Marbella! It really will be something that we’ve never seen before, but anyone who has visited Las Vegas will recognise the idea immediately – it’s a combination of restaurant, nightclub and show all in one grand, luxurious space. Teatro is a place where there is always something magical happening. It’s a space where you can change and be whoever you want to be. Teatro is not a theatre, although it looks like it. Nothing is what it seems at Teatro - it is the excuse to escape from the mundane.

The innovators behind Teatro spent considerable time finding the right location (it will be where the Cavalli Club and Dreamers once existed) with enough space to fulfil their plans. The project is daring and adventurous, and as you may imagine, has required a massive budget to create such a wonderland of the imagination. The artistic director Fidel Buika wants to provide Marbella with an entertainment venue that unites top class music and performance with a first rate gastronomy. A feast for the senses in every way!

However, compared the brash, neon-illuminated announcements of the Las Vegas strip, Teatro plans to be rather more enigmatic and mysterious in its communications with Marbella residents that will highlight the exclusivity of Teatro for “nocturnal thrill seekers” and at the same time make the point that you can have the same quality of nightlife in Marbella as that enjoyed by the denizens of Manhattan.

The outdoor terrace will be a stage for international acts of similar quality and status as Cirque du Soleil and the production teams of top West End and Broadway musicals will also be bringing shows to Teatro. Guests will be able to enjoy a show whilst dining. Inside, there is a vast nightclub that will also host show-style performances. So, who are the people behind this amazing project?

Fidel Buika, the artistic director, is a renowned Spanish dancer and choreographer from Barcelona who worked in New York, Los Angeles and London in the 70s and 80s. He is currently the exclusive choreographer for NIKE’s ad campaigns in Portugal, Spain and Italy. He has also worked with Tom Jones and Gloria Gaynor and appeared on Operación Triunfo, the Spanish show that preceded X Factor and American Idol. We asked him some questions about Teatro and his role in it.

What made you join this project?

I believed in it right from the beginning, so I didn’t think twice about saying yes. I also saw a large group of professionals behind it and a challenge for my professional career. It’s a great experience to create something new and different, plus I’ve always been passionate about the people of the southern Spain, so it’s great to be living here.

What does Teatro mean to you?

I loved the fact that it is being called ‘Teatro’ because theatre has been my life for 22 years and this particular project brings together magic, illusions, dreams and the whole gamut of experiences that the theatre has always given audiences. But, this time it adds in gastronomy and excellent hospitality.

Tell us what Teatro will be like for its guests?

Our slogan is “Live It to Believe It”; that is, come and try it, just enter this new experience and live it. There will be many things inside Teatro and it’s difficult to describe them all. I can say that our guests will have a very unique experience and it will be quite unlike anything that traditional theatregoers have seen, because of the added nightclub and restaurant elements. 

You must have a good team?

I am very happy and proud of the fabulous team that we have put together. It is a very professional team that believes in the magic of this project, and I’d also say that it is an artistic team representing diverse areas of the arts as well as being the variety of styles from different parts of the world. The team is a family at Teatro.

What has your creative process been for putting this project together?

In truth it has been six months of very hard work that has included lots of changes, tough decisions and stress. But, it has all been worth it now that we can see the finished product. It is always valuable to take the time to create something new and not be afraid to make changes along the way. Being creative, especially when it’s a completely new concept that has a large element of risk attached to it requires courage as well as the ability to stay true to the notions of fantasy, joy and dreams that we want to embrace and give to our guests. Much of the success of getting to the finish line with this project is thanks to my great colleague and very talented artists Eduardo Engonga. I feel we’ve done some great work together on the musical and artistic direction of this project and he’s like a soul mate to me when it comes to enthusiasm and energy for the Teatro project. You don’t always get to meet somebody who thinks the same way as you do, but Eduardo and I are completely in sync.

Tell us a bit more about Eduardo Endonga and other team members.

Eduardo is a Spanish musician and actor of Guinean origins. He began his career by making albums in Spain and then he got into musicals outside Spain, such as “Cats”. He’s had a great singing career in France and has been on Mexican television for five years as well and also graduated in drama from Mexican theatre school. About a year ago he returned to Spain to star in “Sister Act” and now he is part of the Teatro project. I’d also like to mention Iraida who is our assistant choreographer. She is originally from Málaga and has extensive professional dance training in flamenco, ballet and contemporary dance. She has worked with numerous singers in New York, London and LA and for the last four years she has been the assistant choreographer at Marbella’s Starlite festival.

We can’t wait for Teatro to open. As its slogan says, you have to live it to believe it, so be there when it opens!

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