Are you Sitting Comfortably in the Shade?


Acoola not only specialises in cool shades, it is also bringing furniture to its chic boutique so that you can sit in the shade in style.

The motto of Didier Dewyn’s ACOOLA is “By Europeans, for Europeans, with a cool Belgian accent” although the slogan coined by his young son, “ACOOLA Matata” also perfectly captures what ACOOLA offers: welcoming shade and stylish looks that make it easy to enjoy the best of home life without any worries.

Since Didier took over TipTopShade, a longstanding business on the coast, famed for its cutting edge awnings and sale shades, he has made significant changes including rebranding, opening a lavish showroom and offering stunning outdoor furniture to complement the modern shade, awning and parasol solutions the company has always been known for.

He told us: “Our new brand, ACOOLA, takes our business beyond just shade solutions. We also offer a wide number of heater, lighting and furniture items, to enable clients to purchase a complete look in which every single details fits together.”

As Didier explained, the new name ACOOLA does more than suggest an integrated approach to home comfort; it also suggests the hip, trendy inspirations behind the products and services offered by the company. And, the website domain (.eu instead of .com) highlights the fact that “ACOOLA is 100 per cent European, ” something that is very important to this Belgian entrepreneur.

The new showroom, which is conveniently located in the San Pedro polígono, demonstrates the perfect way to show clients the stunning high-end sail, awning, pergola, furniture and heating solutions from prestigious Austrian Belgian and European firms. “Many of our clients are architects and interior designers, and at our showroom they can physically see inner components of our items and obtain inspiration,” Didier remarked.

Indeed, nothing beats seeing the furniture and shade products in person; characteristics such as size, texture and style are always best appreciated by viewing them in a bespoke environment that highlights their top qualities. “Previously, in order for clients to see our items in person, the staff would accompany them to establishments such as the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa or the Ocean Club, where we have created and installed shade solutions. It is far more convenient for clients to head directly to our showroom.”

Didier is keen to point out that the ACOOLA showroom is so much more than a shop; in fact it is not really a shop at all, but more of an ‘atelier’ where customers can enjoy a private consultation. Because if its nature, Didier suggests that you always make an appointment first so that qualified staff are on hand to show the inner workings and operations of all the products in stock.

Furniture Fit for Outdoor Style

Whilst shades and awnings are ACOOLA’S core business, the introduction of a luxury furniture line is expanding the business in an exciting way. What better way to develop the brand than by offering not just the shades, but also the perfect furniture to complement them and add more stylish touches to outdoor areas?

The addition of outdoor furniture to the showroom collection reflects Didier’s preference for “thinking in concepts. “ He believes that everything should fit in a home and not be selected at random. That’s one reason that the company is the preferred supplier to many prestigious architects and interior designers on the coast; Didier understands how to come up with a complete outdoor solution that fits together like a jigsaw, with no pieces missing.

The Extremis collection is a good example of the ultimate in contemporary styling and clients are guaranteed that if you have this furniture you will have created a unique look that others will want to follow. The geometric lines of the modular pieces that capture the essence of European design are one of a kind and a world away from the terrace and outdoor furniture styles that predominate. The other exclusive furniture brands stocked by ACOOLA, include Manutti and Ego Paris, not forgetting the wonderfully, and appropriately, named Mr Blue Sky floating loungers for the pool. You can take a siesta on one of these beauties without leaving the water.

And, Didier has gone even further and added heating and lighting to ACOOLA’s offering. There are designs from top brands Heatsail, Ecosmartfire and Dylight Collection that will bring warmth on cooler days and nights. Indoor lighting is  known to create atmosphere, but the same holds true for outdoors when darkness descends. The choices available at ACOOLA are sure to enhance the ambience of evenings outdoors at any time of year.

As Didier suggests, why not make an appointment to find out what ACOOLA can do to keep you sitting comfortably in the shade.

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