The ‘Most Wanted’ Toys for Christmas 2017

2017-12XMAS-Top-ToysLondon is home to one of the most famous toyshops in the world. It is called Hamleys and you’ll find its store on Regent Street, which is also the thoroughfare that people flock to for its Christmas lights that are traditionally switched on by a celebrity. Every year Hamleys announces its list of the Top 10 toys and games for Christmas, which is usually swiftly followed by parents battling (in some cases literally) to obtain one at least one of them for their offspring. This is Hamleys list for 2017 – some of the brands have been favourites for decades and it is nice to see they are still going strong. Anyway, be prepared to empty your coffers!

Tyler the Tiger

It’s a cuddly toy, something that is always a favourite with the very young (and not so young). However, this one is interactive; it makes noises and responds when you talk to it. It has at least 100 sound and movement combinations, including closing its eyes when you stroke its head.

Suitable for children over the age of four. Cost £135/€152

Luvabella Doll

This doll is predicted to be the ‘must have’ toy of 2017 and most likely the absolute top seller. It responds to human interaction with noises and movements. She can play peek-a-boo, reacts to tickling and spoon-feeding. She even comes with her own cuddly toy to play with. This is the toy most likely to sell out before Christmas, so if you know it is on your child’s wish list, buy it right now!  Cost £100/€112

Hatchimals Egg Surprise

These were a top seller last year and it seems their popularity hasn’t gone away. However, the manufacturers have decided to make them even more exciting by making the toy not only bigger, it now ‘hatches’ twins. One twin has all the moves, while the other can repeat what you say. Again, you need to get in early for this toy, because sales are going to be huge! Cost £75/€85

Fisherprice Dance and Beat Bo

This is for very young children and will be another top seller.  Press his tummy, or the buttons on his feet and he sings songs and dance moves that children can copy. It also teaches kids, numbers, letters colours and more. Cost £33/€37

Lego BB-8

There had to be something from Lego. This one is from the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, which is out in cinemas in December, so expect this to be a big hit. It turns, spins its head and wields a welding torch, just like the character in the film.

Only suitable for children aged 10 years and over. Cost £85/€95

Barbie Dreamhorse

Yes, another ‘oldie’ like Lego that is still hitting the toy charts. This is Barbie’s most interactive horse yet and it reacts to touch and sounds, plus it has some 30 realistic reactions and can neigh, walk forward and turn 360 degrees. It can also feed and a bunch of carrots comes with the horse! Cost £90/€101

Nerf Nitro Longshot

Nerf guns were big last year and apparently they are still popular. This new version includes a blaster, a long-jump ramp, two foam cars with plastic wheels and a set of obstacles so that kids can challenge each other. Cost £50/€56

Power Rangers Movie-Ultra Movie Megazord

Power Rangers is another franchise that is still going strong and this Megazord character has expandable wings, a cannon and sword  plus battle and flight sounds. It comes with five mini cockpits for the mini figures of the Power Rangers. Cost £60/€67

Get a Grip

At last, an actual game! Last year’s big-selling game was Pie Face, but Hamley’s is sure that this year it will be Get A Grip from Hasbro. It’s a twist on the ‘no thumbs’ challenge and players have to complete certain tasks without using those two digits. The game has cards that tell the players what they have to do, such as draw or sculpt. Players win cards when they complete a challenge and the first person to win three cards is the winner. Cost £21/€24

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