Lost in Wonderland - The Teatro Club Experience

201706TeatroLast month Teatro Marbella revealed some of its closely guarded secret prior to the grand opening and in this issue of Society, they reveal what guests can expect from its nightclub experience that will keep you entertained until the sun rises in the morning. We talk to two of the team responsible for the nightclub operations: Alvaro Revuelta, Teatro’s Director and Carlos, the Operations Manager to get some insight into what we can expect.

Alvaro Revuelta, Director of Teatro Marbella, is a dedicated and passionate team leader, celebrated for always successfully directing and coaching to the highest standards in the work environment.

His management history has taken him to some of the finest venues in the world – VIP Room Dubai, Lio Ibiza & Charlie Mykonos. Alvaro is bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and a work ethos of “thinking outside of the box” to TEATRO MARBELLA. He will be the driving force behind the success of this exciting project and will bring education, structure and commitment to quality service in Marbella.

How are your previous experiences going to contribute to the artistic side of the nightclub?

I have learnt from everyone and I have learnt from everywhere I have been. If I take a look at my past and I compare London, Ibiza, Dubai, and Mykonos, all those places are different, different clientele, different tastes, different ways of living, but all of them have something in common; people enjoy being impressed. Innovation is something we should constantly focus on, because nowadays clients travel all around the world and it is a challenge to keep on impressing them. That is why the creative and innovation part is very important, and that is what we are working for.

What kind of music can we expect?

Different theme nights and concepts with different types of music, from House music to Hip Hop and R&B. Our idea is that anyone can enjoy a night at Teatro regardless of their music preferences, because at Teatro there will always be a tailor-made night for any of our clients. 

 Any big names this season?

I can’t reveal the names just yet, (he smiled), our show will be the main attraction in the club, and of course some of the big names are the perfect complement to our show. I can tell you that we have closed some of the biggest DJs from Ibiza, and also we have some big stars from the Hip Hop and R&B scene, very soon we will reveal more in our social media platforms.

So much mystery with regards to the show, is there anything you can tell us about the performances?

The show is going to be something sexy, classy, elegant but spectacular. We have some of the best national and international performers and there’ll be plenty of “Wow” factor on the night. Our mission is to impress our guests through a magical and outstanding experience.

Are there any challenges or obstacles you have come across along the way so far?

 If there is a word we use everyday at the office, it is Challenge! We avoid the easy way and we love challenges. That is why all of us are here; to create something different, something new in the market, something risky, but exciting. Everyday we face challenges - that is the only way to succeed. 

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

I would like to thank to my team for the big effort everyone is putting in so far, for their passion and the enthusiasm, and also I would like to thank the owners for the trust and the support they are giving to this team. And now, I’ll hand you over to Carlos who will tell more about his role.

Carlos brings a wealth of experience to Teatro Marbella and holds several qualifications in hospitality, tourism, hotel management and customer service and has been proudly awarded a Masters in Hospitality Coaching. On top of being part of the Lio Ibiza team, his international experience as part of Management Teams and Staff ranges from Dominican Republic to Thailand, passing through England and France. 

You have a wealth of experiences from all corners of the world. What is it about the Teatro Marbella Night Club that attracted you to work for them?

First of all, I have the chance to work again with Alvaro and the rest of the management team. All of us are very aligned in mentality and values. I am a person who loves to be challenged and Teatro Marbella is all about challenge, starting from the point of creating a totally different experience for our guests, to creating the unexpected and making dreams come true. 

How will the staff interpret / capture the magic of the show via their service?

Our staff have been selected from a large group of professionals and outstanding creative people with different artistic skills. They value passion and most importantly, they have the best attitude.

What makes this club experience unique?

People see the nightclub concept as a place where you go to dance, drink and meet people, but why not to add more spice and give them a new level of experience that stimulates the five senses and provides our guests with unique memories. It’s the place where getting lost is part of the deal!

What is a typical night at Teatro Marbella?

A typical night at Teatro? Fun, magic, feelings, good vibes, dance, friends. Once the guest enters they will be involved in a completely new and fresh experience where they will be part of the show. No matter what theme or music is on that night, Teatro’s essence is to be a connecting point every night. 

What are your first season goals for the club?

We are new in the market so obviously we are not pretending to be leading the nightclub industry. Our main target is to bring the best nightlife experience to our clients and have a positive impact on our guests. We want to bring innovation to the way people have a night out, and we are creating a place where everyone who ever puts a foot in Marbella must visit - at least once in a lifetime!

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