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2018-05-AMERICANCollegeThe American College in Spain offers students of all nationalities the possibility of receiving an American education within a strong international environment. Although it has been operating in Marbella since 2012, The American College in Spain (ACS) originally started offering American education in Seville in 1971. Its founder, Dr. James Butler, has also been responsible for helping to promote and expand U.S. education in different countries by setting up international university programs across the globe. In 1989, he established the American College of Dubai, which has been transferring students to U.S. universities for over 30 years.

Due to the growing and diverse population in the Costa del Sol, ACS decided to expand its academic offering by including a fully accredited high school program that could fulfill the needs of the local students. Because of its flexibility, our program is ideal for student athletes who require extra time for competition or training, or students who benefit from a personalized learning environment. Our high school program is offered through the University of Nebraska High School, (UNHS) and is fully accredited by AdvancED and the Nebraska department of Education, and the courses are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) which means that colleges and universities nationwide accept and recognize a UNHS diploma.

Our mission at ACS is to provide guidance and fulfill educational needs for students in the Costa del Sol and abroad. Both the high school and university programs are fully accredited in the U.S.

BROWARD COLLEGE – University Program

The American College in Spain (ACS) is an international center of Broward College, which is located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. As an international center, ACS is authorized to deliver the Broward College Associate degree in Spain. Students who join The American College in Spain will follow the same academic program as Broward College and can earn a Bachelor’s degree by taking the first two years of lower division work in Marbella through Broward College, and the last two years at a state or private university where they can complete their BA, BBA, or BSc degrees. This is known as the University Transfer Program or 2+2.

Courses are taught in English by faculty who meet the qualifications as required by the regional accrediting body, and are approved by Broward College. Students who study Marbella are also registered in a Broward College program at an International Center as students of Broward College. This means that student coursework will appear on a Broward College transcript, and students who successfully complete the program requirements will earn an Associate's degree from Broward College.

Broward College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award Certificates, Associate and Bachelor´s Degrees.


The University of Nebraska High School program offers a complete and rigorous curriculum to college-bound students. With more than 85 years of experience, UNHS is an expert in delivering high-quality high school education to students and schools around the world. With students in more than 100 countries, the UNHS has experience in working with overseas students.  The high school program advises students individually and assigns the courses necessary for high school completion.

Students attend classes at The American College in Spain where they are provided with an instructor for each of their courses. Our individualized study approach fits the learning styles of many different types of students. All assignments and tests are set and graded by the University of Nebraska High School. Students enrolled in this program benefit from:

 -Highly qualified faculty

- Self-paced curriculum

- Helpful advisory services

- Small classroom setup

- Simple credit transfer

- Prestigious diploma

About UNHS:

UNHS is accredited by AdvancED and the Nebraska Department of Education, and its courses are supported by certificated teachers. The core courses are also National Collegiate Athletic Association approved, which means colleges and universities nationwide accept and recognize a UNHS diploma.

The American College in Spain

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