JulyAnthonysDiamondAllThatGlitter1As the world is constantly changing, retailers have to keep up with consumers’ ever-growing need for revolution. The most obvious is fashion, and jewellery is no different. Laura-Jane Bruce talks to Lucy Barnes, manager of Anthony’s Diamonds, about the changing trends in the diamond industry, updating your jewellery and helpful tips on how to care for your prized possessions.

Can you explain the current jewellery trends?JulyAnthonysDiamondAllThatGlitter2
Nowadays, ladies are wearing more masculine jewellery, big rings, mens watches such as Rolex, big bracelets, and bold rings. I personally love the look, so I hope it’s here to stay. How have the trends in jewellery changed over the last century? Things used to be more delicate, elegant and dainty, now it’s bold and big coloured stones that are coming back into fashion.


How important is a piece of jewellery to an outfit?
A piece of jewellery can make or break an outfit. Earrings can light up your face and a beautiful diamond necklace has the ability to make that little black dress dazzle at night, truly making you sparkle and come alive.


Tell us about some of the pieces you have in store at the moment.
We have pretty much everything at our store; old and new pieces, classic and contemporary, so simply come and take a look, there is something for everyone. We are open from 10am until 2pm Monday to Saturday.

JulyAnthonysDiamondAllThatGlitter3How does Anthony’s Diamonds keep up to date with the changing trends in jewellery?
We change the style by removing diamonds from old style jewellery and resetting it in modern style rings and pendants. It’s so simple to do; if you have old, dated jewellery, we can renovate it into something modern And new. For example, a three-stone diamond ring could be transformed into a pair of diamond stud earrings and a drop pendant. Anything can be done, it’s currently a fantastic time to cash in or swap your old gold and jewellery you don’t wear and change it into something you will.


How do your clients react to the changing jewellery trends?
Some of our clients stick to the old trends; others like to swap their jewellery once every few years. If you want to upgrade your old jewels, we give the full amount back, for example, people can buy a one-carat pair of diamond stud earrings and a few years later they would like two-carat studs, we will give the full amount back and then you can put the rest towards your new pair. It’s an excellent scheme because people become bored with the same jewellery very easily, and not many shops have this facility, so we pride ourselves on being different and that we can help people in every way until they are happy.



What is the oldest/most exclusive piece of jewellery you have been given to be pawned?
We really have had it all; we accept all forms of diamonds, gold and paintings for a loan. It’s a great way of tackling the current economic climate, with the ability to borrow money on a short term period without losing the things you love, as banks no longer have this function.


What is your personal favourite style of jewellery?
My personal favourite style of jewellery is art deco, its simply timeless.


JulyAnthonysDiamondAllThatGlitter5What do you think the future of jewellery will be?

I predict the future of jewellery to be littered with white gold and platinum. It seems as though people are leaning away from yellow gold these days.


What is your advice to someone who is looking for an investment piece?
My advice to people buying diamonds for an investment is to always purchase one carat and above. When you choose to resell it, it holds its value better than the small stone industry.


If I wanted to update my jewellery, old into new, what advice could you give me and how could I go about it?
It’s as simple as visiting Anthony’s Diamonds with what you have where we would discuss your options with you, its very easy and we will work closely with you until you are satisfied.


What are your bestsellers?
Our bestsellers are second-hand watches and solitaire diamond rings. People come to us because you just cannot beat our prices; our prices are a third less than other shops for the exact same goods.


Any tips for the best way to look after jewellery?
The best way to clean your jewellery is with a soft toothbrush, boiling hot water and a bit of Mr. Muscle (I know it sounds bizarre) but it brings them up a treat!


Tell us something we didn’t know about Anthony’s Diamonds.
In the afternoons we are quite happy to come out on house and bank visits to valuate your goods.

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