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What does the expression 'fast food' mean to you? For most of us it probably means a cheeky burger, grabbed on the go and maybe eaten in the car or (as long as the boss doesn't catch us) at our desks. Fast food is readily available, outlets offer you the chance to take your snack away and it does serve a purpose – but does it do you any good? Given the fat, salt and sugar content of most fast food items that is debatable at best.

However, if you're concerned about your health but also find yourself relying on food on the go, there is an alternative. Those clever people behind SmallWorld Café have just introduced Pure Café, a place where you can enjoy the healthiest fast food in town. As Owner Mike Trezise says, “Fast food doesn't have to mean bad food.” Over the past few years more and more people have been encouraged to concentrate on regimes that include eating at least five servings of fruit or veg per day, eschewing processed food and avoiding ready meals; if you really must have lasagne for dinner then at least make it from scratch.

Pure Café's philosophy revolves around producing the freshest food possible, which is why you won't find any menus displayed. Everything is made from what is available on the day – the slogan is, “created today – gone today.”

In these days of climate change and crop failure due to the resultant dramatic weather, the pendulum has swung from the concept of fruit and vegetables being available all the year round to making the most of seasonal crops, which is why Pure Café's ethos is so timely.

“At Pure we're dedicated to making healthy food to suit the requirements of our customers, who are keen to make sure that they are eating well, even when they're in a rush and on the go,” says Mike. “We have set very high standards and our aim is to sell the best quality food and drinks that we can. This is defined by source, ingredients, appearance, flavour and nutritional value.”

The Pure chefs avoid processed and refined foods, which includes artificial colourants, flavours, sweeteners and unnatural fats and prepare food daily from the best quality foods available. Anything that is left is removed from the premises and the whole process starts again early the next morning.

“Pure Café is very much a takeaway operation,” says Mike. “We wanted to create a place where people could walk in, pick up what they want, pay and leave, which is why we don't have tables, chairs and waiters, like we do in SmallWorld. However, what we will have is variety. We are aiming to provide a rich and varied experience for our customers by using only the best of what is available on any given day. This means that they can rely on us to deliver top quality food and they will be encouraged to try new flavour combinations constantly.”

If you're one of the many regulars at SmallWorld Café then you can't miss this new venture, since it is operating from nearby premises on the Carretera de Istán. Therefore it is likely that, apart from a completely new clientele, Pure Café will benefit hugely from the patronage of those of us who have already been seduced by the delights on offer at SmallWorld, not to mention Marbella's Pan & Mermelada, another of Mike's successful venues.

We predict that Pure Café will be one of this summer's most popular places to pick up something tasty and nutritious for lunch. Let's face it, Marbella isn't short of places where you can sit and soak up the sun and a great view of the sea while enjoying some of the tastiest and most nutritious food on the Coast. 

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